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Blogging for a Living

Blogging for a Living

It all starts with a beautiful blog! 

In this post I am going to walk you through the process of creating a beautiful blog for free using the #1 software in the world, wordpress. In addition to your free blog (or website, call it what you want =)), you will be granted with an additional free website (just in case you are ambitious lol) and a free 10 lesson course on how to build websites and earn money from them.  

Build a Website using WordPress

Build a Website using WordPress

This course is called “Online Entrepreneur Certification Course” and it covers the money making process, setting up your website, getting crafty with wordpress, creating your first pages, adding a menu, writing content and much more. 

But without further ado, let me break down the website creation process into 4 simple steps  : 

  1. choose a niche (a subject that interests you) : in short, what do you want your blog/website to be about? 
  2. pick a domain name : make it short if possible, or at least easy to remember. Avoid hyphens. 
  3. create your website in under 30 seconds with siterubix (powered by Wealthy Affiliate)
  4. start training and get crafty with WordPress : you will be walked through the money making process, you’ll get help setting up your website, creating your menu and first pages… and you’ll have access to more training, help and support. Your website will be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll get to build a second website for free if you like. 


Step 1 – Choose Your Niche

What is a Niche website?

What is a Niche website?

If you landed here you probably already know what kind of blog you want to have. But just in case, you should know what a niche is and how to pick a niche.

A niche is a market segment, it is the main topic of a blog/website. Simply put, a niche is a group of people looking for things online.  

How To Get Website Visitors

How To Get Website Visitors

If you want your blog to generate traffic, you want to pick a niche that’s narrow enough. If you write about something that’s too broad and that has a lot of competition, you’ll have a hard time getting any traffic at all. 

Your niche should be something you are interested in or passionate about but it should be narrow enough, to make sure you get visitors and get ranked on search engines

Examples of broad niches vs narrow niches : 

  • Healthy and fitness : too broad


  • Working out at home for pregnant woman : narrow enough niche


  • Dogs : too broad 


  • Golden Retriever : narrow enough niche

Note : If you are not sure what your website will be about, you should get started with the lesson first and then build your website when you are ready. 

Step 2  – Pick A Domain Name

Think of your domain name as your brand name. You want to make it easy to remember, memorable. Avoid hyphens as people tend to forget about them. =)

If you want to verify that your domain name has potential traffic, I offer you 30 free searches on Jaaxy, the #1 keyword research tool on the internet. Simply type in the keywords and see if it gets a lot of traffic. You can also check the competition a keyword or set of words gets by clicking on “QRS” in jaaxy search results. The closer to zero, the lower is your competition, the better your keyword is for a domain name! =) 



3 – Build Your website

Build a Website for Free

Build a Website for Free

You are going to have your very own website/blog in just a moment =)

Creating your blog/website is completely free and powered by Wealthy Affiliate, a community website that teaches people how to build websites and earn money online.

Your website will look something like : www.yourdomainname.siterubix.com.

Any free domain will always have a subdomain name attached to it (here, siterubix.com), no matter where you build it.

If at a later stage you would like to purchase your own domain (e.g www.yourdomain.com) know that you can do it at Wealthy Affiliate and they will allow you to transfer your siterubix content to your new domain. Just in case you’re already thinking of purchasing your very own domain ! =)

But let’s build your website/blog now !! Enter your domain name and click the “build it now” blue button! 


Step 4 – Start Training & Get Crafty with WordPress !

At this point you should have picked a niche and a domain name and perhaps even created your website using the siterubix free platform. Once you have successfully taken the above steps you will be taken to a community website called Wealthy Affiliate :  this is where you will have access to the 10 lesson course I mentioned earlier. =) 

You will also be able to start working on your website : adding a menu, creating posts, changing themes, etc. 

This is what Wealthy Affiliate looks like :

Build a website

Build a website
  • To access your website you will want to click the “siterubix” light blue button. This will take you to wordpress editor and to the “inside” of your website. This is where you’ll add pages and posts, images, videos, links and whatever you want ! =)
  • To start the training you’ll have to click the “get started here” green button” ! 

If you ever feel lost do get in touch with me, I’ll do my best to help you get around =) My username is Believeityes



As you can see building a website is very easy these days and it can be done for absolutely free. 

Now owning a domain will always require you to purchase it but if you’re just getting started with blogging you can build a siterubix website and transfer your domain at a later stage if you want to. 

Building a website/blog requires knowledge though… WordPress is very newbie friendly but if you have the proper training and a helpful community at your disposal, you will get around wordpress before you know! 

So again, if you want to build a website/blog, simply 1) choose a domain name > 2)  build your website > 3) learn about websites (and more!)


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I hope you found what you were looking for and wish you much much success with your future blog! Do let me know if you need further assistance ; I will be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers =)




Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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