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What is Beonpush About ?

Comprehensive Review 

Name : Beon Push Capture d’écran 2016-03-31 à 18.33.50

Site : www.beonpush.com

Type : RTB (real time biding)

Owners : Ferki Demirovski

Created in : 2015

Price : $20 – $10,000 

Minimum withdrawal : $2

Withdrawal fees? : yes

Overal : 50/50 caution, it feels like a ponzi to me


What is BeonPush?

Beonpush is a registered company from United Kingdom and Dubai that
offers private members to invest into real time bidding and other high profit business processes where BOP in behalf of the Individuals leverage their exposure to financial investments and invests in a variety of assets.

Beonpush System


What is Real Time Biding?

In the most basic terms, RTB refers to the automated buying and selling of online display ad space.

Real-time bidding refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes a webpage to load. Those auctions are often facilitated by ad exchanges or supply-side platforms.

There are 4 major players in Real time bidding :

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) – The DSP enabled advertisers to gain access to multiple sources of inventory and makes the bid for them automatically, based on buying parameters the advertiser has preset.
  • Publisher- This one’s easy; the publisher supplies the inventory. In the earlier days, publishers would only supply remnant inventory to the DSP’s, but as demand began to grow from the advertisers, publishers are now supplying their most premium inventory as well!
  • Supply Side Platform (SSP) – The SSP is a tool which helps publishers manage their inventory.
  • Ad Exchange: This is the tool that actually connects the advertisers with the publishers and vice versa. It facilitates in the purchasing of inventory in real-time milliseconds before a page loads.

Sources : wikipedia, digiday

How Much Does it Cost to Join? 

Although Beonpush is free to join, it will cost you to earn from the shared revenue platform. To be eligible for commissions you will have to purchase an investment pack. The price varies from $20 up to $10,000 !

There are eight types of ad packs ranging from $20 to $10,000, each with a specific return on investment : 

Beonpush Packs

Beonpush Packs

– $20.00 investment package = 1x daily ROI multiplier
– $50.00 investment package = 1.05x daily ROI multiplier
– $100.00 investment package = 1.1x daily ROI multiplier
– $200.00 investment package = 1.15x daily ROI multiplier
– $500.00 investment package = 1.2x daily ROI multiplier
– $1000.00 investment package = 1.3x daily ROI multiplier
– $5000.00 investment package = 1.4x daily ROI multiplier
– $10,000.00 investment package = 1.5x daily ROI multiplier


How Much Can You Earn?

Affiliate Program – BeOnPush offers an affiliate program to its active members. Anyone good at referring people can avail this opportunity.

Beonpush Referral Program

Beonpush Referral Program

It uses two level referral system:

  • investments by personally recruited affiliates pay 13% (level 1) and
  • investments by affiliates recruited by level 1 affiliates (level 2) pay 2%

You will also earn binary commission from your team. You are placed at the top of the team, and there are two sides left and right. This is a bit unclear that whether it is on both sides of the binary or single side that will earn you a binary commission.

Beonpush Carreer

Beonpush Career

Affiliate Rewards – You will also get rewards based on your binary investment volume:

  • Novice = 10,000 binary investment volume = Luxury pen
  • Beginner = 30,000 binary investment volume = VIP night in club
  • Intermediate = 80,000 binary investment volume = Flight voucher
  • Experienced = 200,000 binary investment volume = Apple Pack
  • Advanced = 500,000 binary investment volume = Vertu phone + 1 year luxury concierge
  • Senior = 1,000,000 binary investment volume = Rolex watch
  • Expert = 5,000,000 binary investment volume = Luxury company car
  • God = 50,000,000 binary investment volume = Sports car, beach apartment and private jet hours


What I Liked

  • Multiple Earning Opportunities : Beonpush offers various earnings opportunities for its members. All you need to invest money in the system, and it will make all the efforts for you. If you are great at recruiting people, then you can utilize its full potential and earn more money. All the rewards and awards are mostly associated with recruiting new people.


What I did NOT Like

  • you can’t sign up unless you have a sponsor ; it really felt like a pyramid scheme to me at that point … I had to look for a sponsor (which all right, was not that hard to find, but still!)
  • Luxembourg is a known tax-haven and registration in the UK requires little more than a fee and a UK-based address on paper.
  • BeOnPush has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market BeOnPush affiliate membership itself.
  •  doesn’t accept paypal
Beonpush Payment Methods

Beonpush Payment Methods
  • the fake video lol (see below) … it really made me laugh because the reporter is actually an actor from Fiverr
  • the whole business feels like a ponzi to me, which is by essence, an unsustainable business. 



BeOnPush claims to be a registered company based in the UK, and its incorporation number is 9714406. However, no address in provided about the company head office. Just saying that head office is in Luxembourg, the UK is not enough to confirm the legitimacy of business. Companies are using rented virtual mailboxes in the UK.

What’s more it doesn’t offer a real product, which is very often (if not always) a warning that you’re dealing with a scam. 

It’s hard to say how long the company will exist but sooner or later, it’ll collapse because there are simply not enough people on Earth to sustain it lol. 


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I Hope you’ll avoid scams from now on! It is possible to earn money online but you have to be careful and not believe it’s quick and easy. If you would like to learn the right way and start earning real money, click here and get started today with a free 10 lesson course ! 

Cheers =)


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