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What Is Chris Farrell Membership About?


Comprehensive Review

Chris Farrel Membership

Chris Farrel Membership

Name : Chris Farrell Membership 

Website : www.chrisfarrellmembership.com

Type : training platform to build an online business ; websites ; internet marketing

Owner : Chris Farrell

Price : $4.95 for the first 7 days ; $37 per month afterwards ; $997 Mentor Me

Who Is It For? : beginners

Overall rating : 7/10



Who’s Chris Farrell?

Most of the time, when I review a program and I do extensive research on its creator and I end digging up lots of complaints or a dubious background … but it’s been a pleasure to finally come across someone whose reputation is excellent! =)

Chris Farrell is a highly reputable, respected and successful entrepreneur in the internet marketing industry. He has been voted as the number one coaching program by IMReport Card in 2011 and 2012. As I watched his videos and interviews out there I thought he was a kind, simple and accessible English guy ! He looks like the guy next door, someone you could easily be friends with =).

Chris Farrell is known for starting his online business in 2008 without any experience and has made over $1 million in sales ever since… His learning techniques have earned him a huge audience and I thought he was worth writing about !  


What’s the Program About?

Chris Farrell program is a comprehensive and realistic 21 day training program that breaks down many of the steps that you need to start making money at home.  Once you have signed up to the program you will get access to twenty one days of daily video training modules. It is one of the most reliable program as compared to other Internet Marketing products onlineHis video tutorials are supplemented with tasks to do and manuals to follow as well.  

The program will teach you how to build your own website, drive traffic and generate an income. Some of the modules include :

  • Creating a website from scratch
  • Basics of Article Marketing
  • WordPress Wealth
  • Killer copywriting
  • Monetizing
  • Creating your own products
  • Creating your own eBook
  • Setting up an email marketing campaign
  • Creating videos and uploading it to Youtube
  • Creating a webhosting or an FTP account (This is confusing I know)
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Basics of Social Bookmarking
  • Basics of Social Media
  • and much more… 


How Much Does It Cost?

  • The initial trial membership will cost you $4,95 for 7 days, and then you will be billed $37 per month to remain a member.  There are also fees associated with domains purchasing (which you will need whether you decide to go with Chris Farrell or any other online training program. A domain will cost you around $10 per year). If you would like to get a free domain to begin with click here (this is a really cool tool called Siterubix). 
  • The Mentor Me program costs $997 but you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to ;). If you would like to get a one-to-one mentorship at a lower price you might consider joining Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 recommendation) and going premium (yearly, it’ll cost you under $400).

    Who Is It For?

    With its step-by-step and easy to follow program, The Chris Farrell Membership program is one of the best program for beginners. However, building an online business is not as simplistic as some will say, especially for people who are not experienced with technology.  The Chris Farrell membership will teach you how to build a website, which is an absolute necessity these days and the membership definitely covers all the basic knowledge.

    Overall this membership is intended primarily for a beginner marketer. If you already have knowledge and simply need to learn more advanced stuff and get expert help, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. You will also be able to build websites on WA but you’ll have access to a whole community, live chat, weekly webinars, an affiliate program and a more advanced training program (along with all the basic stuff). 

    But again basically the Chris Farrell membership is mostly for people who :

    • like to learn through video tutorials
    • want to build a website 
    • are interested in traffic techniques 
    • are beginners and struggling to earn money online




    Pros & Cons


    • Low cost to get started with the program ($1 for the first 7 days and then $37 per month)
    • The step-by-step tutorials allow you to build websites with no prerequisite experience or knowledge
    • All the information is broken down into daily video lessons and supplemented with blueprints and manuals
    • Support is pretty good
    • The program and creator have a good reputation
    • Excellent for beginners



    • The amount of time that must be invested in the program is not clearly explained. It won’t be as easy as it sounds, you will need to give it time and efforts
    • There are a number of extras that are not included in the monthly fee which are also not explained up front
    • You can’t try the program for free
    • There isn’t a real community and support for the members and the creator. You feel a lot like you’re on your own
    • Lack of advanced internet marketing materials. As I have mentioned earlier, this program lacks the advanced Internet Marketing materials as you progress to be a seasoned Internet marketer
    • It is a program that covers only the basics. If you join as a beginner, you will hit a ceiling in terms of your Internet Marketing education. You will not get a further education once you have become a seasoned Internet Marketer
    • Outdated Content
      As the training videos were created some time ago, some of the materials were outdated
    • Chris Farrell have made an effort to update the training materials as much as he can but he can’t catch up to those updates in the Internet Marketing industry
    • Poorly organized and unappealing forum

      Chris Farrell forum

      Chris Farrell forum


    My Final Verdict

    Overall the Chris Farrell program is excellent, especially if you are a beginner and do not know where to start. It’s got a good reputation and its content is perfectly acceptable. You will learn to build websites and to generate income through step-by-step lessons and daily tasks. 

    So yeah, if you’re afraid to get scammed with the Chris Farrell program, don’t be. It’s not a scam, on the contrary it’s totally legitimate. It’s not one of those get-rich-quick scheme and it’ll require time and efforts for you to succeed, but the program is totally safe for you to use. 

    Once again, I truly believe the Chris Farrell Membership is an awesome program for beginners who want to start a career as an internet marketer. Beginners will love its great basic knowledge and will be able to feel more confident as they go through the step-by-step lesson. But once they’ve completed the training they might feel like there’s more to learn and they are stuck. Chris Farrell membership main downside is that it lacks advanced internet marketing training and a truly helpful community. 

    While I would recommend beginners to join Chris Farrell Membership, I would not recommend seasoned internet marketers to join. Instead I would recommend them to join Wealthy Affiliate (read full review here), which in essence is the same, except for a few additional awesome features and advanced training. 

    That’s it folks! I hope you have a better understanding of what the Chris Farrell membership has to offer. Feel free to share your thoughts with me by dropping a comment below ; I will be more than happy to connect!



    Earn Money Online

    Earn Money Online


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