April 18

Tips On Selecting A Domain Name


Make Or Break Your Business!

A bad domain name can hurt your business, so before you rush out and choose your domain name, you might want to consider the below steps. They will avoid costly mistakes and make sure you’re getting the best domain name for your business! 

Remember, choosing your domain name is like choosing a company name. Your domain name will be your brand and you want it to be memorable and efficient! 


Most Common Advice

  • Use your domain as a branding tool
  • Be short, catchy and memorable
  • Consider the extension
  • Protect your trademark
  • Brand yourself, personally
  • Be creative
  • Avoid hyphenated domain names
  • Check availability
  • Don’t let your domain name expire!



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I did not realize just how many concepts could be used for creating a domain name. Very informative and worth a revisit to get the proper answers to lingering questions. Nicely done. I’ll be back for more.


Thank you for the useful information. I have a domain name already, and didn’t give it much thought, but I’m sort of happy with it. I wish I had read this before I did though 🙂


Oh dear, hope I chose the right domain name myself.. Yours is very good! Very informative article!
Take care!