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What Is The Best Job In The World ?




I Have The Best Job In The World!

Seriously. When I sit there and look back at when I was working for someone, it almost makes me shiver. Now, I know there are people who do not mind in the least being an employee and “enriching” someone else, and that’s fine!

But as I get more and more experienced in entrepreneurship, I am convinced that there are much more people than we think who aspire to a custom made job! 

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Not Everybody Is Cut Out For A 9-5 Job

In this article, I would just like to explain to you why I believe my job is the best in the world and how I ended up doing what I do. I would especially like to help all those who are depressed at work.

I know there are people who dream to be their own boss but have no idea where to start. Sometimes they have dealt with so many scams that they no longer believe they can do it.

This is sad and it reminds me that I almost gave up at one point. I’m glad I didn’t lol. 



Communicating Is The Key!

So without further ado, what I do for a living? It’s very simple: I do what I am doing as I write this! I communicate =) Well, then it’s a bit more complex than that of course, but I’m doing something that everyone does every day : communicate with others.

And I communicate on what? Something I love : helping people start their home business.


Affiliate Programs

You might be thinking that one can hardly make money “just by communicating” on a website. And that’s exactly what I used to tell myself before I built this website! You couldn’t be more wrong lol, no offense.

The work I do is just marketing, consulting and communicating. And to earn a living doing this, I use a lot of tools and affiliate programs that are available to everyone on the internet.



Beware Of Scams

But before going into the detail, first things first. How did I end up managing a website (when I was a newbie on the subject!)? Well, I hit a bit of everything in terms of online opportunities and I was disappointed (and ripped off) more than once …

We see so many things on the internet and most of the time (when it sounds too good to be true) these things are just scams that use our naivety and our desperate need to earn money quickly.

Beware of that! You’ll never turn a millionaire quickly (unless you win the lottery of course, but then good luck! =))




If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

So since I knew that I absolutely did not want to go back to being an employee, I gradually quit all the enticing “opportunities” (which were not) to find a legitimate, honest and reliable way to make a living online.

I wanted something that would make me proud, independent and allow me to live for years to come (until the end of my days!). I was lucky to find the best place online to build your business and I’m still a little jaded not to have discovered it sooner lol … but as they say, better late than never! =)



Earn Money From Something You Love

What happened afterwards is very simple and went relatively quickly! I chose something that I liked (loved) and turned it into a real business, honest and stable.

A business that grows with time and above all, a business that I love! In order to achieve this I was given all the tools I needed (tools that scams never speak of because the people who promote them only want to get richer and don’t care about helping you get rich), 24/7 assistance and training in marketing, website creation and much more (the list would be too long!)

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Learn & Earn

I immediately knew that I was on the right track. I do not really know how to explain it but it felt a bit like when you meet your soul mate or you become friends with someone instantly. It’s love at first sight! =)

So I was able to quickly create my own web site from a to z (the very one you are on) and then I even created two more on totally different subjects and passions (essential oils and make-up tutorials).

While doing this, I received training to learn how to promote what I was doing. I met lots and lots of people who had succeeded and others who were learning like me and these people offered me constant help, support and precious advice!



Your Website Is Your Brand, Your Little Piece Of Real Estate!

Now how is it that one can make money with a website? Hundreds of reasons … depending on the website you will create! But the #1 and most common way to earn a living online is affiliate marketing.

Lots of big brands enable individuals and professionals to become members of their brand to promote their products. They allow you to receive a percentage on all your sales. That’s just one way to earn but it’s a pretty good one. 

Then, a website can generate residual income through Google AdSense (advertising).. Advertising brings in billions of dollars every year and you can get some of that money with a website.



We Rise By Lifting Others (-Robert Ingersoll)

Today, there is nothing else I would want to do. I even think that this is just the beginning and that I want to do even more things in my branch! lol. But there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to be realistic lol. Basically  my job consists in two things :

  • managing my website (writing articles that answer people’s questions).
  • helping people start their home-based business.

For that I am present 7/7 (almost) on a community site (the one that helped me to be where I am today) and since I reached the Ambassador rank recently, my role is to help people learn, create and strengthen their business.


This Opportunity Could Change Your Life

I know it’s hard to trust someone on the internet but I guarantee you that you will not find any negative feedback on the community that I speak of. It’s just the most unique concept in the world and its sole purpose is to share knowledge.

This knowledge is GOLD. You will not find tips on how to become a millionaire in a week. You will not be scammed. Wealthy Affiliate will fulfill its promise by educating, training and assisting you as you build your business.

Their slogan reflects perfectly their goal : “turn any passion into a successful affiliate marketing business.”



How Bad Do You Want To Be Free & Independent?

  • If you are tired of being fooled by scams online and you really have an entrepreneur spirit, I KNOW that Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve your dreams.
  • If you already have a business but you feel you are stagnating (which was my case), you will also find valuable advice and efficient tools & training to boost your business.
  • If your long-term goal is to quit your current job and spend more time with your children or live a less stressful life, then maybe you should consider creating your online business.

I can’t guarantee you that this will be a quick fix, but the results will be there and they’ll be sustainable because the actions you will put in place will be the fruit of a real training and ongoing support.



You’re Just A Click Away From Success

If you think this could be your chance to finally be your own boss, experience financial freedom and do something you love, meet me on Wealthy Affiliate. My nickname there is BelieveItYes and I’ll be very happy to welcome you and help you get started! 

All you have to do is click on the below banner for a free sign up! Wealthy Affiliate, its members and myself will do the rest! =)


Thanks for dropping by, all the best!




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You are definitely right that people need to beware of scams. In my early days of trying to earn money online, I too got distracted by a lot of exciting shiny objects. i call this “Shiny Object Syndrome”. You could probably write a blog post just about that. It applies to other areas of life too, but it is probably most dangerous when it comes to internet marketing and earning money online. The sales pages of these types of scams are designed specifically to appeal to peoples’ dreams of getting rich quickly and easily, and they lead people into the… Read more »

Website looks good. There are too many banners scattered everywhere. This needs to be properly revised. A webpage with lots of banners tend to yield very low conversions. It is always best to use custom banners. You may wanna choose a different theme. For some people, they feel it looks like a spam. You are definitely putting a lot of effort to write your content, but it needs a lot of improvement.

Hi, Sarah I would actually say the best job in the world would be working as an Astronaut! But even then, you would still be working for somebody else and builsing their dreams. If people truly want to quit their 9 til 5 jobs, then the best way forward is to start up an online business and become an Entepreneur because it would create so many choices in life 😉 When we earn money from doing something we love, then we never have to work a day in our lives because we have fun with our passions and helping others,… Read more »

Your site really pulls the reader in, I found your quote, “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is”, I think that everything that is worth while takes alititle effort, without effort it’s hard to appreciate the fruits of your labor, I as an online entrepreneur find that an add that advertises be a millionaire in a couple days is a scam, and I appreciate a website like yours for pointing people the right direction 🙂

Hi Sarah: I enjoyed reading your story piece-by-piece of how you go to Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone who comes to Wealthy Affiliate has their own story, background and reasons for joining. There are many similarities, but with so much diversity too, it goes to show just how many different people from all over the world could benefit from the world of affiliate marketing. I have a couple questions for you: 1. You mention the other programs that you tried and found out to be scams. How can someone detect a scam before they lose their money and time? Is it upsells?… Read more »

You are wrong Sarah. The best job is teaching dancing, but this must come a close second.

I too enjoy creating websites, and occasionally get sidetracked by bling and rip offs online, but I always come back to my websites.

Building websites is to me the most sustainable form of income online, and it is great to have WA to help us to do a great job.

Happy blogging.


This is a very powerful article describing how Wealthy Affiliate can help you start your own business and basically make your own job. I really enjoyed reading about your experience and I agree with all of it. I also felt like something clicked when I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate and starting reading all the information. Do you have any specific suggestions for someone who is thinking of starting this type of business?

Dear Sarah, I am really inspired by this post. Your writing style that reflects your honesty and your passionate words that seem to flow rigth from your heart. I will learn from you a lot. I will visit your site more ofetn whenever I feel lost and stuck with my struggle to become a successful online entrpreneur. I joined Waelthy Affilaite some months ago and I am definiely sure that it is the one and only pleasant place on earth for those of us newbies who have been scammed and ripped off again and again by those scam artists on… Read more »

Hi Sarah!

Sounds like you have an awesome job! I want to be like you someday! Working from home sounds amazing. Like you said in your article, I don’t think I am cut out for a 9 to 5 job. I want the independence and freedom of working for myself. Keep up the great content, I want to read more! Thanks

Lucinda Freestone
Hi Sarah Interesting article on the best job in the world. I agree with you about the ability to quit the 9-5 syndrome. I did this for years and actually quite enjoyed some of the jobs I had – the social aspect and the regular pay cheque mostly. I started on the internet by default as I was made redundant and couldn’t get another job – basically I think because I was over 60. I was also a secretary and people don’t seem to have them any more. I was scammed a couple of times by these “Get rich quick”… Read more »

Even better is working on a website from a boat sitting at anchor in crystal clear water! My website is only making a few small sales here and there so far, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to fire my boss yet. But I get paid to drive boats and jetskis, and go paddleboarding, so my other job isn’t so bad either.


Thanks Sarah! Happy New Year!

Tebatso Kekana

Oh my goodness! Thanks a lot BelieveIt I definitely couldn’t afford to go through another online empty promise scam. We can also fail doing what we don’t love, it’s best to take a chance doing what you love.

We need typically characters like you in the online community to help us make the right choices when making transactions online, thanks again, Teegy.

Renee Townsend
When I stepped out of the role of being a stay-at-home mom a few years ago and into the workforce, I was a bit scared. I asked myself, how am I going to do this for the next 30-40 years? I questioned the status quo. Why do we spend most of our lives working for someone else, spending the better part of our days in servitude? For me, it’s kind of scary to think it’s expected. I enjoy what I do at work. However, even I would like more flexibility, fewer hours, more autonomy. And yet other people go to… Read more »

No I certainly wasn’t cut out for a 9 to 5 job – ever. When I left school I near enough worked for myself but the internet wasn’t really available in those days…
Internet marketing is a wonderful way to earn a living but people seem to think it is easy – it is not! As a matter of fact I sometimes work a lot longer than a 9 to 5 maintaining the 5 sites I run. But is it worth it????
Oh Yes!