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What is a Revshare ?


Comprehensive Review



Other names : revenue sharing, revshare programs

Free to join? : no it will cost you, depending on the program. From $1 up to $10,000

ROI : variable (10% up to 70%)

Risks : 90/100 ; not a safe business

Known Revshares : Profits25, BeonPush, TrafficMonsoon, GoBig7, BoomDirect… 

Revshares are all the rage these days… They offer a quick and easy way to make money online, with the possibility for their investors to get 10%, 25%, up to 70% of return on their investment (whether it was an ad pack, advertising coupons or other virtual “products”). 

Increase your Income

Increase your Income

Many revshares hide under different types of business though, which makes them sometimes hard to spot at first glance : they can call themselves “an advertising platform“, “a traffic exchange website“, “a PTC site“, you name it … Revshare creators will get quite creative when it comes to disguising the true identity of their business lol. But anyway… 

Before joining a revshare you should know how it operates and what the risks are. If you are prepared to take the risks, then the only person you can blame if you lose money is yourself ! =)

My advice though : don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. 



Revshare is the abbreviation for “revenue sharing“, the distribution of businessmanprofits and losses between stakeholders

Simply put, people join in a company by investing in their product(s) and by recruiting (optional) new investors. The company, as a “thank you” will distribute some of the investment to its members, with a variable gain. 


How Does it Work?

The process is pretty simple : 

  • Pyramid Scheme

    Pyramid Scheme

    a company will offer to give you 10, 20,70% of return on your investment if you join their program

  • you will have to invest in something (sometimes you can be offered free coupons by someone who’s recruiting new members) : most of the time your investment will be adpacks. These adpacks enable you to advertise your own business(es) and they will gain value over time. 
  • you will be encouraged (though not forced, most of the time) to recruit new members and you will earn a commission from each person that signs up through your affiliate link
  • because Revshares are not selling any real product, the money slippery slopecomes from the members’ investment. Basically people are putting money into the program, which serves to pay the people at the top and they will recruit new members, so they can also earn money in return… 
  • sooner or later the recruiting process will slow down and the whole system will collapse because there won’t be enough money to pay everybody. 

Revshares will vary from one to another but they all basically work the same way. 1) People join in and 2) invest in some virtual ad product, 3) they start recruiting new investors and 4) earn commissions on their recruits and over time 5) their investment gains “value” because there are new members who have injected money into the program… and finally 6) the company will pay its members (or not lol) for an unknown period of time. 


Pros & Cons


  • new-piktochart (3)if you join a revshare in its early days you will probably make good money. You will recover your money fast and won’t suffer any loses even when the site goes underwater. But how early is early?? Some revshares last just a few months before collapsing, others can last years. The fall down of a revshare is hard to predict… 



  • the “business” model is unsustainable. In the long run there won’t new-piktochart (2)be enough new recruits to pay for all the members and the whole structure will collapse, leaving many many people ripped off and for some even broke. 
  • you don’t have a real business
  • you don’t own a brand
  • you don’t sell anything of value
  • you don’t help people
  • you basically invest in something virtual, recruit people who will do the same and cash in the money (if you’re lucky to join in early enough)
  • you can lose all your investment if there aren’t enough new recruits, because the system won’t have enough revenue to pay their members… or it’s more like they will have enough to pay themselves but they won’t share it with you lol


Known Revshares

Profits25, TrafficMonSoon, GoBig7, PennyMatrix, BoomDirect, BeonPush… There are so many revshares online that I would have to dedicate an entire post to them… which I’ll probably do sometimes soon lol. 

But the above ones are some of the most famous and they’ve been out there for a while so I really really don’t recommend joining them. 

Quick Ways to Spot a Revshare

  • they make it sound easy to earn money online, but nothing about
    Be Smart

    Be Smart

    earning money online is easy, trust me. It takes time and efforts

  • they promise a (very) high return on your investment
  • they don’t sell a real product but very often an ad pack or advertising coupons
  • they clearly claim that they share their revenue with their members
  • you an earn more money by referring the program to others
  • there are many complaints of unpaid commissions


A Better Alternative? 

When it comes to building an online business you have two choices : 

  • being in for the long haul
  • going the easy (and risky) way

If you an afford to invest in something that might not pay you back or that will require you to recruit people so you can get a ROI, then revshares are most probably for you.

I can not stress enough that revshares are very risky and that unless you join them in their early days you are more likely to lose all your money. 

Of course, building any kind of business IS risky lol, but there are smart ways to make money online. Ways that don’t make you scam others, ways that allow you to actually own your business and to earn a legitimate income that will last and not collapse overnight. 

If you are serious about being your own boss, I recommend affiliate marketing, the safest and most legitimate way to earn money online.

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Thanks for dropping by ! Do leave a message if you have any experience with Revshares (good or bad lol) ; I will be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers =)


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Wonderful honest advice. I see so many of these rev share programs opening up and it saddens me to think that so many people knowingly promote these places with the understanding that some of the ones they recruit will lose their pants. These places are feeding off of traffic exchanges that are not rev sharing at all, but because of their prevalence have given real traffic exchanges a bad name.