Is SFI a Scam?


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Comprehensive Review

Name : SFI Capture d’écran 2015-12-18 à 13.29.05

Website :

Type : MLM, although they claim to be an affiliate program

Created in : 1989

Price : supposedly free 

Income potential : not specified

Owners : Gery Carson

What Do They Sellproducts in Tripleclicks

Rating : 10/100

Who is it for : people who like MLM and massive recruiting 

What Is SFI? 

SFI Marketing  was founded by Carson Services Inc. and introduces itself as an affiliate program. What I believe it really is, is a MLM set up to drive referrals to Triple Clicks, an internet store of IM products. 

On the internet you will find both positive and negative reviews in regards to this company, which makes it really tricky to decide whether it’s a scam or not.  You might be really tempted to join because their program is FREE to join (and I like programs that offer a free trial) but just because it’s free doesn’t mean there is a real opportunity to benefit from it afterwards. 

How Does it Work?

So, once you join the program, you’ll become an Executive Affiliate

Once you become an Executive Affiliate you must recruit 5 other affiliates

You must teach those five affiliates how to apply same steps and recruit others


 – VersaPoints

– Generate Sales with

– refer the program to others

– additional income, whatever that means lol


The Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • They provide their affiliates some training
  • OK help and support
  • Easy to navigate



  • Lousy compensation plan
  • Very slow to make any money due to their points system
  • To make real coin you’ll have to spend a lot of time promoting TripleClicks’ products
  • The training isn’t very good
  • A lot of negative reviews
  • Not much tools and services
  • I can only see hardcore network marketing and affiliate experts make money. NOT for BEGINNERS!
  • After becoming an Executive Affiliate you will be provided with a website for marketing SFI products and for each sale you’ll get a commission.
  • Like in all other pyramid schemes you need to move up and recruit all your friends, and family members. This is the nature of any pyramid scheme, otherwise you’ll not make any money.
  • A lot of complaints about SFI program
  • There is no real quality training you can benefit from though they have some training modules.
  • You need to spend money buying gift cards to distribute them among your friends, plus you can easily spend more money for your membership instead of making them.
  • The navigation on their website is really complicated. For an average user who has no experience in internet marketing it would be really hard to understand what SFI has to offer.


Final Verdict 

I wouldn’t say that SFI is a scam, I do have some reservation though. The truth is MLM is really not for me so as a consequence, SFI is not for me. But perhaps it’s for you? After years searching the web, I finally found what worked for me : affiliate marketing and building websites! 

If you would like to do the same, check out my #1 recommendation : Wealthy Affiliate

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