April 30

Ways To Avoid Scams Online




“You could be making $ 1000 in the next 30 minutes!”

“Sign up for free and start earning $ 1000 a day from home doing nothing!”

“Become a millionaire right now! All you have to do is enter your email and follow the instructions”

“New incredible secret on how to become a millionaire in a week! Secret available for the next 24 hours! Sign up right now!”


Sounds familiar? =) If you have ever searched a way to make money online then you probably have come across one of these catchy and attractive sentences! Maybe you have even been scammed once … But don’t worry, if you are still willing to make money from home, trust me, it is possible! And there are simple ways to determine which opportunities are scams and which aren’t. 

Before you get into any new opportunity online, ask yourself the following questions :

Be scam smart



1) Do They Require You To Pay Money Up Front?

If they are requiring any sort of up front payment to use their services, it is almost always a scam.

Many of them will claim that it’s for the cost of training, etc. Most of that is just lies. More often than not, the scammer will take your money and run.

However some business require investment, that is if you are going to actually sell something (cosmetics for example). Up front payment does not equal scam but make sure you know what you are paying for!




2) Do They Promise That You Will Become Rich Overnight?


Let’s face it. Very, very few of us are ever going to make thousands of dollars each day. However, scammers prey on our hopes and dreams of being rich without moving a finger. They tell us that our dreams can come true, but only if we do what they tell us to do. Our emotions shove aside logic, and we want to believe what they say, even if they are shady characters.

Thus, the scammer’s greatest weapon is you. Always keep your logic handy. It is possible to become very rich, yes. But no one became riche doing nothing (even the lottery winner had to buy a ticket! =).

If you want to get rich, you need to work for it. You need a purpose, a brilliant idea, time, money to invest, a business strategy, something to sell… anything! But you will NOT become a millionaire easily.




3) What’s In It For Them?


Are they trying to help us out of the goodness of their own hearts? Are they making a selfless sacrifice of their time to help us become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Not likely.

Very few people in the online community are going to volunteer vast amounts of their time and effort just to help someone else succeed. Most of the time, they are doing it for their own benefit. When we ask this question, we have to see through the lies. We need to recognize the reason behind false statements.

For example, when they say that we could earn “$1000/day”, they actually just want to draw us into their web. Their ultimate goal is for us to give them money in the form of an up front “registration fee.”




4) How Are They Making Money?


There are only two different ways that websites can make money from you: independently of you or dependent on you. In other words, websites making money independently of you don’t need you to succeed for them to succeed. On the other hand, websites making money dependently on you need you to succeed in order for them to succeed. A website dependent on you for their own well-being is much less likely to be a scam, since they cannot survive if you don’t make money. They will have more incentive to help you make money, rather than hurt you.

protect yourself


5) Are They Creating A Feeling Of Scarcity?

Another sign of a scam is a buy-now statement like : “I can’t keep this information online forever, so you have 3 hours to make your choice.” Creating this feeling of scarcity helps make the item seem more valuable. Sometimes the website *does* go dark after a day or so … but that’s probably because it was pulled by the web hoster for being an illegal scam.





Well… I hope this article was helpful to you and that you’ll know great success in all your endeavors!  If you are really serious about making money from home, you might want to check out this awesome free online community of like-minded people. They have helped me create three websites and ways to boost my business. It’s completely free to join and it will for sure show you online business from another perspective! 

If you have any question or experience with scams online, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to answer it!





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