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What is Fiddy Share about?



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Name : Fiddy Share

Site : http://www.fiddyshare.com

Type : ponzi 

Owner(s) : Frederick Spears

Created in : 2015

Price : Free to join but then you must purchase their marketing tools ($50)

Overal rating : 0/100 don’t bother I’m sure it’s a SCAM

Other alternative  : Anything will be better than this! lol but I’ll always recommend Wealthy Affiliate 

How Much Does It Cost?

Fiddyshare is one of these programs that looks free but really, it isn’t lol.

Sure, it’s FREE to join : all you need to create an account is to pick a username and give them your paypal email address (this step made me feel quite uncomfortable by the way!). But then, when you log in, they will immediately jump down your throat and tell you to purchase the “marketing tools” in order to activate your Fiddyshare promotional link... Can you hear the scam alert? 

Fiddyshare marketing tools

Fiddyshare marketing tools


What is Fiddyshare & How Does it Work?

This is what they say :  “The FiddyShare.com website is the simplest social media money making experience ever created, even if you are 100% Computer Illiterate you can easily thrive with us.” Right. That sounds cool but it doesn’t tell me how you can earn money with it, does it? Always be cautious when you don’t really understand what a program is about, what it sells and how it’s going to help you earn money. 

Simply put, with Fiddyshare you are going to earn money by “simply sharing” their website on Facebook groups. Fiddyshare guarantees to pay you an unlimited amount of $50 payments for each unique click on your link. 

They also claim that : “By joining the FiddyShare™ Social Media Marketing Team you will of course receive your own personal ‘FiddyShare Promo Link‘, but whats different about our system is that there is NO selling, NO downlines, NO referrals, NO commissions, NO investing. FiddyShare Social Media marketers dont care about any of that stuff, they ONLY care about unique clicks on their links.”

Share it once and receive up to one $50 dollar direct payment
Share it five times and receive up to five $50 dollar payments. (earn $250)
Share it fifty times and receive up to fifty $50 dollar payments. (earn $2500)
Share it five hundred times and so on… 

It all looks very easy and cool but they are lying when they are saying there is no investing. Joining is free but you need to purchase their marketing tools to have access to your promotional link. 



Check out their facebook page... lots of people waiting for their payments

Check out their facebook page… lots of people waiting for their payments

What I Liked

Nothing. I hope they don’t rob me now that I’ve given them my paypal address lol. 


What I Did NOT Like

  • The website looks a little bit cheap but hey it doesn’t necessarily means it’s a scam, right? and a beautiful looking website doesn’t either always equal a good company ^^
  • I wanted to know more about the membership and when I clicked the “click here to inquire” button I was directly taken to my paypal account and asked to process a $10 payment (for what exactly? no idea! To whom? > iwbrfinancial@gmail.com). Weird, isn’t it? 
  • I clicked on the “leadlist” page at the top but it opened a page where they encourage me to purchase their “marketing tools”.
The Fiddyshare Marketing Tools

The Fiddyshare Marketing Tools
  • Want to hear something funny? When you click on the “success” page next to “leadlist” it opens the same page as well. So I tried all the others pages, my heart racing at the thought that I’d already given them my paypal email address lol… Clicked the “members” page and ended up on the same page inviting me to buy their marketing tools. Let’s take a look at the other pages, shall we?… Allelujah ! the “contact” page does take me to a contact form. I am tempted to write the guy on the video and let him know how I feel so far about his program, but I want to check the other pages. ^^
  • the fact that I couldn’t find any positive and honest review of the program (probably because it’s too recent… or maybe because this program is just a piece of shit)… I saw more “scam alerts” and complaints than “great product” reviews… 
  • the “top earners” page looks like a long list of fake names. There’s absolutely no way for you to verify these figures or the authenticity of the names displayed… no forum, nothing, no live chat. You are basically forced to believe this is true. =)

Capture d’écran 2016-03-03 à 15.52.17

  • the message I received as I clicked the “create an account” button -_-
Fiddyshare sign up

Fiddyshare sign up
  • the email confirmation really looked bad... and that’s when I started to worry about giving them my paypal address right away

Fiddyshare scam

Fiddyshare scam



Well, I know a scam when I see one. =) Especially a nasty one like Fiddyshare lol. Nothing about it makes me feel safe or enthusiastic. The program is supposed to be free but you can’t use your promotional link unless you spend $50 on a product you have never heard of and can’t find a description of anywhere on their website. Why would you purchase something without knowing if it’s good quality or not…? To earn money? Hmmmmm Fiddyshare screamed “scam alert” the moment I read the words “simply share and I’ll give you $50”. Please people, there’s no such thing as getting rich quickly and easily. 

Do not waste your time with Fiddyshare. You will lose money and annoy people on facebook groups. 


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Well that’s it folks! I hope you’ll avoid scams in the future ! If you would like to learn to build a real business – the right way, the way that works – let me know! Feel free to contact me at sarah@successfulbusinessonline.org or leave a message below. I will be more than happy to connect!  =)



Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online



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Bhupinder singh

Dear Mam
This site is not free for India. And 47$ is a big amount . Do you advise some other website?

Bhupinder singh

I will be really grateful, to you if you help me out this way. I am badly in need of this .Kindly help me.Thanks

Bhupinder singh

And I promise when I am able to earn more than $200 in a month I will become paid member.