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PTC sites scam or legit


Comprehensive Review



Name : PTC or Paid To Click sites 

How it works : you earn cash by clicking ads, completing small job offers, answering surveys, playing games… 

Best PTC sites : cashcrate, clixsense, grandbux, cashpie

Overal rating : 60/100 Legit but time consuming

From my experience and what I’ve read out there from respected online marketers, PTC sites are perfectly legitimate ways to earn money online (though not the best ^^). They do offer a real online income and they pay each and every time. Now, with the increasing number of PTC sites out there, you want to be careful not to join any program just for the sake of making money. Go for the established websites, such as Clixsense or Cashcrate

Overall PTC sites are legit and stable opportunities but I find them time consuming. 

What Are the Cons of PTC Sites?

  • you only earn fractions of a cent by clicking on ads, so do not expect to get rich just with that option. This leads to my second point…
  • you really need to refer a lot of people if you are hoping to make a decent revenue
  • PTC sites can be time consuming and cause frustration if you expect to make money all by yourself, without a substantial network !




What Are the Pros of PTC Sites?

  • they are free to join ! Any PTC site that asks for a sign up fee…. just walk away! Do not pay to sign up. If you want to earn more after signing up for free, they do offer a premium membership, but it is not compulsory.
  • they offer an affiliate program that allows you to earn more money by referring their website to people (see it as MLM business).
  • some of them offer other features and more than just ads to click on, allowing you to earn a bit more (surveys, tasks, small jobs, trials, shopping…)
  • you can promote your own website and have people click on your banners and possibly buy things or sign up for any product or program that you refer to.


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Other Ways To Earn Money Online

PTC sites are most certainly not the fastest way to earn money. If you are really serious about building a profitable online business you might want to consider building a niche website. Check out my article on how to earn money from niche websites!

And also if you don’t know what a niche website is you might want to read this (what is a niche website) =). Basically building a website will mean you own a virtual piece of real estate that you’ll learn to monetize (through advertising, PPC, affiliate links, selling products). 


Earn money from your website

Earn money from your website


Thanks for dropping by and if you have any question or experience with PTC sites, please feel free to leave a comment below or to contact me by email at I will be more than happy to connect!





Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Hello and thanks for some interesting pointers on PTC sites. I was wondering if they were worth the effort and from what you say, no one’s going to make a fortune with them in a hurry! But it’s good to know they’re legit, so as long as you accept that limitation they seem fine. Cheers.

Interesting! I have been wondering for a while about these sorts of sites. I am glad you wrote about them because you could easily dismiss them as being a scam. It is good to know that you can actually make some money from these sites, however you would need to work long and hard to generate enough leads to make any decent money from them. Something a lot of people cannot do while working a full-time job, raising a family and keeping up with housework. I know I would struggle to find the time! However, there could be an opportunity… Read more »

Hi Sarah,
This is great information on PTC websites. I often wondered if they were worth investing my time in one. Thank you very much!


Sarah, thanks for the tips on PTC’s. I have never heard of them before but now I know what they are. It’s nice to know they are legit but it’s too bad they don’t pay that good.


Hey Sarah-

Great objective information! I would love to eventually be able to stay at home with my kids and you have really given me some things to think about. Great read 🙂


PTC are legit. I have made money from it before. I get a fraction of a cent for clicking and viewing their ads. There are other ways of making money from them too. One of them is pay per action. You can make more with it. It can be frustrating as you’ll need a lot of patience. But the money is in the referrals.

This site can be very informative. Good read.



Hi Sarah,
A great way to tell pros of these PTC Websites. This can prove them who still exploring to know income way. According me these PTC Websites are the best way to earn online money without investment.
Really good article Sarah.