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What is Grand Bux?



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Name : Granbux

Site : www.grandbux.net

Type : Paid To Click Site

Created in : 2013-4

Owners : Grandteam, LLC

Cost : FREE to join ; $69/year Silver ; $79/year Golden ; $129 for 3 months Ultimate ; $349/year Ultimate +…

Payment : paypal (payout $5)

Similar to : clixsense or cashcrate

Overall rating : 50/100 not worth the time

What Is Grandbux?

Well Grandbux is one of the most famous PTC sites out there.  Pay-to-click websites provide their users with daily posted ads from their partner companies, and promise to pay their members simply for watching these ads, and potentially answering a few simple questions.

How does it work? Basically Grandbux is an online advertising platform where advertisers can reach thousands of potential clients and “skyrocket” their sales and traffic while Grandbux members earn cash for each advertisement they view on the site along with other income options (see below)

Anyone who passed age 18 can join Grandbux. 

You can earn cash with the following : 

  • viewing advertisements 

The main way to earn at Grandbux is by viewing ads. You’ll see a long list of ads they’ll pay you to click on. Click on an ad and wait for a few seconds, after you’ll be notified that you’ve completed the ad.

Grandbux Ads

Grandbux Ads
  • playing the Grand Grid

The next way to earn is through Grand Clix, everyone has 5 chances a day with a free account. Click on any space in the picture. A new tab will open, view the advertisment, and find out if you won.

You can win up to $1. But most winners are winning $.01 or less.

Grandbux Grand Grid

Grandbux Grand Grid
  • taking micro jobs

This section is basically “offers” that you’ll find on sites like clixsense. These offers pay more then clicking on ads, but require you to sign up for sites, free credit card trials, and sometimes you’ll have to make a purchase.

If you want to get paid to complete Micro Jobs or “offers” I don’t recommend using Grandbux to do so, use one of the sites on this list.

Grandbux Jobs

Grandbux Jobs
  • earning points with the daily point contest

The last way to earn is through the Daily Point contests. Every time you make money on Grandbux you’ll earn points to go towards this contest.

To win you’ll need to be in the top 100 point earners for the day. If you do win you’ll have the option of a few prizes including $250 in cas

Grandbux daily contest

Grandbux daily contest


How Much Does It Cost?

  • you can sign up for FREE
  • they also offer various paying memberships (see below image)
Grandbux Memberships

Grandbux Memberships


What I Liked

  •  it’s FREE to join =)
  • you can withdraw through paypal
  • they have an affiliate program (you can have direct referrals, rent ferrals or buy referrals)
  • they offer more than just ads to click
  • they have an active forum with payment proofs and success stories
  • they offer low prices to advertise your own business (although due to the recent complaints I don’t recommend investing in those)
Grandbux Packs

Grandbux Packs


What I did NOT Like

  • it’s time consuming and not exactly something that’ll turn you into a millionaire lol
  • their website colors, I find them a bit gloomy… not that it matters much and I’m probably thinking  this because I’m a girl lol… but still… I like spending time on a website that I find pleasant to look at 
  • I also came across several complaints lately and read here and there that the website was in debt
  • They have recently been requesting copies of personal documents : “Image of Photo ID / Student ID / Driver License” …  My only advice would be not to invest in their pack and only use their website as a free member.

Grandbux is good if you’re looking to make some extra cash… but if you’re hoping to build a real online business, I suggest learning about affiliate marketing and building your own website


Grandbux has been out there since 2013 and remains one of the most respected PTC sites. They have over 100 000 members and they pay each and every time. So  basically you are taking no risk joining them for free… it’s just that you’re not going to get rich either =), unless of course you make thousands of active referrals (good luck with that!)

If you don’t expect too much from Grandbux you’ll be happy with it. It’s a legitimate and easy way to earn extra cash. However if you dream big and want to build a custom made job, I’d pass if I were you =) and go straight with affiliate marketing. 


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