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What is BoomDirect About ?

About a year ago a friend of mine told me “you gotta join BoomDirect, it’s brand new and it’s going to make us so rich, so quickly!!!”. He sounded very enthusiastic but this friend had also signed me up to Profits25, which turned out to be a nasty ponzi, paying old members (at the top of the pyramid) with the money injected into the program by the newest members. So I was a bit cautious and did not join immediately. 

Instead I started this website, so I could warn people about scams or recommend good opportunities. 

A year later I finally joined BoomDirect, so I could write this honest review ! =)

Comprehensive Review 

Name : Boom Direct 

Website : www.boomdirect.net

Type : Social trading, MLM, revshare (too many things if you ask me! lol)

Owner : Johnny Martin

Price : 

Created in : 2014

Payment methods : Neteller, Skrill, Virement, Carte Bancaire, PaySafeCard, Maestro, Cashu

Maximum Payout : Minimum payout : 

Overall rating : 10/100 scam


What’s BoomDirect? 

BoomDirect is an online advertising network. You should know that most “online advertising networks” are scams. Their main purpose is to recruit people and convince them they should invest in their “coupons” or “ad packs” (or whatever they are ‘selling’). Advertising networks don’t sell any retail product and they eventually collapse when there aren’t enough new recruits. Now you know… lol 

The concept of BoomDirect sounds simple :

  • 20% of investments are offered to BoomDirect partner companies in web advertising.
  • These partners create professional marketing campaigns, Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads.
  • In exchange, advertising partner companies share their profits with BoomDirect and redistribute. 
  • More than 80% of those profits to members in the form of virtual shares.

That is the theory of course, and there’s no guarantee the payments will last or even occur. What about trading? Isn’t BoomDirect about trading? 

This is what they say they are :

Managed Social Trading strategy and a partnership with FXGlobe and JFD Prime that we are able to redistribute more than 75% of our profits to our members.


How Does it Work?

  1.  Sign up for free and join the BoomDirect community 
  2. Choose your trading strategy
    Copy one of the low-risk investment strategies from an accredited money-management expert
  3. CopyTrading on the financial markets
    BoomDirect’s financial experts will open and win many micro-positions on the financial market. You don’t need to do anything!
  4. Earn commissions
    BoomDirect receives a 40% commission every time a member opens a position on the financial markets, which creates a high volume of profit
  5. Collect your pay
    Get paid monthly! BoomDirect redistributes more than 75% of its overall profits to its members depending on their ranking.


Where does the Money Come From? 

According to BoomDirect there are several ways for you to generate revenues and commissions :
  • By referring people to BoomDirect > recruiting (selling)You get paid over 4 generations.– Level 1 (your direct downlines) : 10%– Level 2 : 5%– Level 3 : 2%
  • By investing in $25 coupons– You buy coupons and choose to invest in several areas : Health,Travel, Social Trading, Electronics, Poker, Computers… – Each coupon has a value of $25 and gives you a $35 return (40 % profits)


What’s Social Trading? 

Over the past few years, the stock market has become more accessible to everyone.

Social trading is basically a social network of amateur and beginner investors. It enables traders to follow their peers, help each other and get advice. This practice also gives them the chance to analyze the behaviour of experienced traders by consulting their results and their histories.


BoomDirect Commissions

  • Sponsorship commissions
  • The Fast Start Bonus
  • Commissions based on your ranking
  • Profits from your investments

BoomDirect Ranks

There are a total of 10 ranks in BoomDirect’s system. The ranks range from BRONZE to LEGEND! The higher you rank, the more substantial commissions you will receive. NEW: From now on, BoomDirect’s ranks are free.

You can increase your ranking at any time. You may also decide to simply enjoy your monthly profits.

Sponsorship Plan

BoomDirect has designed a brand-new program enabling its members to share the profits and generate daily or monthly residual revenues, without requiring any shares to be purchased and without requiring any financial contributions from its members

Capture d’écran 2016-06-23 à 13.40.00

Invite your downline to join the BoomUniversity and be remunerated on 8 levels.

If 5 of your directs referrals sign up to BoomUniversity, your training will be free, for life!

Capture d’écran 2016-06-23 à 13.47.56


What I Liked

  • signing up is free 
  • their platform is easy to navigate


What I dit NOT Like

  • what they offer is confusing
  • it requires to recruit people
  • earning money with trading is not easy at all, it takes time and a looooot of knowledge and experience
  • copy trading is very risky
  • revenue sharing platforms (revshares) are 99% of the time scams and they eventually collapse
  • they claim to offer training but when you log in to your account, the boomdirect university is… ‘coming soon’ -_-
BoomDirect University

BoomDirect University
  • when you click on “promotion tools”, there’s just nothing…. no banners, no text links, no landing pages for you to promote BoomDirect 



What I really hate most about these online opportunities is when they lie about what they are offering… BoomDirect says they are a “community with the benefits of affiliate marketing”…. But they are not doing affiliate marketing at all. I’m not even sure they know what affiliate marketing is. Just because they are using affiliate links doesn’t mean they are doing affiliate marketing. What they are doing is simply MLM and recruiting people so that their organization remains sustainable. 

  • they’re not selling anything of value
  • the community doesn’t provide live chat or training or good support


BoomDirect - Netbusinessrating Review

BoomDirect – Netbusinessrating Review

Plus BoomDirect is really confusing. What are they really? A trading community or an advertising platform? When you create an account you are told about the risks of trading but if you look into the program, all you can hear about is how much money the advertising coupons and recruiting of new members will generate for you. 


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Thanks for dropping by and good luck with your online business! Do let me know if you need help with anything ; I will be more than happy to connect

Cheers =)



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