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What Makes Someone An Entrepreneur ?

What Exactly is an Entrepreneur?

The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French “entreprendre“,What makes someone an entrepreneurmeaning ‘to undertake‘.

Simply put, entrepreneurs are people who choose to run their own business rather than work as employees. An entrepreneur is someone who creates a business from scratch, with all the risks and rewards it implies.

What an entrepreneur fundamentally does is identify a need and fill it. Entrepreneurs dream and make their dreams come true.

It is my personal conviction that entrepreneurship can not be learned or taught. Entrepreneurship is either an inner quality or something that’s totally foreign to you. Entrepreneurship is not a job or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and a state of mind.


The Four Motives Of An Entrepreneur

The values of an entrepreneurThe following aspects make it really hard (if not, impossible) for an entrepreneur to hold down a regular job. From the outside they will often look unstable and uncontrollable, sometimes even weird and solitary… When in reality entrepreneurs just don’t fit into a mold and need to find their place in life. 

1) Entrepreneurs greatly value self-reliance because they know themselves and they know what they want.

2) They love challenges and are optimistic (you have to be optimistic to believe in something that’s not even real yet!).

3) They have a vision of their success and it is that vision that keeps them on track.

4) Entrepreneurs always seek to learn and to get better at what they do! 


The 10 Inherent Qualities of an Entrepreneur

You will never see a successful entrepreneur who is negative or does not believe in what they do. Those are only two of the many inherent qualities of an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is like a bull. He/she rushes to the target at all costs !

1 – BUSINESS FOCUSED : profit-oriented, plans for growth, clear goals, alignment with business tight operations

2 – CONFIDENCE : self-awareness, conviction in ability to succeed, action- oriented, proactive

3 – CREATIVE THINKER : firing off many ideas, curious, quick learner, exploratory, imaginative, alert

4 – DELEGATOR : collaborates, recognizes and draws on people’s abilities, encourages team contribution

5 – DETERMINATION : persistent, eager to act, confronts obstacles, not deterred by roadblocks

Aim for your goals

Aim for your goals


6 – INDEPENDENT : resolute, faith in self, multi-tasking, responsible, multiple competencies, ‘can do’

7 – KNOWLEDGE-SEEKER : anticipates and uses knowledge, drives for in-depth information, knowledge as an asset

8 – PROMOTER : communicator, speaks boldly, storyteller, ambassador, persuasive, enthusiastic 

9 – RELATIONSHIP-BUILDER : mutually-beneficial links inside and outside workplace, open, socially aware, integrity

10 – RISK-TAKER : optimistic, rational decisions, charismatic, confident, will to win, can deal with complexity


The Challenges Of An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy and the lifestyle comes with many challenges. Fortunately, making mistakes and trying again helps you get better. Here are some of the many challenges entrepreneurs are bound to experience during their journey to success :


The challenges of an entrepreneur

The challenges of an entrepreneur
  • Losing sight of customers
  • Being over-confident, hasty, over-committed
  • Having difficulty working in a team, rushing off in many directions
  • Abdicating responsibility, communication gaps
  • Sticking with failing strategy, regret with  failed steps
  • Burning out, having difficulty in growing the team to scale the enterprise
  • Generating too many new ideas
  • Becoming blind to flaws, lack of objectivity
  • Having difficulty with time management, focus, lack of diversity in networks
  • Judgement errors

Actions To Be Implemented

Because entrepreneurs face challenges and never give up, they have to adapt and take action. Every action you take as an entrepreneur should serve a purpose that will help you grow and become better at what you do. Here are some actions you can take to maximize your success :


  • Use timelines : short/medium/long term. This will help you remember where you’re headed and it will enable you to take small steps.
  • Communicate clearly : say what you think, do as you say, explain exactly what you need, think, don’t understand. You will move forward faster and not stagnate.
  • Focus on human element : remember you are working for an audience… for real people out there. Not just for search engines or yourself. Put yourself in your readers/customers shoes. 
  • Read a lot : don’t rest on your laurels, keep learning and adding info that’s accurate, up to date and useful. Reading will open new doors as well and help you get better.
Read a lot

Read a lot
  • Plan ahead, prepare for contingencies : goes hand in hand with “using timelines”. You need to build your business step by step
  • Get diverse feedback : never think you can do this alone. Always ask people for advice and feedback because they are able to take a step back and give you an honest opinion. You will grow from this
  • Avoid the speed trap : take-your-time, your pace will be perfect. Don’t compare yourself to others, do things your own way. 
  • Balance present and future : it’s not always easy to find the right balance between now and tomorrow. You want to do things today, that will add up tomorrow and create maximum success. You want to keep an eye on your future but also keep your feet to the ground and go one step at a time. It’s trickier than it sounds ^^
Finding balance for an entrepreneur

Finding balance for an entrepreneur
  • Prioritize : not everything you do is important… make a list and do what’s crucial to your business development. The rest will wait. 
  • Use simple structure : don’t overcomplicate things… 99% of the time, simple works better =)
  • Learn from failures : aaaah failure… my dear friend lol. Love failure because it will lead to success. Understand why you failed and make sure you learned the lesson. 
  • Share your optimism : yes! be proud ! be happy… celebrate each and every small success! Join a community and share your positive energy because people will give it back and.. well it feels good! 
Share your optimism

Share your optimism
  • Partner with creative types : don’t surround yourself with negative people or with people who don’t believe in yourself. You need positive vibes! Get inspiration from others. 
  • Focus on the big picture : the big picture is your dream, your ultimate goal… focus on it and find ways to get there, step by step. 
  • Be alert to environment : everything that surrounds you will influence you (in a good way or in a bad way). Be careful with that and always take a step back every now and then. Be aware of what motivates you and of what makes you feel down and discouraged. 
  • Form alliances : you will need friends, mentors, allies… whatever you want to call them! Find them and keep them. 
Entrepreneurs need friends and allies

Entrepreneurs need friends and allies
  • Delegate : you are not God, you can’t do everything. =)
  • Don’t let love for your product blind you : just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Remember you’re writing/working for people. Be as unbiased as possible 
  • Write and share ideas : do NOT be alone in this. 
  • Rehearse your story : the more you rehearse it the better you’ll be at it. Act like you’ve already achieved success. Feel the success. Make it happen.
Rehearse your story

Rehearse your story
  • Use multiple media : this is the 21st century, take advantage of everything you can! Because if you don’t  your competitors will. =)
  • Surround yourself with positive people : I already said that, but I’ll say it again… positivity is crucial to your success. 
  • Diversify and renew networks reciprocity : well it speaks for itself.
  • Be selective : be demanding. Ask for the best, do your best
  • Take gradual risks : don’t be too reckless lol. 


Success Is A Choice

People are not successful by accident. They choose to have success, they take action, fall and try again. Repeat. Again. Every little thing they do will add up and take them to their goal(s).

To achieve maximum success there are things an entrepreneur does not fear : 

What entrepreneurs have in common

Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

If you landed here chances are you already know you ARE an entrepreneur lol. But if you still have doubts, there are things entrepreneurs often have in common. If you don’t see yourself in all the below points it doesn’t mean you are not an entrepreneur, but you should at least relate to some of them ! =)

  1. One or both of your parents have been self-employed. You have been influenced by their creativity and independent personality.

  2. You dropped out of college/school like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. 

  3. You believe that your time is worth more than money. You hate wasting your time. 

  4. You surround yourself with positive and quality people. You are really sensitive to negativity and to people who will try to bring you down. 
    Positive energy

    Positive energy

  5. You’re determined. You have to make the impossible possible. You can focus. 

  6. You are passionate. Almost everything fascinates you. You love to love something and to know everything about it. 

  7. You’re an opportunist : you see opportunities everywhere. 

  8. You’re a charming and charismatic person. 


  9. You have a competitive nature and are willing to lose (even though you prefer winning of course!)

  10. You’re very opinionated

  11. You’re always questioning why people do the things they do. You love to understand things and to decorticate everything (almost lol). 

  12. You’re self-confident (most of the time). You know who you are and what you want (and don’t want).


  13. You’re a people person. You have no problem communicating with others. 

  14. You want to be in control and in command of your own company. You want to be in charge. You have to know what’s going on and what’s next.

  15. You always know that you can do something better. 

  16. You have tried to keep your 9-5 job but it would really make you depressed. You’d get bored and weary. 
    I hate my job

    I hate my job

  17. You spend more time with your co-founder/business partner than with your significant other. 

  18. You wake up thinking about your business and go to sleep thinking about it. 

  19. You believe in efficiency and will bend rules to make things smoothly

  20. You have already worked more than 60 hours a week, even though you weren’t making much (if nothing) money.
    Time is money

    Time is money

  21. You’re unrealistic : you can dream big. 

  22. You’re a logical thinker with ideas about how to correct problems and the overall situation

  23. People tend to gravitate toward you because you are likable.

  24. You know you’re not like most people and your friends see you as unemployable. But you’re fine with that. 

  25. You regularly quote Steve Jobs and admire him. 
    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs

  26. You never give up and don’t take no for an answer. If you see an obstacle you are always going to figure out a way around it. Even at the last minute. 

  27. You’ve always had a problem with authority ; which is why you’ve had a problem holding down a job lol… 

  28. You’re unpredictable, adapt fast and don’t mind change. 


Inspiring Quotes

And finally I would like to share a few quotes with you that I find very inspiring. 

“The thing about inventing is that you have to be both stubborn and flexible, more or less simultaneously.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“Do what you are best at and let others take care of the rest.” – Scott Heiferman,

“Don’t assume that you know all the answers. Be prepared to adapt.” – Chad Hurley, YouTube

“I can’t think of anything more fun than connecting people. People make businesses happen. It’s that simple.” – David Bradford

“Face-to-face telling of the right story in the right room at the right time and in the right way can galvanise listeners to action.” – Peter Guber, ex-Sony

If you would like to read more inspiring quotes, check out my post here ! And if you’re looking for a place where you can “hang out” with tons of entrepreneurs, get inspired and learn from them I invite you to join me here, at Wealthy Affiliate, the #1 training platform to build an online business! 


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Well, that’s it folks! I’d love to know what your definition of an entrepreneur is! Or to hear your most favorite quote on the subject! Feel free to leave a comment below ; I will be more than happy to connect! =)



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What a great article – love the way you have displayed the motives in a way that even I can understand – really newbie friendly! I wish I had come across something like this when I was first working online – would of really saved time, Tell me, how long have you yourself been working online for a living?


Hi Sarah
My dad tells me my greatest asset is that I never give up… he then tells me my greatest downfall is I don’t know when to give up.
I have a big time entrepreneurial spirit. I have learned a lot from your tips on how to maximize my success. I am going to bookmark this page. You have outlined all the challenges I face and also tips on how to overcome these challenges. Very useful.


Great article on what makes someone an entrepreneur. I love the breakdown in definition but I think I’m half half I definitely don’t tick all the boxes! I have friends who are far more entrepreneurial than me. I think being an entrepreneur requires a lot of risk taking and I do err on caution with taking risks! I am however branching out from my job to work from home, though this is by no means entrepreneurial it does require a certain amount of creativity and self belief! Thanks for the great insight.


I love the layout of the article and ways to determine if you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I also agree with the very first section. By the very definition entrepreneurs do change the landscape of the world. They many times are pioneers, they see and articulate visions before anyone else. Again, what a great article.


That was one of the best articles I have ever read. Thanks for these words.
I liked the part about the entrepreneurship challenges a lot and I found some of them are facing me.
I get overconfident sometimes and think that I will succeed and make a big achievement online.
You choosed great quotes too.

christian wijaya

Very great article, I get motivated from you, and learn how to successful entrepreneur. The breakdown definition is great part of your article and you can describe very clear about risk to be entrepreneur, even I am not really agree that I have to drop out to be successful entreprenuer. Thanks for your best articles


Hi Sarah

Love your article and reading it I really feel like now I am on the right path.
I have had some difficulties in business recently but reading this I think now I still feel like an entrepreneur I just may have been in the wrong kind of business before.
Thanks for helping me clear that up in my head. More space to create now!


Hi Sarah
Thanks for your response. I think you could learn a lot from me, mostly by observing how stubborn I can be lol. That is my problem really I can be so determined to succeed that often I don’t see I am headed down the wrong path until it is way too late!
However one of my attributes is that after I have beaten myself up for a little bit I am able to jump up, dust myself off and try something else!


Hello Sarah,
Great article on what is an entrepreneur.
I am new with the entrepreneur business and online marketing and this article is really helpful for me.
Sometimes I lose sight of the human factor but I really try to minimize it.
Your Action List is great and I am sure that it would be of great importance to me!
Thank you,

I just want to let you know that I enjoyed reading this post, but I would have enjoyed it more if the page loaded faster. You can run some tests to find out the speed of your site, so you can improve this. This is a good post to learn what an entrepreneur is. I read an article earlier today that used the word wanterprenuer, which is I guess, someone who wants to be an entrepreneur but does not want to take the risks. I like the fact that you admonish your readers to be wise about the risk they… Read more »


I have been following your progress for a while now and yet again you have produced and outstanding piece here. Motivational and informative leaving the reader with food for thought.

Entrepreneurs are what grow the worlds economy and should be encouraged

Nice touch with the inspirational quotes.

Beautiful post.

Kindest regards


Hey, Sarah

I’m actually an online business owner myself, but have had no idea on when I can proudly call myself a “successful Entrepreneur!”

This sure is an aamzing article, and learning from what you have written, I guess I’m already an Entrepreneur because my mindset is entirely different from most of the population, I’m working towards my dreams, making sacrifices and developing myself along the way.

I believe I have all the qualities you have shared, and I’ve bookmarked your article to look at on a daily basis, to remind myself of who I am….an Entrepreneur! 🙂

Thank You!


Wow Sarah! Awesome article!

I’ve been self employed for about 3 years now and every word you wrote hit home with me. Looking for different sources of motivation over the years, I’ve read a lot of articles about being an entrepreneur. I can tell the difference between how genuine and honest yours is compared to a blogger that “had to hand something in by 5 pm.”

This was really refreshing to read. I especially agree with everything about Steve Jobs lol he’s the man.


I always liked the definition used in ( I think) the 4-hour work week – an entrepreneur is someone who moves resources from an area of lower productivity & yield to higher.

Gives a nice mindset to aim for – how can I make the most of what is available to me…?


Hello Sarah! I really enjoyed your article and I even test myself to see if I am born to be an entrepreneur! I don’t like to be Under a boss and that’s why I decided to start my business here in WA. I really think that your article can inspire Young people who are hopeless, school dropouts and don’t know how to be oriented in their lives. Keep going! You are making a good job here.

Bizuayehu Negash

Helo Sarah,
I am a student of Masters of Business Administration currently. And, Entrepreneurship and Business Management is one of the course what I am learning now. As a chance I searched and got your golden like advise and important points which even drive me to be an entrepreneur. Fortunately, after I complete my current assignment my aim is to be that. Yours training and other supportive materials encourage and push me to be it. I always need your consistent advise.Lastly which is not least I would like to thank you again.


I can relate so much to the signs that you are an entrepreneur. Especially with the time part, because I can do better things with my time and it is very valuable to me. Even more valuable than money.

I am currently a very small entrepreneur with big dreams. One thing that I noticed is that you have to invest energy into an idea to make it happen. Great read btw.

This was an interesting read for me – I actually probably relate to less than half of the entrepreneur type traits. Until a couple of years ago, I was probably incredibly unlikely to be an entrepreneur but – I started challenging myself and doing things outside my comfort zone. Gradually I’ve been turning into a new ME that i barely recognise. So, I guess my point is – that people can also change, they can change their mindset completely if they choose too. But it does take a lot of work! One thing I definitely think you need is focus… Read more »

This is a great article about being an entrepreneur. You seem to have quite a passion for business and outline in great detail the aspects that one needs to possess to be a successful businessperson.

Your challenges section is spot on. I can relate to every single one of those.

Overall this is a great article. Keep them coming!!

Hi there Sarah, I love this article and I wish I had read something like this some 10 years ago when I was just finishing college. Becoming an entrepreneur never crossed my mind because I always thought it was a career geared for money-making and I didn’t quite like that. But then I got sick of employment too. It turns out, I believe that my time is worth more than money and I am an opportunist. So I guess I am an entrepreneur at heart after all. Starting an online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate’s training is probably… Read more »

Being successful at ones own business is down to a multitude of things really. I feel that the main one is confidence though. Getting up every morning and saying I am better than the guy next to me….
I also think you need to learn from your mistakes pretty hastily – we all make them to begin with!


Well I think it’s the ability t be able to self manage every aspect of oneself – I know that was critical for me!
Most people tend to give up when they first hit a fence or a hurdle – thats no good in the business world at the end of the day!
Great article – thoroughly enjoyed reading through it!


I love this! I think this really shows that while not many people might not be up for it, anyone can really be an entrepreneur. All you need is the drive and the dedication.

I love your images and will definitely be bookmarking your post for future motivation! Thank you!


All I can say is WOW, your website is filled with so much good information and well detailed. I believe that becoming and entrepreneur requires a lot of work along with having the qualities and developing them. We look at business in our world some of them are mega and we desire to have that but their is so much that comes with this kind of success. Thanks for sharing this valuable information that will help so many to understand what it means and takes to become and entrepreneur.