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What is Vogenesis?




Comprehensive Review

VO genesis

VO genesis

Name : VOgenesis 

Website : www.vogenesis.com

Type : digital product, voiceover training (pdf)

Price : $19-$39 (VOgenesis), $47 (triple your fees), $67 (get more gigs)

Owner : Jenny Lewis

Overal rating : 5/10


First Impression 

The first thing I thought as I quickly went through the capture page of VO genesis is that you can’t tell much what it’s about and how you’ll earn money with it. You have to click the “get started now” button to learn more about the program.

Honestly, I almost didn’t click the button after reading the catchy capture page’s headline :

I thought “nah, just another scam”. You see, I’m always a little doubtful when it comes to get-rich-quick schemes, but I’m also very curious by nature and wanted to make up my own mind and write the program a review. =)
So I Got Started. Now What? 



Once you’ve clicked the “get started now” button, you get access to a video and there’s nothing you can do except either watch it or close the tab. Here are the main points covered in the video :

  • you’ll earn money using nothing but you and your laptop
  • you’ll get to work part time
  • you’ll be working in your own hours
  • you’ll get to make that kind of money sitting right there in your pyjamas
  • they’re letting you in on something that’s real
  • with sky high demand (voiceover)
  • people all over the world are using this secret
  • you’ll never have to worry about bills
  • quick story on how she (the person in the video) stumbled upon this opportunity (humiliation, utter failure, near break-up of her marriage)
  • very long story on how she got scammed and spent $1000 for almost nothing, how she got her first fight with her husband and was desperate, how her friend told her about this amazing opportunity… and how her life changed.
  • all you’ll have to do is read a small script into your computer
  • … and getting paid to do it
  • huge demand for all kinds of different voices
  • video games,  movie trailers, presentations, radio, commercials, audiobooks
  • they claim that it’s not a scam nor MLM
  • you can get started fast 
  • they will help you grow your profile and income to become one of the most in-demand voiceover experts in the world 
  • $300 for 30 minutes of talking Capture d’écran 2016-01-27 à 14.41.26
  • $750 for 60 minutes of talking
  • $1500 for 2 hours of talking
  • work money from home without having to work your butt-off or grind out your day
  • you need to enroll in the VOgenesis program
  • this is not a pie-in-the-sky opportunity
  • it really is as easy as it gets
  • live life by your own rules
  • add to cart ($$) (VOgenesis pdf download)
  • try out the entire program for FREE
  • you’ll hear other people’s testimonies who used the program and loved it
  • full 60 days to go through the VOgenesis program risk-free (pdf download available through clickbank)
  • if you didn’t like it, get a refund : simply drop a line to get every penny of your money back



What To Expect from VOgenesis

VO Genesis helps voice-acting talents find their signature voice. VO Genesis is aimed at teaching users the fundamentals of becoming a professional voiceover artist. It is exclusively created to educate users in the art of voiceover. With the help of this system, users will learn microphone audition technique, commercial script analysis and also how to create an original character from animation.

The very purpose of VO Genesis is to give people the voice talent, a condensed guidebook of what voice talent need to succeed in this fast-paced, forever changing, business environment.

VO Genesis renders information regarding recording, file formats, and teaches users how to capture or minimize atmosphere noises. The program contains simple guidelines which will help users get the best out of any voice-over session, be it for podcast, screen cast or video narration. Good preparation and confidence with the material provided inside this program will set users up for a good performance. 
How Much does it Cost?

VOgenesis price

VOgenesis price

VOgenesis is processed through Clickbank and lets you have a full 60 days to try the product and get a no-hassle refund if you are not satisfied or if you realize voiceover is not for you. 

Click here to get a special discount ($97 $ 39,95 $22,39)

There can be additional costs (if you wish to learn more):

  • VOgenesis :  “how to tripple your voiceover fees even if you hate negociating ($47) 
  • VOgenesis : “how to get more voiceover gigs than you can  handle” ($67)


Pros & Cons


  • you will learn how to record a voice over demo to send to clients
  • you will learn how to make a simple home studio (not as expensive as it sounds)
  • you will get help to develop your skills as a voice over artist
  • you will be given websites where you can find the best paying jobs
  • you will be recording and editing your voice over work
  • they offer a 60 “free trial” (you can get a refund if you didn’t like the program)


  • you actually have to pay upfront to get started
  • voiceover might not be for you

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Despite its very catchy website and banners, VOgenesis sounds like a legitimate product to me. Once you’ve purchased the training, you will learn how to develop your skills as a voice over artist and where you can find the best paying jobs. 

So if you have an unsual or really pleasant voice, VOgenesis might be for you! And if you’re just like me and you hate your voice, don’t give up yet… someone might out there might just think you have the perfect voice for their presentation/cartoon/video game caracter/commercial/audio book

Finally, the training is not overly expensive and with the 60 days trial you have not much to lose! =) Click here to get started with VOgenesis

Hope this helps! Good luck =)




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Great comprehensive review. I didn’t even know programs like VOgenesis existed. Now that I think about it, almost every TV commercial and video game and radio commercial has voice-over talent, even for the small parts. Personally I don’t care for the way my voice sounds on recordings, but who knows, maybe somebody is looking for a voice just like mine. Thanks for sharing!