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What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online?



Not too long ago, I thought making money online was more of a dream than anything. It seemed to me that building an “empire” online was accessible only to a handful of people and clearly unattainable for me lol… Go figure! I lacked confidence at the time and had experienced a succession of failures online that made me doubt I’d ever make it. But anyway!

Positive Thoughts - Trust Yourself

Positive Thoughts – Trust Yourself

Perhaps you are where I was a few years ago? Undecided, in doubt, lost, discouraged….? If that is the case, I am confident that this article will give you courage and new perspectives!

First things first, I want to assure you that earning money online IS possible. Then, you need to know (if you don’t already) that making money online is neither quick nor easy. Being aware of that will keep you out of trouble in the future, believe me !

Positive thoughts - Success

Positive thoughts – Success

And finally, as you keep reading this post you will see that there are many ways for you to (legitimately) earn money on the internet, but what will work for you will depend on your personality, on your expectations and goals, on your experience and skills, etc etc… All the described below methods might not suit you ; it will be up to you to find THE method that works best. And once you have, just go fo it! 

Only quitters fail. If you work hard at this and don’t let yourself be discouraged by minor (and bigger sometimes lol) obstacles, you WILL build a real online business! Regardless of the method you choose… =)

Enjoy the read! 

Set goals

Set goals

Learn to Spot Scams

Before getting into the details of what you can do to make money online, I would like to give you a little piece of advice (nonetheless a very useful one!) : avoid getting scammed by enticing opportunities. =) Sounds obvious to you? And yet you have no idea how many people get ripped off each and every day… I got ripped off, maybe you did too… and more people will as long as they continue to blindly believe in what they are told. 



Before you join any business opportunity, I recommend asking yourself the below simple questions : 

  • do they require you to pay money upfront? 
  • do they promise that you will become rich overnight? (or at least very quickly and easily…)
  • what’s in it for them? 
  • how are THEY making money?
  • are they creating a feeling of scarcity? 
  • do they have a real (and good) product?
  • what’s their reputation?
  • how long have they been out there? 
  • how will YOU earn money with them? 

For more info on how to spot a scam, read my “Scam Alerts” post 

PTC Sites

Ok, now let’s get down to business! How do you make money online? =)

I do not know if you are familiar with PTC sites, but they are a perfectly legitimate (and free) way to make money from home.

Basically a PTC site is a site that pays its users mostly for clicking on add banners. However many PTC sites also offer various ways to earn money, such as completing surveys, taking small jobs, online shopping, testing video games and more.

Paid To Click Sites

Paid To Click Sites

My advice : do not expect to earn thousands (let alone millions) with a PTC site. If you want to earn extra cash, PTC sites will meet your expectations. However, if you really want to earn a lot, be aware that you will need to recruit a lot of people to earn commissions from your referrals.

PTC sites are time consuming. Your earnings will highly depend on your active referrals (people who signed up to the PTC site through your affiliate link and who are actively using their program…)

My recommendations : ClixSense, cashcrate




Aaaah MLM! There’s so much to say about MLM, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I will also do my best to give you an objective review, so as not to influence you with my own experience =).

What is MLM? MLM stands for “Multi Level Marketing“. You’ve probably already heard of Avon, tupperware, ACN, Itworks … all these companies sell products and recruit salespeople (called distributors) and the reason it’s called Multi-Level-Marketing is that there is someone at the top of the company, who recruited 2 people, who recruited 2 each as well, who recruited 2 also and so on to the bottom of the “pyramid” where the last people who joined are. The higher you are the more money you earn, obviously because there are tons of people below you. 

MLM model

MLM model

Basically, they offer business kits or licenses that let someone become an independent distributor for the brand. When you become an independent distributor, you represent the brand and your job is to sell the products (online or through direct sales) and to build your own sales team. The more people you have in your sales team, the more you increase your earnings potential.

My opinion : I hate MLM! lol … oops, I said I would be objective. Well, I can’t say that MLM is a scam but from my experience and that of many of my colleagues, MLM has (way too) many drawbacks.

  • First of all, the products are not always quality products. Sometimes they are even products people actually don’t need lol. And I personally can not sell something I don’t believe in.
  • Second, MLM primarily consists in the recruitment of people who will join the company below you and will thus increase your income. I noticed that the revenue of the most successful distributors don’t even come from the product sales but rather from the commissions they earn each time they recruit new people …
  • you can’t promote products that compete with each other 
  • you need to have a stock of products to be eligible for commissions or if not a stock of products you need to have collected enough “points” (= made enough customers and/or distributors) to get paid
  • their compensation is very often incomprehensible ! With various positions to attain, points and things that give me a headache. 


MLM compensation plans

MLM compensation plans


I personally see MLM as a form of pyramid scheme ; which I do not like at all. I’m just giving you my honest opinion here : I am definitely not cut out for MLM!

Now … if you’re a born leader and you find a company that sells really good products and offers a comprehensible compensation plan, go for it ! =)

My recommendation : Itworks (I do not recruit, because I hate recruiting, but I do LOVE their products!)


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the # 1 way to earn money online. The principle is very simple and above all, affiliate programs are free to join (as opposed to MLM that requires an initial investment). You can join : Apple, Wallmart, sephora, ebay, amazon and thousands more… 

Basically, affiliate marketing allows you to promote products or services online for other companies. To do so, all you need to do is sign up to affiliate programs and use your affiliate links

If you want to become an affiliate marketer I highly recommend building a blog/website and getting familiar with social networks, as they will help you build an audience and get more traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you make =) 

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

If you don’t want to recruit people or to have someone above you who gives you orders, affiliate marketing might just be what you have been looking for all this time. It has nothing to do with MLM because even though you do promote products, you can promote products that are competitors. And most importantly, you don’t have to recruit others to earn money! Good news, right? 

What I like about affiliate marketing :

  • no recruiting : you will not need to sell a business opportunity to anyone
  • choices : you can promote any product that you like, even from competing companies
  • easy to understand compensation plan : a sale = a commission. It doesn’t get more complicated than that! 
  • realistic goals : you will build and own a business that passes the test of time and you will not follow a get-rich-quick scheme that is bound to collapse
  • self-reliance : you earn the money you deserve, based on your own efforts and goals 
  • free : affiliate programs are free to join. All you need is a blog/website and social media accounts. You can build a website for free these days or you can purchase a domain (for approximately $10)

If you believe affiliate marketing is for you, follow this link and get started with a free 10 lesson course (Online Entrepreneur Certification) !



When it comes to making money online you want to be very vigilant and to use your  common sense. If you are offered to start a business that will earn you thousands of $$ very quickly and easily, run away! When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! =)

You now know that you have several options at your disposal : PTC sites, MLM, affiliate marketing … What will suit you depends on what you expect from your future online business.

I could have mentioned Etsy, a great handmade marketplace that allows creative people to sell their products online.

I could also have written about ads (such as google adsense) but I didn’t want you to feel overwhelmed =) If you are interested in adsense and earning money with ads (people clicking on your ads) you will need a website anyway! 

My advice is :

  • choose something you love : easier to work when you are passionate
  • build a website : get traffic > $$$
  • learn the basics of marketing : become an expert 
  • ask for help : don’t get into this alone
  • be patient : success takes time.

When you earn your first $$ you will know that it does work and all you’ll have to do is repeat the process.. repeat and repeat until $1 turns into $10, which will turn into $100, which will turn into $1000 and so on!


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Well, I hope you found what you were looking for ! Do let me know if you need further information about any of the above content ; I’ll be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers =)




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Hi Sarah! thanks for giving an overview of what you can do to create an income online. I must admit that I have met very few programs that really have the information and value that makes me feel drawn to it. I have tried MLM and I’ve tried to click advertisements. None of them have given me any special personal satisfied. What I have come to is that there is no difference whether it is an online business or a local service that I need to create, it requires perseverance and zeal. May I ask how much work would you… Read more »

Your article is very informative you shared a lot of great details on the best ways to make money online. This site is very helpful and it guides anyone who is interested in making money online in a more successful direction. Thanks for sharing 🙂