Ready Made Niche Sites

So you want a website.

Either for a local business or because you want to become a blogger … Perhaps you hate your current job and wish you could work from home and spend more time with your significant other &/or kids? Or maybe you are just like me and need more free time to do things that matter to you. In my case I needed more time at home to write my novel =) 

But anyway, you are here and you need a website. I can offer you two options : 

  • Option 1 : you are not interested in building the website yourself because you are too busy, too lazy or not willing to learn how to build one. You need someone who will do it for you and do it well. 


  • Option 2 : you want to be 100% involved but you will need a one-to-one mentorship on your journey. 

Before you decide which option suits you best you should know that having a website built will cost you approximately $1200-$2400 (that’s just for the design… not the content, nothing else).

And then there are additional costs :

Domain names cost around $12 per year

Hosting cost around $10 to $30 per month

– Premium themes cost $50 to $200 

– Premium plugins cost $15 to $200

I will not charge you $2400 for a website. Nor $1200. Whether you decide to go with option 1 or option 2, the whole thing will cost you less than $1000.

Option 1 : Let me build your website ($750)

Ok so you really don’t have time or the will or the knowledge to build your website. 

For me to build your website I will need you to give me some information : 

  • what is your niche (what is your website about?)
  • do you have a domain name 
  • when do you need the website ?
  • what kind of design do you want ? 
  • once the website is finished will you need me to add content or do you want to do it yourself? 

I can build you a beautiful responsive (that will adapt to all devices : laptop, tablets, phones…) modern website for $750. 

I will take care of hosting, I will add all the plugins you need, protect it from spam or plagiarism, back it up and give you some tips to increase traffic

Now what happens if you choose this option? 

  • I will contact you by email and/or skype to work on planning on visual design. We will discuss domain name, hosting and design. You will be able to tell me what it is exactly that you want and if you have no idea, I will show you what I can do and you’ll narrow it down to something you that suits you.
  • I will start building your website and will send you updates so you can tell me when something is not right and I need to fix it.
  • Once the website is ready I will give you access to it so you can start working on it and adding content. I will spend time with you on skype or by email to teach you how to create a page or a post and how to create content. If you want me to add content, it will cost you an additional $40/month. This way you don’t have to worry about anything. You just send me the content and I will add it, do proper layout and even work on your SEO so it ranks on search engines and gets more traffic. 

Option 2 : You want to build your website ($359/yearly)

With this option you are going to learn how to build websites from scratch. You are going to get state-of-the art training and cutting-edge tools as you move forward through the lessons. 

But above all, you will get one-to-one mentoring with me, which means I will always be available if you are lost or stuck. We can communicate via email, live chat or even face to face if you live nearby =). I will offer you tips and tricks and share my experience with you, for no additional cost. 

With the annual fee you will be able to : 

  • purchase a domain ($13/year, including hosting)
  • build free websites (if you don’t want to purchase a domain yet)
  • build up to 25 websites (with domain names that you own), no additional cost for hosting
  • use the best keyword research tool on the internet. This is what will contribute to you ranking on search engines and getting more traffic
  • access weekly live webinars from a fellow marketer (Jay) who will teach you everything you need to become a great web designer and a successful online marketer
  • take all levels of training, courses ; take part in discussion threads, follow and create tutorials 
  • ask help in the live chat
  • get website support
  • choose from thousands and thousands of wordpress themes for your website, which means you don’t have to buy a premium theme
  • use thousands of plugins 
  • have access wordpress