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What is Ultimate Cycler?


Comprehensive Review

Name : Ultimate Cycler

Website : http://www.ultimatecycler.com

Type : 2×2 cycler, ponziCapture d’écran 2016-04-18 à 17.18.44

Price : $25

Products : mobile apps 

Owners : Peter Wolfing

Created in : 2013

Languages : all (but they’re using google translate so it might result in a funny translation)

Overall rating : 0/100 don’t bother, it’s a scam

What’s The Ultimate Cycler About? 

Ultimate Cycler ReviewIt’s about how you’re going to get scammed if you  join it =) lol… sorry. Ok, what is Ultimate Cycler exactly? Well it’s a program that claims will help you earn tons of money and that it’ll be as easy as snapping your fingers.

First things first, when someone or something tells you they will make you rich quickly and easily, RUN. You’ll thank me one day. 

So Ultimate Cycler. What the hell is it about? Honestly, it took me great efforts to go through their website and products, because it’s really messy and it screams “scam alert”… but I’m curious !! 

What they claim : “Ultimate Cycler is taking advantage of that massive trend by introducing mobile apps to our product line” Their niche markets are :

  • personal development (mobile motivate)
  • wealth and finance education (the cheapstake method)
  • Christian faith and inspiration (christian motivator)

Note : their apps really suck

How Much does it Cost?

Before asking you to purchase anything, they are smart enough (or not) to tell you how much you will benefit from using their program. Basically they guarantee you that you will get about $2000 worth of awesome products for the mere sum of $25! So, yeah it’ll cost you $25 to join the matrix and be eligible for commissions.

This technique is very common in marketing. “hey if you buy this, actually you are saving 80%”. But the question is, do you really need this stuff? 

The next you’ll build will cost $50 up to $800.


How Much can You Earn?

If a compensation plan is overcomplicated and leaves you confused,Ultimate Cycler ScamRUN. Lol you’ll thank me one day, yes. Earning money online is a simple process. You make a sale = you earn a commission. 

But many MLM and pyramid schemes use over complicated compensation plans that lead to you think you are going to become a millionaire in a month time. 

Please, you are smarter than that. 

But anyway, here’s Ultimate Cycler compensation plan. Let me know if you need aspirin after you’ve checked it out =)


The Ultimate Cycler pays out a 100% commission in a 2×2 forced matrix. 

When you join with $25.00, you are required to recruit 2 people to qualify for your commissions. When these 2 people recruit their two people, you get paid $100.00. And then you can move to the next cycle.

In the next level, you need to pay $50.00 and recruit 2 people just like the first level to qualify. Before you pay the $50.00, you need to upgrade by paying a fee of $10.00. The program operates like a cash gifting scheme which can be easily considered a ponzi or pyramid scheme.


What About their #1 Mobile App?

  • it’s called Mobile Motivateunnamed
  • only 7 people have rated it, 3 people gave it 1 star, 4 people gave it 5 stars lol
  • it’s free 
  • it says “turning your life around is as easy as snapping your fingers”
  • it sucks, I deleted it lol


What I Liked 

Nothing. Well, its not true. Their “amazing opportunity” gave me a good laugh at least. =D


What I did NOT Like

  • their website is a mess… 
  • typos in their website menu, it really doesn’t look professional 
  • cheap images and photoshoping
  • their compensation plan stinks, it looks like any ponzi scheme compensation plan
  • their applications are really not worth it
  • they don’t offer any retail product or service
  • you will need to invest money AND to massively recruit people to earn significant commissions


Scam Alerts

Scam alerts - Ultimate Cycler1) “The ultimate cycler SYSTEM is so EASY that you might miss it.” Guys, earning money online is NOT easy.

2) “ Overview 7 Million Dollar Webinar“. Right lol.

3)  “Refer others (…) Duplicate“. Reminds me of pyramids schemes. What do you think? 

4) “click here for your money machine“. Lol, you don’t want to lose money at the casino, you want to build a real business, right? 

5) “are you ready to move your world? lol what on Earth is that supposed to mean? 

6) “we are exploding worldwide!“. Really? They’re probably exploding the highest level of lies =)

7) “The Ultimate Cycler’s Success Is In Its Products – Mobile is King!“. But their apps really suck =/

8) “If you add all these up it’s almost $2,000.00 but you get it all for a measly $25 ONE time out of pocket expense, that’s a 99% discount.Please… don’t let people insult your intelligence. 99% discount? lol



If you decide to join Ultimate Cycler you are going to pay $25 to access the matrix and you will get paid for recruiting new members into the scheme.

You need to know that matrices (or ponzi, cyclers…) are filled via the recruitment efforts of an affiliate and those they recruit… When the recruitment slows down (and it will lol), the whole structure collapses and someone will run away with other people’s money =/. Not cool. 

Ultimate Cycler offers more matrix levels than Wolfing’s previous matrix venture (Turbo Cycler), but the underlying premise is the same. It WILL collapse and he’ll cash in the money and create a new ponzi, under a different name. 

Just because they have an app (which sucks) doesn’t mean it’s a reliable business opportunity. Creating an app is easy guys. Creating a real product, a valuable product is another story. 

In short, with no real products or services being sold and all commissions paid out based on the recruitment of new affiliates, Ultimate Cycler is a total waste of time (and money) and therefore, it’s a scam! Run away. 


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That’s it folks! I hope you understand what you are stepping into by joining Ultimate Cycler. Do leave a message in the below comment area if you have any question or would like to share your own experience with Ultimate Cycler ; I’ll be more than happy to connect! 

You can also check out my #1 recommendation ! They are the reason I was able to work from home and build this website. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor MLM… it’s an online business training and community of like-minded people that will teach you everything you need to know about online business. Really awesome!

Cheers =)


Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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