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What is Empowr



Comprehensive Review

Name : Empowr Capture d’écran 2016-04-08 à 18.14.18

Site : www.empowr.com

Type : social networking, e-commerce, marketing

Owner : no idea 

Created in : 2007

Price : FREE to join

Overal rating : 30/100 scam


What is Empowr?

Empowr claims to be a partnership between academia and tech entrepreneurs that’s attempting to deliver a democratized social media experience where the company is governed by its citizens. Lol. Whatever that means.

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How Does It Work?

Like I said above, Empowr introduces itself as the “world’s first democratic social economy”. Are  you like me, wondering what on earth they mean? lol. Hopefully by the end of this review you will have an answer to all your questions! 

On their website, Empowr is described as “an incredibly rich and complex economy that includes various novel and interconnected products, roles and ways for you to earn, paid subscriptions, services and dynamic features, all designed to change your life for the better“. It sounds amazing on paper but one thing I’ve learned from experience is to always be cautious with a product that sounds too good to be true. 

Now let’s give Empowr the benefit of the doubt, shall we? =)

The “empowr social economy”… Hmmmmm such strong words…  In one of their videos, they keep using the word democracy and freedom… They mention tools and products and even science.. They refer to users sharing their photos, videos and thoughts… but it’s all very blurry to me as to where the money comes from! 


What they claim 

  • you will get $1000 to get started (in ad credits)
  • they have developed hundreds of technologies 
  • you are in control of the company
  • you can earn money for simply sharing photos, videos or status update on their platform
  • they offer you $20 per signup (see below screenshot)

Capture d’écran 2016-04-08 à 17.39.12


Earning Process 

  • first you want to create a new account (you can use your facebook account to do so, it only takes a few seconds)
  • then I suggest you watch the introduction videos, although they weren’t really helpful and I still had no idea what Empowr was about after I watched the first two videos lol
  • you will have to optimize your account for earnings (follow the video)
  • then, to earn money, they say you have to stay “green” daily “in the three easy steps located at the top of your homepage” 
  • here is the revenue they claim you can expect 
Empowr revenue

Empowr revenue
  • in video #3 you learn how to earn by posting (photos, videos, status updates). According to them, every time someone views your post, your earn. Sounds too good to be true… Now how much do you earn exactly?


What I liked

  • you can join quickly through your facebook account
  • you can get paid through paypal or receive checks to your mailbox
  • there are several video tutorials to learn more about the platform and how to use it, which is good because I felt completely lost when I created my account. I had NO idea what I was supposed to do lol
  • within seconds I got several “fans” on the platform =D my ego feels better 😉 jk. The community looks friendly at least! I got nice welcome messages as well 
  • they have an app for both android and apple devices  (although some people complained about the apps not working properly…)


What I did NOT like

  • giving them my paypal address right away and being charged (although, all right it’s only $0,01…)
  • I had no idea what I was doing after entering my payment methods details… they asked me to click on post and then congratulated me for posting my first photo (what photo?) and then they asked me to check how much I’d earned… (where? everything I’ve been doing was through facebook, not on a Empowr account grrrrr… I’m off to a wrong start with this empowr thing lol)



  • I was asked to go to Barry Hunt’s page. Who’s Barry Hunts? Let’s google it…  ” In the first case, we examine Barry Hunt, a successful con artist who left a coast-to-coast trail of deception, deceit and empty bank accounts. This is a profile of ..” uh oh… I don’t like the sound of this.. con artist, huh?
  • their dashboard is confusing… it looks a lot like facebook… I didn’t know where I was exactly.
  • I watched the very first introduction video called “meet Joe” and still have no idea what Empowr is about. O.O I must be really retarded lol. I’ll watch the other videos and let you know!
  • the second video “a different approach” made me feel even more confused… 
  • two many things on their platform… you have no idea where to click, what to start with… it’s a bit overwhelming
  • I tried to post something, so as to earn my first cash but it took forever and didn’t work in the end… -_- Tried again but took forever… the post kept loading and loading but never got published grrr. Tried a third time but couldn’t even click the “post” button…. maybe they don’t accept pdf format? which is the format I tried to use to post an image. Ok I’ll change the format to jpg then… nope not working. I’ll try again later maybe there’s a temporary glitch on the platform or maybe I’m not allowed to share a link from my website? 
  • “Empowr may award you virtual currency in the form of earnings (“Earnings”) in connection with your use of the Services. Your investment of content, earnings, time, payments, including the purchase of Advertisements on the Empowr Network and relationships, may never materialize or result in any direct or implied benefit or asset for you” (read their privacy policy)
  • they don’t provide you with an affiliate link or promotional tools like banners or anything…

    Users Reviews

    I had a really hard time finding people who were happy with the program and even a harder time finding people who were actually able to withdraw their earnings. 

    Here is below a screenshot of customers reviews for their app on the Apple store.

    Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.47.34



    To be honest with you, I’m not very excited with Empowr. The platform looks good on the surface but the mere fact that I wasn’t even able to post anything (repeatedly) turned me down lol. 

    Also, I don’t believe in “incredible ways to earn money”. I believe in hard work and in long time commitment. 

    If I want to earn fractions of a cent, I will use PTC sites. If I want to earn money on social networks I will invest in a Facebook ad campaign and let it generate traffic to my website and conversions. 

    Plus there are way too many complaints for me to feel safe using their program. And I don’t know if it’s just bad luck but I caught my first virus (on a mac) while using their website lol… 

    I might use their program some more, see if there is more to it, but as for now I’m not a big fan. At all.


    My #1 Recommendation

    I have tried tons of programs out there and most of them were either total scams or simply not worth the time. Very few actually enabled me to earn money. There are a few things that I would recommend, depending on your personality and on how much time you can devote to an online business, but I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate over anything else. 

    They are the reason I can work from home everyday and they are offering the best training, community and tools to people who are willing to build a sound online business. 

    You can join for free here and meet me there! I will be more than happy to help you get started! 



    Earn Money Online

    Earn Money Online



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