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What is Paidtoclick?



Comprehensive Review

Paid To Click

Paid To Click

Name : Paid To Click 

Site : http://www.paidtoclick.in

Type : PTC site (ad banners to click…), advertising platform

Price : Free to join, Paid memberships (Silver $1,5/year ; Gold $5/week ; Platinum $20/month ; Diamond $200/year)

Ad Packs

Ad Packs

Created in : 2008

Members : 6,466

Minimum cashout : $0,01

Payment options : visa, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza

Referral commissions? : yes

Overall rating : 10/100 a waste of time…

Other alternatives : Clixsense (if you’re looking for extra cash), WealthyAffiliate (if you want to earn money from your own website)

Who’s Behind PaidToClick?

According to Whois, Paidtoclick.in is owned by MAHENDER KUMAR since 2014. Paidtoclick was registered with INRegistry on June 11, 2008. MAHENDER KUMAR resides in MANDI, India and their email is mkt786hp@gmail.com. 

Paidtoclick owner

Paidtoclick owner


How do you Earn Money?

PaidToClick offers several ways to make money : reading emails, surfing ads, referring people to the program…

Paid Emailsgmail-1162901_960_720

You can earn $0.01 – $5 per Emails ad viewed. The Paid email is
sent to your private email inboxes for to be viewed, that includes a message from the advertiser. Each hit last for at least 10 seconds. Please look -> Profile – Preferences – and Turn ON paid emails.

Link Ad /PTC Surf Ads

tablet-1289756_960_720Link Ad/PTCSurf Ads are the low cost per click advertising option that most advertisers use. You can earn $0.001 per ad viewed up to $5 per ad viewed. You can either click each Link ad separately or you can use the Surf These Links button to automatically surf through all of them.

Read Ads

Reads Ads are a slightly more expensive advertising form that allows kindle-381242_960_720you to make more money than the Link Ad/Surf Ads. You can earn $0.001 to $5 per click. The difference between the Read Ads and the Link Ad/Surf Ads is that the Read Ads will open a new tab in your browser that includes a brief message from the advertiser. You view this page for 10 seconds before clicking continue.

Signup Offers

Join now ButtonSignup Offers allow advertiser to receive guaranteed signups from PaidToClick.in Members. You can earn $0.05 – $10 per signup complete. Simply click on an add you want to complete, then click the Complete This Offer button to view the website to join. After joining the website, copy and paste the Confirmation Email or your username that you used to signup into the Proof box and click submit. Within 5 days, the offer will be Accepted or Denied, depending on whether you completed the signup correctly and if you submitted relevant proof of signup.

Using PaidToClick to Advertise your Business? 

If you are willing  to pay (or crazy enough lol), PaidToClick will give you :

  • Cheap PTC Advertising ($0.50 per 1000 hits)
  • Geo Targeted Advertising possible to all countries worldwide
  • Many Ways To Advertise (prices starting at $1) : 
    • link ad clicks ($1 to $50)
    • guaranteed sign ups ($1 to $500)
    • x-credit, whatever that is lol ($1 to $40)
    • paid to read hits ($1 to $50)
    • featured ad views ($1 to $50)
    • banner ad views ($1 to $40)
    • featured banner ad views ($1 to $50)
    • featured link rotation ($1 to $36)
  • Ad Packs
    • Basic Advertiser pack ($2,5)
    • Ultra Advertiser Pack ($4,5)
    • Unlimited Advertiser Pack ($99)
    • Referral Pack ($5)
    • Guaranteed Signups ($4,99)
    • Super Links Pack ($19,99)
    • Large Package ($7) and more packs… 

They say their advertising platform is great for blogs, GPTs, websites, and referral links  but they fail to tell you that what makes bloggers earn money is real traffic, with quality content and targeted keywords… not paid traffic or traffic exchange websites. Just saying… =)



What I Liked

  • you can join for free and remain a free membernew-piktochart (3)
  • they have a low payout
  • they accept paypal


What I did NOT Like

  • the website looks really cheap, it did not engage me
  • the sign up form is long to fill in… there’s no “sign up through facebook” or “gmail”
  • PTC sites are time consuming. You spend hours clicking ads only to earn a fraction of a cent ($0,0003 per ad viewed)
Paid to click Ads

Paid to click Ads
  • there’s no way to verify the payment proof wall is real. It’s only a table with what could possibly be fake names and earnings. No screen captures or whatsoever …
Paidtoclick Payment Proofs

Paidtoclick Payment Proofs
  • you can buy referrals (2 for $1 ; 10 for $5 ; 50 for $25 ; 100 for $50 ; 1000 for $500) without any guarantee that they will be active referrals and you will actually get a return on your investment
  • total paid by the website : $45,217. This means that from 2008 to this day they have only paid about $5652 per year and about $0,94 per member… You see the problem here? lol
  • Some countries can’t create a free membership, they have to go premium unless they want their account to be deleted lol (China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hungary)



Is PaidToClick just another PTC site? Well… yes lol. And I hate to break it to you but unless you can make 1000 active referrals (i.e people who click all the time, make referrals and purchase ad packs) you are not going to earn anything with PaidToClick. 

Believe it or not but most online “opportunities” that I review on my website and that turn out to be scams are advertising platforms. They are all very similar to PaidToClick, selling ad packs, promising massive traffic to your website, paying you $0,0001 to click on an ad

I’ve tried PTC sites and purchasing ad packs for months and believe me, they are not worth the time… let alone the money! The only reason they keep on existing is because people keep on joining them and believing they can become rich with them… Until they realize they never will! lol

If you want real money, you want to build a real business. Full stop. 

Click here to learn how I built my business 


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That’s it folks! Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to share or to leave a comment below ; I will be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers =)




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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