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How To Earn Money With Pinterest



A 100% Visual Social Media

Pinterest is a free website, where you can upload, save, sort, and manage images and other media content (videos and gifs). These media are called “pins” and you can organize them through collections known as “pinboards”.  

Pinterest is by far the most personalized media platform and I personally am very fond of it. It’s very easy to use and has an amazing aesthetic side to it. When I use Pinterest I honestly feel good ! lol… I can see beautiful things and “travel” or get instant inspiration.

The truth is people love visuals and love watching beautiful things. In a world filled with violence and bad news, I use Pinterest when I need to remember there still are beautiful places on Earth and inspiring people. But that’s just my point of view! =) You can also just go outside and watch the sunrise! That works perfectly as well!

In short, Pinterest is a place where you can find inspiration for all your projets and passions and “pin” them! People who like to collect will love Pinterest :p

Collect Beautiful Things

Pinterest” is a smart and very easy to remember name ! Pin + Interest : I always thought this pun was childishly simple and yet incredibly efficient !

Like I said, Pinterest will allow you to collect things you are interested in through “pinboards“.

So here’s what my “pinboards” look like ! You can have as many “pinboards” as you want and name them after anything you like (flowers, D.I.Y, cars, inspiration, quotes…). You can add as many pictures or videos as you want to each “pinboard”.

Pinterest use is very intuitive so don’t worry about getting lost or confused!

Capture d’écran 2015-07-12 à 13.08.51  

You will easily identify Pinterest thanks to its very simple red logo 09cb9bee7822e8c3589354ac9595f484_1435913064_cropped    

Why Do You Want To Use Pinterest?

Pins can be anything, really – a celebrity picture, a D.I.Y tutorial, a picture of Iceland… Possibilities are endless! 

Now what does it have to do with your website? Well, these pins are like bookmarks that point back to the sites they came from.

Your site(s). When you add the Pin It button to your website, people will see a little “p” appear on each picture or video that you’ve inserted in your articles. If they like a picture/video they will know they can click the red logo and instantly pin it to their Pinterest account. 

Always keep in mind that people who use Pinterest love to collect things and pin!


Pinterest Can Generate Traffic

Now what happens is that people can “follow” each other on Pinterest like on any social media.

When someone in their circle pins something they will see what they pinned appear on the main page!

If they click on the picture (out of curiosity or sometimes by accident lol) they will end up … on your website! Isn’t it awesome?


These are the latest pictures pinned by my contacts ! If I click on something that picks my curiosity, I will end up on someone’s website.

I am going to click on the mango salad at the top for instance, because I love cooking. =)

It will show me the picture of the mango salad. Then if I click again on the picture it will open the website where it’s from !


So it is very important that you add as many beautiful, relevant and good quality images to your website! =) It’ll attract people and generate traffic.

Pinterest & Google Analytics

You are more or less familiar with Google Analytics, right? Google Analytics can show you your traffic source. For instance I see that Pinterest is #3 in my traffic source :


If you want to check your traffic source go to : > google analytics > then on the left tab click on Acquisition All traffic > Source/medium

Join The Pin Club !

Pinterest can be a bit addictive, especially at the beginning lol. As I said, these tons of beautiful and interesting pictures can keep you busy for hours (days…) sometimes…

If you don’t have a Pinterest account here’s how to get one :

> go to www.pinterest.com


If you already have a Facebook account, registering will only take one second! Simply click the Facebook blue button! If you are not using facebook then you can just enter your email address and password and click the red button!



Then simply enter your info (name/age/gender) and click the red button again! =) And that’s it! You will be given a few instructions on how to use Pinterest and you’ll be able to start pining and creating your own beautiful boards !

How To Get People To Land On Your Website

You’ve already learned the importance of visuals on your website. People don’t like to read too much lol, they like images just like children ! =) 

So always try to make your posts more attractive with relevant and good quality pictures. Be careful with copyright though!

You can filter images on Google to use images that are labeled for reuse.

Capture d’écran 2015-07-12 à 13.20.00

There are also free websites that provide you with copyright free images:


And then if you can afford it there are websites that will give you access to more pictures if you pay a monthly or annual fee.

PS : if you don’t have a website/blog and would like to build one and earn money from it, click here and get a free signup to Wealthy Affiliate, the #1 training platform to build a successful online business! 


Encourage People To Pin On Your Website !

This is where the ‘pin it’ button will come in useful! The Pin It button is a widget and it’s the best way for your business to get visibility on Pinterest.

When you add the “Pin It” button to your site’s images, you allow your customers to save things they like onto Pinterest, which means their contacts can find it! = more traffic = $$


To add the “pin it” button to your website simply click here :


You will be able to choose what type of button you want to add to your visuals! I personally like the simple regular red “PinIt” because it’s not invasive and yet people will recognize it immediately!


I like to select the “image hover” option but it’s up to you how you customize your “Pin It” button! =) Once you have built a button you will be given an html code to copy and paste into your page (in the text area on WordPress) For example, my html code for a red and rectangular “Pin It” button that will appear when people hover over pictures looks like that :

<!– Please call pinit.js only once per page –>

<script type=”text/javascript” async defer data-pin-color=”red” data-pin-hover=”true” src=”//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js“></script>

And this is what it will look like on my wordpress text box :

Capture d’écran 2015-07-12 à 13.25.34

New “BuyIt” Button > increased sales

I think Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social medium these days and it’s always adding cool stuff to its initial features! One of the best thing Pinterest has come up with is the blue “buy it” button!

Just like the red “Pin It” button you are going to be able to use it on your website, just this time to allow people to buy things from your website. If you are into sports equipment and you wrote a review about a treadmill for example, you are going to be able to allow people to buy it just with a click !

Capture d’écran 2015-07-12 à 13.28.39

You can learn more about “Buyable Pins” here :


Ready To Roll!

Well, now you know what Pinterest is, you have probably created your own account by now and are able to add the “Pin It” button to your website! =) 

What you want to do now is pin aaaaaaall the pictures (or at least the one that you think are worth pinning) to Pinterest.

This step will perhaps make you realize some of the pictures you added to your website are really not that good quality…

If I click on the red “pin it” button on my profile picture, my photo will be on pinterest main page and if someone falls in love with me they will click on it and get on my website! ahah lol just kidding. But you get me, you now know how it works! =) 

As you add your own pictures to pinterest it will give visibility to your website. It will create a “path” between your website and the world! =O Of course you will need to add people to your friends list. You can start by adding me and I will add you back! =)


That’s it! I hope I made sense with all of this lol, thanks for dropping by!

Have a blessed day & and all the best with your business!

Cheers =)


Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Hi Sarah, great article about Pinterest, you don’t miss any point about it, Pinterest is great to save and curate all the information that is value to our niche on the internet.
Thanks for sharing this post.


I’ve not had that much success with pinterest yet – I just can’t get my head around the niche choices that succeed there.
A few people have pointed out that the platform has a high amount of female members – maybe this is why I am failing there so far.
What do you think? Is this what the problem is with the platform?


Hi Sarah, very through and interesting review about Pinterest. Makes me want to pinterest in right away 🙂
You do explained it well like you designed it. Good job. The developer of Pinterest should hire you to be their ambassador. Not only your writing is great also your personality is great too.
Keep posting Sarah another review. I’m sure you will reviewed it well.


This post has been super relevant to me as I’ve just reached the lesson on socialising our webpages. I love Pinterest but never thought much about whether it could be relevant to my site. My niche -debt reduction and financial planning – doesn’t lend itself to lots of beautiful images though. Do you still think it’s worth pinning the images I do have? Oh and I’ve followed you on Pinterest – name is S Jackson!


Hi Sarah, When I came across this post I didn’t think it would tell me anything that I didn’t know about Pinterest (not that I claim to be an expert), but you proved me wrong.

This is a great post that explains Pinterest in a detailed yet simple way. I did not know about the buy button, I love it, thanks for a great read.



Thank you Sarah for this post as I’ve learned so much from it. I do have a Pinterest account but I’ve hardly used it as, I’m sorry to say, I’ve not really taken the time to learn what I’m supposed to do.

But here you are explaining everything in the greatest of detail, so I’ve bookmarked your website so I can come back to it and learn… when I’m feeling a bit more “with it”. It’s too late in the day for too much learning!

Thanks again… and I will add you when I get to it.


I have a friend who have a real estate business. I wonder what strategies she can do with pinterest to promote her listings. What should she do to have more followers and many people will be able to know her services such as the houses she sells. Also what keywords can she use as tags?

Hi Sarah, Thanks for this great article on how Pinterest works. I have only just started using Pinterest recently as a way to get to get more traffic to my website and I must say I do like it because it is pretty easy to use. I hadn’t realised about the blue button so will be sure to check that out. You mention putting the code in the text area for each page where you want the Pin it button to appear, I suppose a quick way would be to add it to a text widget in the right hand… Read more »

Hi Sarah, thanks for the info. I found it very informative because I wasn’t quite sure what Pinterest was all about. But I have signed up for now that I know.

Yes, Pinterest is pretty interesting although I don’t spend much time there. However each time I publish a post I go to Pinterest among others and upload the picture first and then add a link to my post on my blog. This is what I do each time. As far as I know people like following those members of Pinterest who have many boards and many followers. And of course you should also follow back people. However I don’t always do it. I follow back only those people who share the same interests as I do. I think Pinterest is… Read more »

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for writing up this article! I’ve been using pinterest but I see I’m not utalising it as well as I could have!!

Thanks again!!

Katia 🙂


Hello there

So lovely to read on ways to use Pinterest to get traffic, as a newbie struggling to get traffic to my site, the step to step explanation is really welcome.
l have always been “can l say scared?” of social media because l have not been able to find a site that explain how to do it in a way I’m able to understand but you have done very well explaining how Pinterest works.
Thanks do much will follow youe tutorial and explanation and use peinterst to my site which is suffering from low traffic, thanks so much.


Very Cool! I have many friends who use Pinterest on a regular basis but I was never really able to get into it. Your article has made me see how it could be useful to my online business. I think I will head off and pin some of my most recent posts to see if I can generate some much needed traffic.

Thank You!


Hi Sarah
Didn’t realize Pinterest had so much to offer . You have covered it in a very straight forward way which I found easy to follow .Pinterest is a great resource which will be very beneficial. Just need to get into it . Really like the buy now button real potential in that . After reading I am definitely keen to check it out .