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As an ItWorks independent distributor, I am myself a loyal customer.   Not because I’m compelled to but because I have to admit our products are unique and amazing! I have my favorites of course and I will share them with you!   Just for the little story, I used to buy very expensive cosmetics from other brands (Chanel, Sisley, Clinique) but honestly, ItWorks is… well… just better! =) And so much cheaper because the brand doesn’t spend millions on advertisement!   I would personally recommend the following products :



Oh I forgot one that I absolutely love ! The Cleanser gel (facial cleanser gel) is absolutely a must have… just try it… you will see what it does to your skin! Before I started as an independent distributor at ItWorks, I tried the products, I became a customer. And I immediately loved the products. So did my mom. And my best friend, and so on. I then realized that not only could I use great natural products but I might also be able to earn money with them! I became a distributor and never stopped using the products.      





When you click on my online store, you are going to what’s called my replicated website. It is the official website It Works! Global gave to me when I became an independent distributor, so you can be sure you are getting authentic, tried-and-true It Works! products, like the Ultimate Body Applicator.  Products will be shipped directly to you from It Works!




Once there, you’ll have two options: to buy retail or to buy wholesale.  


    • Wholesale pricing — the same pricing I get as as distributor — requires a three-month, auto-ship commitment.    
    • But you are free to pay retail prices if you just want to check things out.


The “Loyal Customer” program at It Works! is super simple. You commit to buy one product – any product – once a month for three months. That’s it. After your third month on autoship, you are now eligible for wholesale pricing FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. No annual fees, no “re-upping.” Buy one product every month for three months. Done. Cancel, continue. It doesn’t matter. But here’s why you would want to continue your autoship.  




Exclusive Prices

Save 40-45% off all your orders!


Automated Monthly Shipments

Never run out of your favorite products with our flexible auto-ship service.


You’re in Control

Each month you have the flexibility to change your auto-ship to meet your needs. Mix and match to create a package with all the products you want this month.


Loyal Customer Pricing for Life!

After 3 consecutive months on the auto-ship service, you will be able to order It Works products at the Loyal Customer price forever!   Free shipping! As a Loyal Customer, you’ll get free shipping on any orders of $125 or more (hint, couple the Skinny Pack with the Greens, and there you go!). AND, after your third autoship, if you stay on the autoship, shipping is free. It hardly gets better than that.  






Starting with your first order as a Loyal Customer, you earn 10% of the wholesale value of every order in Perks Points. Stay on auto-ship for four consecutive months, and you can access your Perks Points to discount your product order even more! For every $10 (USD) spent, you’ll receive one perk point (excludes taxes and shipping).     After 6 months on the the auto-ship, you’ll get 50 free Perk Points and after 12 months on auto-ship, another 100 free Perks Points will be added to your account! Use them to get free products, including the famous Ultimate Body Applicator.  


*No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50 (USD) fee.  


The Loyal Customer prices are the same prices I as an Independent Distributor pay. Why does It Works! offer such a great deal? Basically, the company wants you to stay consistent. If you’re consistent with the wraps, the gel in between wraps, the phenomenal supplements that can speed up your metabolism and even block fat and carb consumption (with no, eh-hem, uncomfortable gastro-intestinal distress), you’re going to look great, feel great and be happy. Who doesn’t want that?






If you need more information about our products, feel free to leave a comment or to contact me directly by email at, I will be more than happy to connect!    If you would like to enroll as a distributor or have questions about it, I will be available anytime through my website or by email.        




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