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What is Paid Social Media Jobs About?



Comprehensive Review 

Paid Social Media Jobs Logo

Paid Social Media Jobs Logo

Name : Paid Social Media Jobs 

Site : http://paidsocialmediajobs.com

Type : freelance social media work

Price : $37


Owner(s) : unkown

Created in : 2016

Similar to : Fiverr

Verdict : legit but not as easy as it seems 60/100


What to expect from Paid Social Media Jobs

By joining Paid Social Media Jobs you will have access to small jobs, helping businesses that need help managing their social media accounts.

Your tasks will consist in posting status update, uploading videos or replying to comments. 

Paid Social Media Jobs

Paid Social Media Jobs

It sounds like quick and easy work, I know. But let me tell you something : earning money online (good money I mean, not just extra cash) is everything but easy. Whoever tells you it’s easy is lying to you. 

Now, signing up to the program will give you access to training and tools to help you build your business and earn money with social media. 


How Does PSMJ Work?

Paid Social Media Jobs have a database of companies you can apply to for employment doing social media tasks.

They deal with three main social platforms : facebook, twitter and youtube. 

They will provide you with tools and training to help you get jobs. 


How Much Can You Earn? 

Hard to say… it depends on how many tasks per day you are able to get and how much each of them is paid. Note that the more impressive your resume will be the more jobs you are likely to get ! 

These social jobs are said to be paid between $5 to $50 each.

They offer a widget to calculate how much you can earn on PSMJ but I would take the (infalted) results with a grain of salt! =) 

Paid Social Media Jobs Earnings

Paid Social Media Jobs Earnings


What I Liked 

  • signing up is easy : simply enter your email and get instant access ! 
  • website is clear and easy to navigate
  • they offer a 50% discount for customers from France, lucky me! =) I wonder though if they are not simply track your IP address and offering the same discount to anybody, no matter where they live
  • they are on clickbank, which is trustworthy and offer a 60 days “money back guarantee”
  • videos are good quality
  • freelance really works and companies do pay people to manage their social networks


What I did NOT Like 

  • the get-rich-quick sound of it :

” Learn the WEIRD trick that allowed this single Mother to climb out of debt and make over $700 per week helping businesses with their Facebook and Twitter accounts!

When something sounds too good to be true, it problably is. Always remember that.  

  • the introduction success story was so long I did even read it… it started as any false success story that makes you believe you have found the golden mine
  • they don’t offer a free trial 
  • you won’t find much information on their website, you need to create an account and then pay for their membership to know what the program really is about. What if it sucks? =/ lol
  • they are typos, such as on the below screenshot… honestly can’t they spell company properly? 
  • Paid Social Media Job Sample

      Paid Social Media Job Sample
  •  it’s not as easy as it seems. To get jobs you have to create a stunning resume and be patient. You will also have to convince companies to hire you. Just because you paid for the program doesn’t mean you’ll get tons of jobs, ok? 



If you are worried about Paid Social Media Jobs being a scam, don’t be… You can definitely make money by completing small jobs for companies on their social profiles… However it is a highly competitive field, and will take more time, effort, and knowledge than PSMJ suggests.

This program is legit but they what I don’t like is that they try to make it sound better than it actually is. You can still give it a try and get a refund if you realize it wasn’t for you! =)

If you would like to know how I earn money and how I built my business click here


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Be smart, guys! Scams are everywhere and they target you! 

Cheers =)




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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