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What Is The Best Way To Earn Money On The Internet



Is It Possible To Earn Money Online?

If you landed on this page, chances are this isn’t the first time you are searching for ways to make money online!  I’ve been there way too many times… but I am happy to say I finally got out of this vicious circle and now find myself fulfilled

By fulfilled I mean doing something I love and something that pays.  As a network marketer, I see thousands of people every day hoping to make an additional income online or even a full-time revenue. Sadly, most of them have been scammed once (or more) and are desperate.

People who got scammed get suspicious (and who could blame them?), yet they often remain incoherently willing to do anything, including investing in the worst opportunities.  I speak from experience… There are things I did, to this day I still don’t know how I could be so naive lol… But anyway!  

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This Isn’t A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Before you continue reading this article, I would like to make it very clear that you will NOT find any quick and easy way to get rich on this page. I have been too disappointed in the past by these so-called “get rich quick schemes” to promote them myself. It would bring bad karma upon me, you know ? =)    I

want to help people. This is what my website is all about. Helping others do what I do. What I offer you is a real solution to your problems, an efficient plan of actions that will materialize in the long term.     

I’ll tell you what not to do, what is recommended and what turned out to be the best (and only, really lolmethod to build a solid home-based business.   

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What An Online Business Isn’t

An online business is neither a hobby nor something that will happen while you are quietly sitting on your sofa.  I’m not saying that it is not possible to be at the head of an empire that is so profitable you can sip a cocktail while the money “works”. But to get to such a high level of success, you must roll up your sleeves and give it time and sweat! =) 

An online business is almost the same as a normal job, except that YOU are in charge and you define the outline. If you start trusting the wrong people and investing in scams, nothing good will happen to you or your business. 

So, remember a very very important thing that will save you considerable time and money : “it is not possible to become rich overnight without doing anything.” Even the winner of the lottery had to buy a ticket! If you hear something that sounds too good to be true, then it most likely isOvernight success takes time!

take the road to success  

Is It Too Good To Be True?

When someone tells you they can help you earn a very big amount of money in very little time and very easily, beware! Behind what sounds like a pretty attractive offer – based on our needs and desperation  – a nasty scam is hiding! 

On the internet, I would say more than half the opportunities you see are based on recruiting new people, to “feed” the cash machine.

If someone promises you thousands of dollars remember that they most likely need YOU in order to earn a few extra tens or hundreds $ themselves. 

People who are caught up in a scam will desperately try to scam you because they are hopeless and can not make any money without you joining the system. Roger that? So beware of these too good to be true opportunities and you’ll be fine! =) 


How Bad Do You Want It ?

Okay, so now that the issue of online scams has been made clear, I have a question for you : how BAD do you want to work from home?   Would it be nice? Or could you not live any other way? Because, the truth is, according to your answer to that simple question, the outcome will not be the same.   

There is a difference between liking the idea of being rich from home and not bearing the idea of working for someone else. The latter was my case. Being an employee in a company simply had the faculty to make me depressed. Yet, I was a model employee, working relentlessly, loyal, cheerful and outgoing. But when you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can not put it in the service of someone else. Sooner or later it exhausts you. 

When you are en entrepreneur, you need to fly with your own wings and be creative.   So if you do not feel that creating your online business will excite you and make you radiant, you may be on the wrong path.    

Now, I have another question for you : 

What Are Your Money Goals ?

Do you need only a few extra dollars to make ends meet? Or do you dream to create your own “empire” and enjoy a comfortable residual income for many years to come?   

Depending on your answer,  the actions to take and the time that you will dedicate to this will not necessarily be the same. 

Nevertheless, whether you want to earn an extra $ 100 per month or $10,000 you will have to show the same tenacitycommitment and caution against the many online scams.  



Where Should You Get Started Then ?

Come on, you are getting closer to your goal! =) Now that we have reviewed the issue of scams and answered the question of your motivation, what’s left to do?   

Nothing complicated, really. Creating an online business can be summarized in four simple steps :       

1) Choose a topic 

2) Create a website

3) Generate Traffic

4) Convert that traffic into money

1. Why Choose A Topic?

Well, because you want to make money from something! And what better way to generate money than using a topic that you know or are interested in?

Even better, a topic that you’re absolutely passionate about! =) Let me explain.

You will basically use one of your passions or experience, to make a name on the internet! Don’t panic, you don’t have to become super famous to achieve success online and earn money. You just need to attract enough people to your website. 

Now choosing a topic requires that you take a few minutes to define what you like and want. You can make a list on a piece of paper or simply decide spontaneously the first thing that comes to mind. 

As far as I’m concerned, I had to make a loooooong list because I have too many passions lol … But this selection process should not take you more than a few minutes! Be spontaneous, listen to your heart! =) And even if you chose a subject, it can always evolve or change over time!


2. Why Create A Website?

This is where things get interesting. Your website is your storefront. Your site name is your brand. And your brand is what will enable you to earn money! But how? you’re wondering. Well, by monetizing your site. In order to do this, you will learn to use the #1 technique all the online marketers use : affiliate marketing.   

What is it? It is the most common way to earn money online. Simply put, you get permission from companies to sell their products, through unique affiliate links that people who visit your site will click on. For example, say you want to create a website about Thaï food. 

You will choose your website name, then start creating the foundations of your site and then sign up for affiliate programs related to Thai cuisine and cuisine in general.

These affiliate programs, once they have validated your registration will allow you to enhance your website by links (to cookbooks, utensils, even consumable products, etc.)   

3. Creating A Website Isn’t That Hard !

Now let’s get back to the website part! You might be thinking creating a website is absolutely out of your reach. Good news, you do not need any knowledge!

This is the 21st century, building a beautiful and professional looking website is now very easy, especially if you have the help that comes along (this will be my last point).

You do not need to know anything about IT or HTML or anything. All you have to do is choose a site namepick a theme (something you think matches your topic!) And you’re off to go! =). This whole process only takes a few minutes, or even less if you’re quick!   

Creating a website is a very exciting and rewarding step. It will grant you with a small slice of the Internet and you will be able to share with tons of people a topic that interests you. I have never met anyone who was not excited after purchasing their first domain!

You will feel so proud! =) And starting a business by feeling proud, is a great boost! =) 2000px-Target_logo.svg


4. How Do You Generate Traffic ?

Getting traffic simply means getting visitors on your website! The more visitors you have each day, the more chances you will have that it converts into money (someone purchases a product, subscribes to an online training, etc.).

There is no magic rule for you to generate traffic : your website must attract people and provide them with an answer to their question(s)! You see, we all ask the internet tons of questions everyday. Indeed, when somebody searches for something on the internet, they’re looking for a solution/answer. Whether they’re trying to lose weight or to buy their first car, they need help from someone. 

Let’s suppose your website discusses various methods to treat herpes (I don’t know, why not? … lol), okay? Since this is a subject that interests you (hypothetically), you’ll just have to post an article on the subject and help people find answers to their question(s). The more quality articles you’ll have, the more visitors you’ll attract.  How?

Thanks to google/yahoo/bing, which will identify your website as a useful and relevant website.  Briefly, google uses complicated algorithms – that are not the subject of this article – to reference within its database the websites that best answer people’s questions.


It’s All About Doing Something You Love

Perhaps you’re thinking that you are neither a writer nor a computer navvy for google to refer your website properly? Think again. If you can talk, you can write! =) Writing an article is as much a form of communication as any other.

While I’m writing this, I am not telling myself that I should produce an essai worthy of a college teacher…  I am just writing things as they come, with the sole aim and desire to help you. The only thing I want for you is that, at the end of this article you can leave with answers and perhaps even a plan!

So if you decide to write about a subject that you love, you will do it very easily. And even if you have to do some research to enrich your articles, you will still have fun doing it because you will discuss a topic you have chosen in the first place! So do not worry too much about being a good writer for your website.

And anyway, in the end you’ll find out that if you follow my advice, you will learn to do all this gradually as well as get help from other entrepreneurs. 



How Do You Get Conversions?

What are conversions? As I’ve already explained above, a website can become an extraordinary source of revenue. But the latter will require two elementary points :

1) to be interested in the subject you choose (or possibly deeply hate it so you have things to write about lol)

2) to learn how to generate traffic.

Once you have visitors on your website, you do not want them to read your articles and then close the web page without having done anything. You want them to do something related to what they came across your article for.

It can be anything really, from purchasing the product they were looking for before landing on your page, to subscribing to a newsletter … whatever! Every action that a visitor on your site takes will generate money !



Getting Rolling!

My work here is almost complete, I have barely anything else to say on the subject lol … But I still have a very important announcement to make, an announcement that could change your life forever! =) I’m not kidding.

What I’m about to introduce you to HAS changed MY life and I know, the life of many others. You’re thinking “oh no, it sounds like a scam” =) Good, you are cautious. No, it’s not a scam. I am unfortunately not going to promise you tons of money…. sorry! On the other hand, I will promise you one thing : if you are looking for a real way to build a business online, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Do you remember everything that you have read above? (choose a topic, build a website, generate traffic, earn money…). Well, I’m very happy to tell you that you’ll be able to put all this into action very easily from now on. Without paying a dime (at least at first, because you must know that every business requires investment sooner or later) and without needing to be a businesswoman/man already!


Let’s connect!

I am going to ask you to meet me on the best online training and active community of entrepreneurs you’ll ever come across. It’s free to join and it only takes a few seconds.

The reason you’re going to want to meet me there is because, well I just know you’ll love it lol, and then if you’re really serious about building a long term business, this is where you want to be.

I don’t want to go too much into the details as to what you will get as you sign up, you can simply create a free account (you can remain a free member forever, it’s not one of those 7 days free trial!=) ) and look for me : BelieveItYes. I will be more than happy to be your mentor on your adventure! 

 Sarah – a very proud & happy Ambassador within Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform to create a successful online business! 




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Hi Sarah,

Excellent content! Keep up the good work!

All the best,


Hello Sarah, you are so elaborate with your post, you did not mince words by saying it the way it is. Most people would rather say it with sugar coated words in order to entice people into buying what they are selling. But, no, that is not the principle you were brought up with. At Wealthy Affiliate, everybody is being thought the way to succeed in online business, the right and legitimate way that is yet viable.


Hi Sarah
Great post you have here with the real information on what it takes to have an online business.
To many sites promise the moon and do not deliver. It is good to hear the real truth that yes you can make money but it will take some work and depending on how much money you may want a lot of work.
I can see by your site here that Wealthy Affiliate and your honesty would be the place to be to build a real successful online business.

Joel Ng

Simple and straight to the point. I do have to agree with you that it is sure no easy feat to sort of set up the website and the next thing money is pouring in. It sure take lots of effort and time to build up any business. ( Legitimate Business ).
I am sure will check it out on Wealthy Affiliate as you had mentioned and do have fun.



Thanks for dropping by and for the comment, it means a lot to me ! =) It does take lots of effort to build your business but it’s soooo worth it in the end. Every step you take leads you to a small success and once many small successes have accumulated you can look back how far you’ve gone and feel proud!!!

All the best


Hi Sarah! I’ve got to hand it to you … if I were not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I would be quick to give it a go after reading your post. The truth is that WA has taught you how to help other people, who truly want to work for themselves, make the jump and become self employed. I especially like how you emphasize that success takes time and does not happen overnight. I would like to ask you a question: How long have you been with WA and how do you measure your success with them?… Read more »

Hey Cathy!

Thanks for your sweet sweet message =), you’ve made my day! I will be happy if anyone decides to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship after reading my article! I know they will not regret it! =)

All the best



Great post about the reality of online marketing. “Marketing” is an action word. “Making” is too. Most of the people think it is easy. When you love what you do it is. Don’t you find it funny people will spend two hours a day on Facebook but do not have time to work on a business?


Great post about the reality of online marketing. “Marketing” is an action word. “Making” is too. Most of the people think it is easy. When you love what you do it is. Don’t you find it funny people will spend two hours a day on Facebook but do not have time to work on a business?


Hi William! Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words, I really appreciate it. You are absolutely right about people wasting their time on facebook and yet claiming they have no time for anything else. The truth is being your own boss is harder than people might think. It takes commitment and persistence.


This is a thorough explanation of how to create an online business from home.

I like the how you get readers like myself asking myself questions like how bad do i really want to succeed online?

And just like you have stated in your post, online success doesn’t happen overnight

it takes lots of hard work and dedication


Hey Fidel!

Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts on here! I really appreciate it! I am happy you can relate to what I said about success not happening overnight! You are absolutely right, it takes “hard” work and dedication.. but it’s worth it! =)




This post is a very detailed and carefully written explanation on what it takes to have an online business. I’m glad you told people that a successful business takes a lot of time and effort to build up, and it actually takes the same effort as any full time job. It’s easier to hope for the get rich quick ideas to work out, instead of putting in the effort into a new business, but unfortunately you can’t just magic up money in an instant. How long have you been earning online?


Your article is very thorough, it answers every question on the minds of would be internet marketers.you also dwell on scams and how we can recognise them when we come across the course of our search for ways to earn money online. Then, your summary of what it takes to create an online business is a good one that will set the minds of those out there as to what it takes to create one. I have learnt a lot from this article, thanks, all the best,God bless you.


After seeing so many online scams, I thought it was virtually impossible to earn an income on the internet.

After reading through your article, you have certainly answered my questions and cleared up the doubts I had 🙂

I do believe that finding our “WHY” and setting money as well as none-financial goals are what will drive us forward with any online opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate seems like an Awesome place to start my online money making quest, so I will follow your recommendation of the platform.