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What is Clixic?




Comprehensive Review

Clixic Review

Clixic Review

Name : Clixic 

Website : www.clixic.com

Type : PTC site  : ads, tasks, offers, rewards

Price : FREE to join

Owner : couldn’t find it

Created in : 2015

Support : good

Languages : English, French, Portugese, Arabic.

Similar to : Clixsense, Cashcrate

Overal rating : 50/100 legit but a waste of time

Payout : Paypal, Payza, OKPay

What is Clixic?

Clixic is another PTC site, or Paid-To-Clic site. What it does is it sells ads per click and signup credits to advertisers. Their members get paid to view those advertisements and complete those signups.

How Does Clixic Work?

To advertise or get signups, the advertiser needs to add funds to his/her purchase balance, and then purchase the desired package. The advertisements and signup offers then become available to our members who can then view and complete them.

Advertise On Clixic

Advertise On Clixic


How Do You Earn Money?

There are several ways for you to earn money with Clixic.

  • First is by viewing advertisements that are in their system. You earn commissions for every ad you see. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02. To earn the credit you must click the downside picture
  • Other ways you can earn from Clixic is through promoting others to your website with their affiliate program. You earn downline click commissions from your referrals, and if you are a Premium member, you earn upgrade commissions and commissions from your referrals’s purchases. The amount you make all depends on your account status (Standard or Premium)
  • You can also earn additional commissions by completing PTSU (Paid to Sign Up) tasks, or winning in ClixicGrid, Crack the Vault and Head and Tail games

Clixic Earning Process

Clixic Earning Process


How Much Does It Cost?

It’s FREE to join. 

They of course offer a paying alternative, actually two : 1) Premium ($30/monthly) and 2) Premium Plus ($365/yearly). Going premium will increase your click value but also allow you to have more direct referrals or to rent a larger number of referrals. It will give you a 10% commission on ad purchase (Premium Plus only) and more advantages (see screenshot below)

Clixic Price

Clixic Price



  • Electronic cashouts (PayPal*, Payza*, Okpay and Skrill) are processed instantly upon request
  • Your earnings will be sent to you by your method of choice. All funds are in US $$
  • You must view a total of 100 ads before you can make your first withdrawal
  • Minimum balance to withdraw is $2 for Standard members for the first withdraw and an additional $1 for each one after that until it reaches $10, for PayPal, Payza Okpay and Skrill only (*PayPal and Payza is available for limited countries)

Clixic Payouts

Clixic Payouts


What I Liked

  • quick and easy sign up process. You can use your facebook or gmail to create a new account. You will then receive an activation ID on your email account that’s it, you’re good to go! 
  • easy to navigate and intuitive interface
  • nice and cheerful website design, it doesn’t look cheap or scream “scam alert! =)
  • the Support area
  • you can promote your website with competitive prices
  • they have a forum


What I did NOT Like

  • very few marketing tools (only 6 banners and not the most elaborate ones!). One of them appeared to be broken. Perhaps a temporary glitch
  • like all PTC sites I find it time consuming
  • low income potential
  • only 8 ads to click per day … so basically the money is all in the referrals !




Clixic doesn’t seem like a scam to me, it’s just another PTC site and in my opinion, not worth your time or energy. You are going to spend hours clicking ads and earning close to nothing. Unless you make hundreds of active referrals of course… !

You are going to spend money to advertise your website and in return get poor traffic because the people viewing your website are only doing it to get paid for each click they make… They don’t really give a crap about your website ^^

If you want good traffic, focus on  your content and use high traffic and low competition keywords. I highly recommend using jaaxy when it comes to keywords. It is by far the best keyword research tool out there and it will help you get ranked easily.

Also, if you need help building your business and you are looking for a place with websites, tutorials, one-to-one mentoring, support, cutting tools etc etc I suggest you check out this online platform I joined one year ago. They’re the reason I am working from home now! 




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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