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What is SilverClix ?

I remember launching my website Successful Business Online about a couple years ago and thinking : “oh my, I wonder if two years from now I’ll still find money-making programs to review?”…”what if they stop making them and my website doesn’t make any sense anymore“? lol. I’m a pisces, I worry easily ^^

Two years have passed and I’m still amazed (and appalled) at how creative people can get when it comes to money. My latest find is thus SilverClix. I came across their website while using ‘EasyHits4U‘, a free traffic generator platform (find out more about it here).

Generally speaking, the moment I come across an opportunity that contains the word “clix” I know there’s a 99% chance I’m dealing with a PTC site. And if you know me you know I’m not a big fan of PTC sites lol… not that they’re all scams but in my opinion they’re just not worth the time. Just saying “PTC sites” makes me yawn lol.

But anyway… Without further ado, let’s see what SilverClix is about and if it can benefit you !


Comprehensive Review

Name : Silver Clix

Website : https://www.silverclix.com/

Type : Paid To Click

Price : free to join (optional paid memberships)

A part of : Golden Group 2012 LDT

Created in : 2013

Minimum payout : first minimum payout is $3. Every other is $2

Payment methods : Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money

Affiliate program? : yes

Overal rating : 50/100

Similar programs : Clixsense, EasyHits4U, CashCrate, FortAdPays, GrandBux, CashPie

My #1 recommendation : Wealthy Affiliate

What is Silver Clix?

SilverClix is a PTC site, that is to say a Paid To Click site. In short, a PTC site will pay its members for viewing ads. Among other things… =)

Most PTC sites are free to join and offer the same things : ads to click on and view, ad packs to promote your own businesses and affiliate links, a click grid to win prizes, “job” offers (buying stuff online and getting discounts or “point”, completing surveys, downloading a game and playing…), the possibility to rent referrals, participating in various contests..)

Basically a PTC site is a place where people go to promote their online business(es) while others try and earn some cash by viewing these people’s ads… and vice versa! For those who want more money they go after the referrals, promoting the platform as if their life depended on it lol. The more referrals you have the more credits, prices, advantages and money you are supposed to get.

There are sooooo many PTC websites out there I couldn’t name them all… well, I could but I don’t want to. lol

My most favorite PTC site is probably Clixsense, but that’s because it’s the first one I joined and the only one I was motivated enough to  make money with (don’t get too excited, I only earned around $40 lol).


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Like most PTC sites, SilverClix is FREE to join. This starter membership is free forever and grants you with the following :

  • 150 maximum direct referrals (vs 1500 with $22,5/month membership or unlimited with the $800/year membership)
  • 100 maximum rented referrals (vs 1000 with the $22,5/month membership or 8000 with the $800/year membership)
  • 7 days between renting (vs 5 with the $800/year membership)
  • $0,03 fees for losing rented referrals (not exactly a benefit lol)
  • 20 grid chances (vs 35 with the $22,5/month membership and 40 with the $800/year membership)
  • 7 days between cashout (vs 3 days with the $22,5/month membership, 2 days with the $229 membership and 1 day with the $800/year membership)
  • $10 maximum cashout per day (and up to $50)
  • $0,0014 per click (and up to $0,012)

As you can see above (and on the below chart), they offer several memberships, in case you want to earn more. Note that the yearly membership is $800 … and there’s no guarantee you’ll make more money by paying this (obscene) sum of money.

If you look closely at the chart below you’ll see that you only earn $0,012 per click (vs 0,0014 as a free member)… It’s up to you to decide whether you can benefit from the $800 membership! lol


Is the Paying Membership Worth it?

I want to say no. There, I said it.

Just look at the numbers. Are you willing to spend $800 a year just to get paid $0,012 per ad… and to get charged $0,05 per lost rented referral? Ok you get unlimited referrals but are you willing to recruit thousands of active members in order to earn a living (and by saying a “living” i’m really being optimistic, utopian really)? You get 40 grid chances instead of 20 but I’m not sure 20 more chances is really going to make a difference… have you seen the grid? it’s huge lol. I mean 40 chances sounds cool but it also means clicking 40 times on the tiny little squares, waiting 10 sec for each and possibly not winning any prize at all! lol… it’s up to you! =). I don’t want to be pessimistic but I just hate wasting my time lol.

Even the cheaper memberships don’t look so good to me. I personally don’t like paying for bad traffic. People who use these platforms don’t give a crap about your ads… they click for the money and rarely pay attention to the ads themselves. They are interested in either earning some cash or promoting their business. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve done it before ! (shame… lol…) So unless you really love making referrals and you have money to invest, sure, go for a paying membership… but I would recommend trying the free membership first ! 😉


Where’s the Money?

There are various ways to earn cash :

  • by viewing ads : $0,0005 up to $0,001 per viewed ad… (I hope you’re patient ^^). Wait 10 sec and then click on the upside down picture to receive your earnings

Note : You need to click advertisements every day in order to receive referral earnings the following day.

Note : you need to disable your adblock otherwise the ads won’t load …

  • by playing the silvergrid

Most PTC sites (if not all) have a grid displaying cute animals or breathtaking scenery. Not that it matters.

In order to receive a prize (if you’re lucky) just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $2 that goes directly into your account balance. Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.

I personally have never won $2 with the grid but I have won before… perhaps a couple times and something like $0,10 up to 20 cents.

  • by completing offers on their ‘offers4all’ :
    Here you’ll earn “coins” by completing surveys, trying out video games or purchasing stuff online…

  • using matomy

I don’t know what this one is for, I get some sort of error message

Placement 0 does not exist

  • getting super rewards

No super reward for me… I get the below error message again -_-

  • using their ‘ptc offerwall’

Well, this one’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Why they have a “view ads” and “ptc offerwall” sections, don’t ask me… but they both offer the same : ads to click on and view, paid $0,0001 up to $0,0005 (yup).

To make 10 cents clicking the $0,0001 ads do you know how many of them you have to view??? Only 1000… lol. Imagine if you wanted to make $1 ! Good luck. 

  • completing offer on their ‘minute staff offerwall’

In this section you will have access to surveys, paid searches, ads to click and more… but unfortunately most offers are just already completed or empty

  • using their ‘clixwall’

In here you’ll find ads to click (paid $0,0001), offers ($0,04 up to $0,2) and tasks ($0,025 – $1)


What About Advertising?

Perhaps you don’t want to click other people’s ads but you want them to click on yours? lol In this case it will cost you (see below image for prices)

A 30 days Fixed PTC Ad that people have to view for 10 sec will cost you $110 ($60 for a 4 sec ad). That means you have 30 days to get a return on your investment… So your ads better be enticing and your product worth it! =)


Pros & Cons


  • it’s free to join
  • there’s a forum
  • they have a support system
  • they offer various ways to earn cash (like most PTC sites)



  • they don’t accept paypal
  • it’s time consuming
  • if you use them to advertise your business you won’t get real organic traffic… no quality converting traffic, so don’t except too much from it
  • advertising on SilverClix is paying. I know other platforms where you can advertise for free if you’re interested click here
  • their payment proofs page is impossible to verify but you could always try and “talk” to someone through their forum
  • no live chat
  • I created an account but then when I tried to log in I got an error message (“Invalid login details”). I never received a confirmation email either… I started off on the wrong foot with SilverClix, if you ask me -_-. I sent a ticket to support (response expected within 48 hours).
  • they offer you banner links to promote SilverClix (10 in total) but two of them appear broken. Not that it really matters much but I thought I’d tell you all the little details =). The good AND the bad



Right… so if you’ve been patient enough to go through this article you already know I’m not exactly excited about SilverClix lol. I’m not saying that it’s a scam, because it looks like people are actually getting paid (although I haven’t been able to verify that and I haven’t withdrawn my earnings yet) but then, I’m just never excited about PTC sites …

I don’t know what you are looking for online but if all you need is a few extra bucks a month then you might like PTC sites after all. Now please note that earning cash on PTC sites can be pretty time consuming, especially the clicking ads part. The real money is in the job offers.

If you are looking to build a real, long-term, sustainable online business I recommend you pass… PTC is not really a business. It’s good if you are a stay at home or student and you have a couple hours a day to waste. But if you are an entrepreneur at heart and have a passion for something, you should learn how to monetize that passion.


Now What?

Making money online is a full time job. Whether you are going to sell hand-made furniture, start a fashion blog or play video games on youtube, your online business will require time and hard work.

  • If you want to learn the way that works… you can read about affiliate marketing (nothing to do with PTC sites ok? lol)

  • If you want to turn a passion into a real online business… you can read about Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform and business community that helps people build websites and earn money from them.

Wealthy Affiliate
  • If you still want to give PTC sites a chance I recommend Clixsense, the only PTC website I’ve ever made cash with !

In any case, I wish you much success ! Have fun and do more of what you love!

Cheers =)


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