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What is MyFreeShares?

Comprehensive Review

My Free Shares Review

My Free Shares Review

Name : My Free Shares 

Site : www.myfreeshares.com

Type : Advertising platform, PTC site, revshare

Price : A FREE membership and 4 paying memberships $10 to $50/month Premium ; $100 to $500/year Premium)

Owner : multimoneygroup

Created in : 2004

Managed by : Sebas

Minimum cashout : $10

Payments within : 30 days

Payment methodsEgopay, Okpay, PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, Solidtrustpay

Referral program? : yes

Similar to : PaidToClick, TrafficMonSoon

Overal Rating : /100

Other alternative : Wealthy Affiliate, EasyHits4U (it’s free)



What is MyFreeShares? 

“Get Paid Every day Just For Being Our Member! lol right. 

MyFreeShares Review

MyFreeShares Review

No but seriously, what’s MyFreeShares about? It’s a PTC site ($0.0025 perclick) that shares its revenue with its members. 

What it does basically is that it sells advertising and distributes the money generated by all the members. It also allows you to earn shares by completing different tasks online such as PTC ads, free signups, paid signups and inviting new members.

MyFreeShares earns money by selling banner impressions, website ads, e-mail ads, etc. The money earned is then divided among the members who own shares. 

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Joining is completely free.

However they do offer paying memberships that are supposed to make you earn more money. These memberships range from $10 to $50 monthly and from $100 to $500 yearly. 

These premium memberships offer various advantages, such as (this is for the $25/month membership) : 

  • Free Referrals : your referral url will be 2 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url. As long as you are an upgraded member
  • Monthly 1,000 PTC visitors 0.1 cent for Bronze and higher members.
  • Monthly 1,000 PTC visitors 0.1 cent for all members.
  • Direct 60 Shares at your payment (with Yearly you receive 60 Shares each 1st of the month during membership)
  • See more share ads and 0.1 cent cash ads as bronze upgraded member

How do You Earn Money ? 

  • Affiliates may earn by receiving paid-emails and visiting the advertiser websites after they have entered their member ID in the area on the website provided by Myfreeshares.com.
  • Affiliates may earn by referring new affiliates to the Myfreeshares.com program. Affiliates will earn a percentage of advertising revenues collected by Myfreeshares.com. Myfreeshares.com will pay affiliates when their balance reaches the minimum payout rate set by Myfreeshares.com. Once the member has reached payout they may request payment. Payments will be made within 30 days or a reasonable time after.
  • Shares and Cash to Click section – Click ads and earn shares.
  • Shares to Click(Contest) section – Click ads and earn shares and have a chance to win 10 Cents
  • Shares to Signup – Sign up for Free offers to get shares 
  • Shares for Paid Signups – Sign up and purchase different things and earn up to 1500 shares.
  • Earn $100 by playing poker for FREE – Play poker at PokerStrategy.com and earn cash at Myfreeshares
  • Inbox – If you have your account set to receive mail in your account inbox you will find your Myfreeshares mail here.
  • PTC Ad Redeem – Use the cash in your MyFreeShares account to promote your links in the PTC section


What I Liked

  • it’s been out there for 10 years and apparently paying


What I did NOT Like

  • their website looks reaaaaally cheap and is not pleasant to use at all. The red background hurts the eyes and feels like you’re in a casino… which might be their point? lol
  • they don’t have a forum where you can talk to other members and discuss their program, get real live help and see real payment proofs
  • you don’t get good traffic with MyFreeShares. You will pay for people to click on your banners and links but this type of traffic poorly converts because it’s not targeted.. It’s mostly people struggling to promote their own business and they couldn’t care less about your own business lol
  • their “been paid” wall is just laughable. It’s just a simple table with absolutely no way to verify the payments or to contact the people in question
MyFreeShares Payments

MyFreeShares Payments





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That’s it folks! I hope you found what you were looking for and I wish you much success in all your endeavors. 

Feel free to leave a comment below ; I will be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers =)



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