April 30

PTC sites scams

From my experience, PTC sites are no scam at all. They do offer a real online income and they pay each and every time. Of course, they are all different and some of them are better than others. But mostly they are legit and stable ways to earn extra money. 




What Are The Cons Of PTC Sites?

you only earn fractions of a cent by clicking on ads, so do not expect to get rich just with that option. This leads to my second point…

you really need to refer a lot of people if you are hoping to make a decent revenue

PTC sites can be time consuming and cause frustration if you except to make money all by yourself, without a substantial network !


What Are The Pros Of PTC Sites?

they are free to join ! Any PTC site that asks for a sign up fee…. just walk away! Do not pay to sign up. If you want to earn more after signing up for free, they do offer a premium membership, but it is not compulsory.

they offer an affiliate program that allows you to earn more money by referring their website to people (see it as MLM business).

some of them offer other features and more than just ads to click on, allowing you to earn a bit more (surveys, tasks, small jobs, trials, shopping…)

you can promote your own website and have people click on your banners and possibly buy things or sign up for any product or program that you refer to.



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Thanks for dropping by and if you have any question or experience with PTC sites, please feel free to leave a comment below or to contact me by email at sarah@successfulbusinessonline.org. I will be more than happy to connect!





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