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What is Easy Profit Club?



Comprehensive Review

Is EasyProfitClub a Scam?

Is EasyProfitClub a Scam?

Name : Easy Profit Club

Site : www.easyprofitclub.com

Type : PTC site & Revenue Sharing “club” ; advertising platform

Owner(s) : no idea, couldn’t find it

Created in : 2015

Price : Free to join, $6-14$/month

Overall rating : 10/100, a waste of time (and money)

Who is Behind EasyProfitClub?

I couldn’t find the name of the owner but I found this : 


What do They Claim?

EasyProfitClub is the kind of program that makes you want to join instantly. They make it sound so good that it clouds your judgement.

Now, there’s one thing I know with online business : nothing about earning money online is quick and easy. It takes time and hard work. 

I’m not saying you can’t earn money with PTC sites for example. You absolutely can and will… But, you won’t make much more than pocket money lol. Anyway, without further ado here’s what EasyProfitClub claims to offer its members :

  • PTC site

    PTC site

    Promote them and earn up to 12% from referrals

  • Revenue share up to 5% daily
  • Drive thousands of people to your website daily
  • Daily surf prizes
  • Earn on referral purchases
  • Click and earn on our offer walls
  • Multiple Referral Tools
  • Payments via Payza, BTC and PerfectMoney.
  • Low withdrawal threshold of $3.00.
  • You can surf unlimited ads (they forget to mention this is time consuming)
  • Advertise Your Business

    Advertise Your Business

    Refer unlimited referrals as a premium member

  • Upgrade opportunities as low as $5/mo
  • You can build a residual income (so they say)
  • You get fast & professional Support
  • Advertise your business, referral link, affiliate link or any other website that you own.
  • You earn cashback on ALL advertising services giving a FREE advertising (hmmm sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?)
  • Instant Payments
  • TE, Banner and Featured ad options
  • Login Ads, Login Urls PPC Banner ad options
  • Earn from referred sales


How will you Earn Money?

There are three ways for you to earn money at EasyProfitClub : 

  1. promote EasyProfitClub using your affiliate link and earn from your referrals purchases : this means you have to recruit a lot of people to earn a residual income. Your referrals have to be active and to purchase ad packs for you to earn anything. 
  2. Earn Cash Online

    Earn Cash Online

    click on ad banners : you will be compensated a fraction of a cent for each viewed ad (free members are paid from $0.005 up to $0.01 for each ad they view).

  3. revenue sharing :  In order to be eligible to their revenue sharing, you will have to purchase an adpack. Each adpack will earn up to 5% of its value every day for an unknown period of time. 

    Note : they clearly state on their website that they daily returns can be from up to 5% all the way to 0%. So there is a possibility that you don’t earn anything every now and then. Why? Because if nobody buys any ad pack… no money can be shared among the members. 

In addition to this you are allowed to promote your own business (website, links, etc). Again there is no guarantee that your promotion will lead to sales or conversions. 


How Much will it Cost You?

Easy Profit Club Ad Packs

Easy Profit Club Ad Packs

You can join for free but to enjoy the program and start earning you will have to invest in ad packs.

Price starts at $1.25 for 1000 banner impressions. 

They offer other types of ad packs : 

  • Login ads (starts at $6)
  • Featured text ads (starts at $5)
  • Featured login ads (starts at $14)
  • PPC banner ad (starts at $1.5)
  • Traffic exchange ads (starts at $3.5)
  • Directory listing ad (starts at $10)


What I Liked (kinda lol)

  • they accept perfectmoney
  • withdrawal threshold is only $3
Easy Profit Club Review

Easy Profit Club Review


What I did NOT Like

  • I don’t like paying to get traffic.
Easy Profit Club Review

Easy Profit Club Review

The reason is simple : good traffic is organic traffic. If you have to pay to get traffic, you will get very poor conversion. Why? Because you’ll get traffic from people who are not interested in your business. You’ll get traffic from people who are themselves doing exactly the same thing as you : struggling to promote their own business. If you want traffic, work hard. If you want visitors on your website, work on your SEO. If you want to sell stuff, get a good product. If you want to invest and get a ROI, go for PPC (pay  per click) with google or yahoo/bing. But to me, traffic exchange is a total waste of time and money. 

  • they don’t accept paypal
  • you have to recruit (make referrals) to earn money
  • surfing ads is time-consuming and doesn’t pay well at all

Well I am honestly not a fan of PTC sites, let alone revenue sharing platforms. I’ve had a very bad experience with the latter, which 99% of the time are just ponzi schemes, paying the people who are at the top of the pyramid with the money injected into the program by the newest members. Sooner or later, members start to realize they are not going to earn any money and they stop recruiting and leave the program. And eventually there isn’t enough money to pay people, except that by the time the ponzi collapses, the members at the top have earned tens of thousands, sometimes millions. 

  • you can’t use their website if you have your adblock on -_- (which is the case for most – if not all – PTC sites)
  • complaints (mostly of people not getting paid)
  • their forum doesn’t even work. And sometimes their website actually won’t load at all. (like today 21.06.16)




EasyProfitClub is nothing more than an advertising platform where people come and hope they will advertise their website and at the same time make money. But the truth is that getting people to visit your website is neither quick nor easy and I personally think you shouldn’t pay for traffic.

  • If are a website owner and you want more traffic, work on your SEO, spend time on your content and find quality keywords.
  • If you are doing MLM, well.. good luck with that lol and don’t expect EasyProfitClub (or alike) to help you build your salesteam and increase your sales. You will have to massively recruit and be a good leader to achieve success with MLM. 
  • If you are an affiliate marketer and you want to promote your banners, use a website (your own) and not an advertising platform like EasyProfitClub. You’ll waste time and money if you start buying ad packs on EasyProfitClub. Plus, like I said there is no guarantee EasyProfitClub will last long. Their whole “revenue sharing” tells me that I should run away and find a more legitimate business. 

If you are a stubborn one lol, and you still want to try traffic exchange I recommend a free website called EasyHits4U. EasyHits4U will allow you to : 

  • Promote your own sites and referral links from other programs you use
  • Promote your banners and text ads to other members
  • Add your links to their reciprocal Links Directory
  • Submit your articles to their Articles section
Easy Hits 4 U

Easy Hits 4 U

It’s not going to turn you into a millionaire but hey, at least it’s free to use! =) 


Want to Build a Real Business?

I know you landed here because you are curious about making money online and perhaps even trying to.  You might have gotten scammed a few times and are starting to wonder if earning a full-time income from home is even possible...? Well, I’ve been there so let me reassure you : yes it is possible. Not easy, nor quick but absolutely possible =) 

Forget get-rich-quick schemes. Forget advertising platforms, PTC sites, pyramids and alluring ponzi… If you are serious about building your own business, the only thing that works is called affiliate marketing. It is a very simple and legitimate business model and it will require you three things : 
1) pick a subject that interests you
2) build a website
3) add content and start earning
What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is what I do everyday on my website(s) and what online business owners do everyday. In fact it is the #1 way to make money online. 

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and own a real business that will generate a full time income for the years to come, I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate university ! They taught me everything I know and they allowed me to build this website and be my own boss ! 



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That’s it folks! I hope you found this article useful and I wish you all the best in your journey to financial freedom! Do leave a message if you have a question ! I will be more than happy to connect

Cheers =)



Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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