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What is The Aussie Method About?

Update : looks like their website got shut down.

Comprehensive Review

The Aussie Method

The Aussie Method

Name : The Aussie Method 

Site : http://ausmethod.com

Owner : unknown

Contact : Binarysignals247@gmail.com

Created in  : 2016

Type : binary options signals, binary software 

Cost : FREE to sign up – $250 to get started with their broker

Overal rating : 0/100 SCAM

Who’s Jake Pertu?

They want you to think that the good looking young man on the below picture is Jake Pertu. 

Jake Pertu - The Aussie Method

Jake Pertu – The Aussie Method

But you will be shocked to learn that this picture comes from a public database. This charming guy is in fact a model selling his services online and on websites such as Fiverr.


I have absolutely no idea whether Jake Pertu is a real name or not but I do know the picture they’re using is a fake. Why not use a real picture? Why hide, right? There’s no contact information, no “about us” page, no transparency.

More Lies

It doesn’t end there though I’m afraid. Even the people on the video trying to convince you that the system is awesome are actors that you can find also on Fiverr. The person behind The Aussie Method simply hired people for the testimonies… There’s nothing real about this website. 

I can even assume that the twitter accounts on their page are fake. What about phone screenshots like the ones below? I can easily do exactly the same… I will just have to use another phone, create a fake contact and engage in a fake conversation… 

The Aussie Method Scam

The Aussie Method Scam


Profit Guarantee?

If you have experience with binary options you already know that it’s a 50/50 business. You will either win or lose and there’s no guarantee that your trades will be “in-the-money”. Even if you are using the best indicators and have experience you can always make a wrong call because that’s what trade is about. It’s not 100% predictable. 

And yet Jake Pertu guarantees you that he will take $10,000 out of his pocket and give it to you if you don’t make any money with his revolutionary system. So, considering how truthful everything else has been on the website do you dare believe?


What About The Software?

According the website, “Jake Pertu(whoever he is) has created a unique trading software that can generate up to $700 per day in profits from binary options trading. He promises that he will explain the Aussie Method system to you and get you started.

If you believe what the scam website says, following this system guarantees you to make hundreds of thousands in profits. What you get when you sign up for the Aussie Method Software is access to special trading signals. These show you what binary options trades will make the best profits. Before you can get started, you will be required to fund your trading account. You do this through the Aussie Method website and must deposit at least $250, which will be used for your trades.

Then you decide how much money to put into your daily trades and with a few clicks all your trading will be done automatically by the Aussie Method trading App.

Their system does not work, and their website is a complete scam.

What They Claim

  • The Aussie Method is a 100% FREE software that will trade on the binary options markets with just 1 click!
  • It’s fully automated and places the winning trades for you!
  • There’s no limit to how much you can earn. To put it more technically, it really depends on how much money you fund your account with. Most of our members fund their account with $300, and make about $800-1000 daily. Those who fund their account with $1,000 or over make over $2,500 per day!
  • A trade lasts anywhere from a minute to an hour. So you will see your profits right away, no more waiting for long periods of time
  • It is a web based application which means it can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux based systems! You just need a web browser
  • The software is very easy to use. Once you sign up in the members area by filling in a simple form, the software is infront of you, click play, make profits! There is no complicated setup!
  • The program is going to do all the work
  • You will watch your trading account balance start building up
  • The numbers are going to get very huge very quickly
  • This money making tool is free


Pros & Cons


There is no pro, this program is a disgusting scam


  • you don’t know who the owner and/or creator is
  • the website uses actors and models for fake testimonials
  • it says the program is free but you have to deposit at least $250 to get started
  • the signals don’t work, you will lose your money (see all the complaints online)
  • there are many complaints out there
  • Jake Pertu” doesn’t even explain what his software is about or how it works. There’s no transparency
  • the Aussie Method is just a binary option affiliate. The owner (whoever he is) will make money every time he makes a new trader to his broker
  • you can’t even pause the video when you are on their website, which is beyond annoying! They don’t give you a choice, you have to listen to their crap. A good honest website would never do that. They would allow you to click pause
  • their “terms” and “disclaimer” pages are one and the same page
  • there’s no real support, when you click their “support” link at the bottom of the website a new tab will open to their gmail email address 



I’m sorry to break it to you but the Aussie Method is a scam that will make you lose money. There’s nothing real about the website : from the use of paid actors and stock images to the faked trade data and crazy promises of instant riches… I will always say it over and over again : there’s no such thing as getting rich quickly and easil

I would like to stress that binary options is a legitimate business though, but you have to be aware of the risks and learn how to trade before you get started. Anybody promising you easy money on binary options without prerequisite knowledge is lying.

I am myself very interested in binary options and have earned money trading. If you would like to learn how to trade with binary options I suggest you open a demo account at IQ option and join discussion groups, educate yourself on the subject before you use real money. This way you will see how it goes for you! =) But please please stay from The Aussie Method. 

If you would like to know how I turned several of my passions into a full time job, click here and get access to the same method successful marketers are using every day.


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