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What is Likesrock?



Comprehensive Review

Name : Likes Rock  likes rock

Website : http://likesrock.com

Type : social promotion tools

Social Networks Accepted : facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google +, youtube, linkedin, vkontakte

Price : FREE to join ; $9,99/month ; $59,99/year VIP status

Owner : Maya Group d.o.o ; Andrey Seregin

Created in : 2015

Referral program? : yes

Paypal ? : yes

Overal rating : 50/50 too recent to call it a scam. Time consuming.

What’s LikesRock About? 

At first glance LikesRock is a “likes exchange” website. If you are familiar with social networks (especially facebook) you’ll know what “likes” are.

If you are not familiar with facebook or other social networks, you should know that a “like” is a button option that enables the users to express that they like, enjoy or support certain content.

So in theory this means that Likesrock would enable you to boost your social activity by getting “likes” on your posts and thus help you promote your business as a result … 

Likesrock also claims that you can earn cash through their affiliate program, by referring their website to other people. To do so, you get a unique affiliate link upon signing up and every time someone clicks your link and creates a profile you’ll earn a new referral.

Likesrock Review


How Do You Earn Money On Likesrock?

Each time one of your referrals credits their balance you will earn cash.

Likesrock referral program

You will earn fractions of a dollar each time you create a task that gets completed by other users of the program… 

Earnings at likesrock

Earnings at likesrock


What I Liked

  • the website design… it’s so attractive, and easy to navigate!
  • you get started with a $0,10 balance, yay! Hey fortune gotta start somewhere! =)
  • their fully automated dashboard
  • they accept all popular social networks
  • their large number of payment methods
Likeswork payment

Likeswork payment
  • they have a referral program
  • their promotional tools (various format banners, youtube videos)
  • positive feedback, apparently. I like a program that doesn’t have too many complaints. Although, always be caution with a program that’s been recently created =) Only time will tell if it’s a great program  or not =)
    Capture d’écran 2016-04-05 à 18.08.25


What I did NOT Like

  • you must credit your balance to be able to set a reward up to €0.01. I hate websites that say are free to use but really they aren’t… -_-

  • to get started you need to download the LikesRock software on your PC (note : their software only works with Microsoft Windows Vista system and with Internet Explorer 10 … ). I tried to google ” LikesRock Desktop Client” but mostly landed on web pages in Russian… 
  • earning potential is very low. See screenshot below (with over 2800 referrals, total earnings don’t exceed $601,3…)
Likesrock earnings

Likesrock earnings
  • earnings range from €0.001 to €0.01 … which is very much like PTC sites (time consuming if you ask me!)
  • according to them, you must have at least €0.1 on your balance to display your tasks to users. But although my balance IS $0,1, I can’t create a new task… I need to credit my account with at least $1. 
  • withdrawal fees are just laughable20%!! not only do you barely earn fractions of a cent but they will take 20% from your hard earned money… This looks even WORSE than PTC sites lol



Likesrock looked good on the surface... they did make a really good website, with a cool design and enticing promotional sales pitch... but in the end Likesrock is definitely not my cup of tea and I have no intention of wasting my time using their services. 

Likesrock is still a very recent website and I haven’t used it long enough to affirm that it’s a scam (in the legal sense) but… when it comes to earning potential, withdrawing fees and the compulsory initial deposit so you can earn “likes” and (little) cash… thank you but no thanks! =)

If I want to earn $0.001 I’ll use PTC sites, at least they’re free to use ! And if I want to get more likes on facebook or any other social network, I will use the good old-fashioned way … post interesting content and let time do the job for me ! =)

If you would like to give LikesRock a shot anyway click here! If you are more interested in my #1 recommendation click here!  


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That’s it folks, thanks for dropping by! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any question or would like to share your own experience with LikesRock ; I will be more than happy to connect! 




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