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What is Fort Ad Pays About?



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Name : Fort Ad Pays Capture d’écran 2016-06-22 à 14.28.50

Site : https://www.fortadpays.com

Type : advertising platform, ptc site, ponzi

Price : FREE to join ; ad packs range from $1 to $300

Owner(s) : Pedro Fort Berbel

Created in : 2014

Payment methods : Payza, 2pay4you, AdvanceCash and 2clickpay for depositing and withdrawing

Minimum withdrawal : $10

Maximum withdrawal : $100 every 24 hours

Overall rating :  0/100 it’s a ponzi


What is Fort Ad Pays? 

What is FortAdPays?

What is FortAdPays?

Fort Ad Pays is an online advertising platform where their members can promote their referral links for other businesses, products or services. 

They also offer a shared commission by purchasing packs of shared commission.

Members receive credits to promote their business for each pack of shared commission they acquire. They can also use credits to promote their business or referral links. 

FortAdPays is very similar to EasyProfitClub, which is just another ponzi scheme, a scam that pays its highest members with the money injected into the program by the newest recruits.


How Much Does it Cost?

Joining is FREE but the Ad Pack starts at $1 and go up to $300

FordAdPays Banner Ads

FordAdPays Banner Ads

You don’t have to buy ad packs if you don’t want to but the earning potential as a free member is close to zero (and time consuming!). 


How Do You Earn Money?

  • If you don’t purchase ad packs you will still be able to earn money through AdFortPays paid-to-click program (paid around $0.01 for each ad you click). The only thing required of you in order to earn is that you click 4 ads a day.
FortAdPays paid to click ads

FortAdPays paid to click ads
  • You also earn commissions from your referrals (the people who sign up through your affiliate link)
FortAdPays Referral Program

FortAdPays Referral Program
  • You can earn up to 21% in 10 levels of all purchases and repurchases of your team. 
  • You will also earn money from ad packs (which cost $1). By the time your ad pack matures, you will have earned $2.20 (caution : it is impossible to determine how long fortadpays will last and experience has proven that such business eventually collapse)

FortAdPays Ad Pack

FortAdPays Ad Pack


What I Liked

Not So Sure lol

Not So Sure lol

Nothing much honestly. I don’t trust this kind of “business”. I’ve tried them and I’ve been disappointed. With FortAdPays you do NOT own a business. You will spend your time clicking ads only to earn a fraction of a cent. You will promote your website/business/affiliate links relentlessly for a very low return on your investment… It is not worth the time nor the money, if you ask me. 

  • the website is available in most languages (the translation is very poor though)


What I did NOT Like

  • “We share the revenue from your purchase with all members, so we
    cannot afford to offer refunds”.
  • they don’t have a real product and I have learned that earning
    Fort Ad Pays Cons

    Fort Ad Pays Cons

    money online without a product if often a synonym of scam. 

  • their website is not easy to navigate : I had no idea where to click to start earning. It’s a complete mess ! 
  • the earning potential as a free member is ridiculous. You will earn more money as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate or even at EasyHits4U
  • you shouldn’t pay to get traffic to your website or to promote your affiliate links. If you want traffic, work on your SEO
  • there isn’t a live chat or a real forum, to meet members and ask for help
  • their “get started” guide pdf is only in Spanish… It’s ok because I can speak Spanish, but what about people who can’t? -_-
  • they don’t accept paypal and I don’t trust companies that don’t accept paypal lol




Fort Ad Pays has no retail products or services, with affiliates only able to market Fort Ad Pays affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, Fort Ad Pays affiliates are then able to invest in $1 to $300 “ad credit-packs”.

In addition to these ad credit-packs you can earn a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Fort Ad Pays website itself.

FortAdPays reminds me of Profits25, an “advertising platform” which shared its revenue with its members and turned out to be a ponzi (a pyramid scheme). The people who join the program are only here to pay those who entered it before them.

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, I recommend EasyHits4U ;  is free and much easier to use. I get a lot of traffic from it and it converts (at a very low rate though). But it’s FREE.

And if you’re looking to build a lasting business, you can check out what has worked out for me !


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That’s it folks! Thanks for dropping by and leave me a message below if you have any questions! 

Cheers =)




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