How To Write Content For A Blog – 7 Tips



1 – Pick A Subject That Interests You

One of the most common mistake I see every day in my job is that people
get into blogging thinking they will just write about anything “as long as it sells.” A risky choice in my opinion! Unless you are an exceptional writer, you will never get to captivate your audience and earn a living if you do not choose a topic that interests you.

It’s one thing to do some research on google and write one or two articles ; it is another to keep your site constantly updated with useful and interesting content  (all without growing tired or repeating yourself!)

What is your goal?

So again, if you intend to engage in blogging, take a few minutes to make a list of all the things that you are interested in or you have experience with. This will save you much time when you need to create content for your readers.

And remember that if you want to make a living with a website you must make it real and helpful because your audience is smarter than you think and can tell if you’re only trying to sell! You will most probably quit writing content if you embark in a subject that doesn’t mean anything to you… So, do more of what you love! 😉


2 – Remember Who You’re Writing To

Unless you are creating a blog for your own personal use, remember you are writing content for real people =)

If you intend to create a website and write things on it, I guess you don’t want to be the only reader =). Keep in mind that real people are going to come across your site and read your content. People do research on the internet every day (approximately 2 billion people surf the net each day!) and they expect answers to their questions. So your permanent concern should be to address these people and not just search engines or yourself. Once you understand that, your website will gain authority and you will build a base of returning visitors which, over time, will grow.

How to write content for a blog

Often, people I talk to about writing content have no idea how to address their readers. They either fear they’re not good enough a writer, or fear they won’t know how to sell or share their ideas properly. My advice is to always have in mind the following question : “what are my readers seeking? how can I help them with my article(s)?”. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes, constantly.


3 – Do Your Research

ResearchThere is nothing wrong with doing some research on the internet to enrich your content … After all, you can never know everything about everything! =) Everybody does the same … because nobody is a living encyclopedia, do not be afraid to get inspiration from others (without copying) or using official data (citing your sources). Do not copy others’ content, for google will penalize you and your content will not rank well as a result. And you don’t want to receive a complaint for copyright infringement either = /

I always advise following the below 5 simple steps :

  • Write down a draft with bulk ideas :  at this point you don’t want your article to be perfect yet
  • Organize your article into paragraphs, with headlines : this will make your article easier to read for your audience
  • Spend some time doing some research on google, on magazines ; learn from your competitors as well, etc. Do not copy
  • Write in your own style, using your research and your own knowledge




4 – Be Unique & Honest

Do you know what is the main difference between a successful website Cloneand a website that never really achieves success? Originality. Personality. Think of it… Even when YOU visit a website…  what makes you close the tab or on the contrary stick ?  

It may be the writer’s sense of humor, their sensitivity, their knowledge, their unique style, their artistic side … Anyway! If you want to attract an audience and for it to remain faithful, you must first be true to yourself =), for there is nothing more complicated (and exhausting!) than having to pretend to be someone you’re not. So the easiest way is to write content is to let your personality shine through your website and let the people who can relate to you find you! 

You will inevitably come across websites with admirable content … You’ll look at people who make you feel really small and “useless” lol.  You will be tempted to imitate them, to look like them because you would like to experience the same success. But take these thoughts off your mind. What makes people successful at writing (or any other thing) is their unique personality. A clone can not be successful, at least their success will only be ephemeral.

You are unique, be proud of it!


5 – Write Useful & Interesting Content

I know this will sound really obvious but sometimes you don’t realize that what you’re writing is not going to help your reader(s) lol. Sometimes you write more about your life than the actual topic, you lack clarity or precision … Sometimes you offer a vague response to your readers who ultimately will not get anything out of the colossal work it took you to write the article =D … Very frustrating, indeed. For both parts lol. 

Useful content

So in addition to always keep in mind that you’re writing for real people, do your best to provide them with help, knowledge, support, advice, products, etc … People seek all sorts of things online : recipes, tips to lose weight, a destination for their next vacation, clothes …. you name it! If they click on your website, you should be able to meet their expectations. It will not always be the case (hey, you can’t please everyone!), but you should at least try hard. 

Your content, if it is unique/honest and interesting/helpful is very likely to satisfy your readers.

  • How can  you make it useful ?

Well , by simply answering the many questions your readers may have : how much does it cost? What are the pros and cons? What do others think? Where can I get this or that? How does it work? Where do I get help? How does it compare to others? Where does it come from? What’s in it? etc etc

  • And how can you make it interesting?

By incorporating images to your content to illustrate your ideas, by being natural, using sources and accurate information … You can also create videos (people are crazy about youtube for instance), step-by-step tutorials … Your imagination and unique personality to make your content useful and interesting have no limits! =)


6 – Make It An Easy & Pleasant Experience 

Have you ever ended up on a website where you have absolutely no idea where to click and where everything looks upside down? it’s very annoying and personally, it does not make me want to stay.

Have you ever come across a website where the colors and layout hurt your eyes so much that you went  “no thanks” and immediately closed the tab? I can’t figure out how people can still write in red letters on a yellow background lol.

Have you ever read a text that’s really too long and given up because it was not divided into paragraphs and punctuated by images or videos?

You get the point, right?  Having quality content is crucial but if you do not make sure it is easy to read, I can assure you that most people will not stay on  your website! So here are some tips :

  • Use a simple design for your website.

If you are not an expert you do want to start using a super complex theme, because ‘it looks so professional”. The simpler the better. People need to know where they are on your website at all time ; Your navigation menu and posts must be immediately identifiable to them. It only takes fractions of seconds for a visitor to decide whether they’ll stay or not.

  • Opt for white background color and black text

It’s what works best! If the books were written in red on a yellow background, we would know by now =) Just because you put colors all over your content doesn’t mean it will catch your readers’ attention, quite the opposite … =) They will run!

  • Make your text eye-catching.

Do not write in huge blocks (as exciting as your content may be) because most people do not like reading too much lol … Make it easy to read with regular sections, with titles to announce what will follow … add images that make sense, videos … Your readers will have the impression that there is less to read

How to write content for a blog

How to write content for a blog


7 – Accept Feedback & Advice

FeedbackWhen you write, chances are you want to be read. =) And when you finally have readers, you should expect feedback. Feedback will be either positive or negative (or neutral I guess), but whatever it is, it will allow you to move forward and make progress. Invite your readers to leave comments. Ask them questions, provoke them. Stir some feathers. =)

Feedback on your writing work is an external look that you can hardly have by yourself and that will enrich your content. Simply put, don’t rest on your laurels. 

Beyond your readers’ feedback on your writings, I urge you to build a business network on which you can rely at all times. Indeed it is difficult to build a website alone, to be good at writing when you’ve never done it before, to captivate an audience when you do not know the ins and outs … In that sense, a bloggers community you can be of great help. On the one hand because you will feel less lonely when you meet a problem (some will be in the same situation as you) and above all, because you will have the opportunity to seek advice from people who are more experienced than you in this field. 

Here are some communities that you can check out : 

Blog Engage – Blog Engage allows you to submit your blog article(s) that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted to the main page Triberr is a community of bloggers and influencer who come together to read and share content Kingged is an internet marketing, social networking site (content, products & community)

Wealthy Wealthy Affiliate will not only give you access to a huge community of bloggers but it’ll grant you with 2 free websites, training on how to earn money from it, tools, hosting, support and much more



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Well, that’s it for now =) I hope you enjoyed this article and will have fun writing from now on! Let me know if I can help you with anything. I am on Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to hang out with me 😉




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