Profits25 scam or real opportunity?

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Price50€ to get started

Type : Ponzi hidden behind an online advertising agency

Ownersnot specified

Rating : 1/10

Who is it for : those who like risks

Since 2013 all we can hear about on social media is Profits25 and how these strangers earn tens of thousands of euros per month. It’s very tempting and you might even be thinking : “why not me? I want that kind of money!”. 

However, I must warn you that in the online marketing world, it is not possible to earn money easily, quickly or worse, by doing nothing. Yet profits25 precisely allows you to earn money by doing absolutely nothing. And by nothing I mean “clicking on ads” without even taking a look at the sites they take you to.

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Be Smart

Now wait a second : do you think it is possible to become a millionaire by clicking on ads 2 minutes per day?     I am one of those people who jumped in and gave Profits25 a shot. From the beginning I was really suspicious and I did not feel comfortable with the idea of paying for something that was totally virtual (the advertising coupons) but curiosity and the urgent need for money got the best of me. I took the risk and invested 150 euros.

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     The below complete review will cover the following questions : 

      • Who’s the owner of the company? Where is it based? 
      • How much does it cost to join the shared revenue platform?
      • What does the program consist in exactly?
      • How long does it take to earn money?
      • How can you withdraw your money?
      • It the whole thing legal?
      • My final verdict
      • My 1# recommendation

Who’s The Owner Of The Company & Where Is It Based?

You will not find much information on their website. There is no “about us” page for the company or the managers, which you have to admit is quite strange. Or not exactly reassuring.

A serious company must show some transparency. Try googling famous companies and look at their “about us” page. On Profits25 you have no idea who you are talking to and even when you attempt to contact them through their “support” service, they will either not get back to you at all or their answer will be in an approximate French full of spelling mistakes. -_-

Here’s the only information I could find about the company :

Support Venture Ltd
The Hub, Suite 003,
Triq San Andrija,
San Gwann Malta
Trade register number: C 56318 - Malta

© Copyright 2013 - 2015 Support Venture Ltd - The Hub, Suite 003, Triq San Andrija, San Gwann Malta

So the company is registered in Malta, although it’s a French company. Why not establish it in your home country? Malta sounds more like a place where you would be able to do things that are not exactly legal. But anyway. 

No CEO name, no history of the company, no why they’re doing this, nothing.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Profits25 introduces itself as an online advertising agency that shares its revenue with its members. Ok, why not. 

Now it will cost you at least 50€ to get started. To access to module, you will need to buy at least 2 advertising coupons, which means 1 coupon = 25€.

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What Does The Program Consist In?

Like I said above, Profits25 presents itself as an online advertising agency. They offers its members to purchase advertising coupons and earn money every week by clicking on ad banners. These banners are supposed to be Profits25 partners that have supposedly paid a certain amount of money to get our clicks and be better referenced on search engines as a result.

Nevertheless you get messages such as “this site has no connection with Profits25” as you click on some banners. Then some links are broken and you don’t even know what you’re clicking. 

Every Friday you will receive a portion of the money supposedly paid by these companies and generated more money thanks to your clicks. A coupon you bought for € 25 will generate 35€ in total before it’s deactivated. 

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How Long Does It Take To Earn Money?

A long time! Especially if your initial investment is $50 and you do not make any or enough referrals. Profits25 offers a sponsorship program that allows you to earn commissions on the purchase of coupons by your affiliates. The more affiliates you make, the more commissions you earn and the more additional coupons you can reinvest in.

Obviously, the more coupons you have the faster you will generate money. I can not speak for other Profits25 members – especially for those who joined the program in its early days and are terribly rich – but I can tell you this :

I invested 150 euros in early February and have not made many referrals (for I do not like the concept), 7 in total. Or rather I made two referrals, who made five. 

6 months later : my initial coupons + the commissions I earned from my ridiculously small downline and my reinvestments in other coupons generated approximately € 2,975. It’s not bad yes, but it’s a slow and unstable process.

Indeed, although I was happy enough at first, withdrawing my generated money soon became very long and downright impossible. So roughly speaking, my money on Profits25 is money I can only look on a web page without ever withdrawing it. And this is happening despite my numerous tickets to “support”. 

How Can You Withdraw Your Money? 


When I enrolled, Profits25 offered several withdrawal options but as time passed, I would read more and more complaints from people who were unable to use one or the other payment methods. I had opted for the mastercard debit card. The latter took what felt like a lifetime to be sent (so stressful) and turned out to be the only way to actually see your money.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-19 à 18.36.20

But again with time, I saw more and more people who never received their card and despaired. This is where I started to feel really bad being part of Profits25.

I thought : “ok this whole thing generates money (when you receive your card) but where does this money come from?

I ended up thinking that I was not helping anyone on Profits25, nor doing anything interesting – except click on banners – and I was not even able to withdraw my money anymore.

Is The Whole Thing Legal?


I believe my instincts warned me when I registered to Profits25. My feeling of uncertainty and fear at the time probably meant I already knew Profits25 was not legal. Or at least safe, for my money. 

I decided to do some research (I should have done that prior to joining I know! lol).  And I came to understand that what makes legal Profits25 (for now) is their “advertising agency” cover. Without the concept of advertising coupons, Profits25 simply may not exist and would even be prohibited.

But legally speaking, Profits25 is an MLM. And to be an MLM, a business must sell something. >>> The advertising coupons.

When you pay for something that sounds vague…

When you have no idea who runs the company…

When support is terrible or inexistant…

When you start having difficulty withdrawing your money…

Chances are you are dealing with a scam and someone at the top of the pyramid is going to run away with your money.


My Final Verdict



Profits25 has undoubtedly generated a lot of money for some but I think most members have either not received their debit card or simply can no longer withdraw their money.

From my experience, Profits25 is a ponzi, which means that it is a scam and people who join the program are only here to pay those who joined the program before.

And sooner or later, there will not be enough people to pay for those at the top and the whole structure will collapse.  The unknown founders of the concept will vanish with your money, leaving you frustrated, ripped off and for some broke.

So run away!

My 1# Recommendation



Over the years I have tried many things : horrible things, ok things and extraordinary things. =) I still feel a bit ashamed admitting that in my 6 years experience online, I lost too much money and time! But scam after scam, I kept hoping that I would someday build a real online business that would bring me money legally and make me happy.

I could recommend you some opportunities that are legit and reliable but among all the things I’ve tried, the only opportunity that has allowed me to work from home was Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is like an online university where you can learn to build an online business through step by step courses. It is free to join and where you will meet people there who have actually worked hard to succeed online. There you will find tutorials, marketing tools, 24/7 support and all that will allow you to can build something that will last over time.

My biggest regret is not to have joined the community earlier! I would have saved so much time … !! But it doesn’t matter, I am now so happy to do what I do that I would get scammed all over again if that meant I was going to come across Wealthy Affiliate lol! 

You can read my article about Wealthy Affiliate or just register for free and see for yourself what you can accomplish with it! =) I will be glad to welcome you !




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Your post touched me because one of the companies I was with made me feel the same way as you. Meaning, people were getting hurt. And when I realized that, I had to get out.

This company, profits25, OMG! What a scam. It is unacceptable that people had a difficult time getting their money. It does totally feel like a ponzi scheme.

Thank you so much for making people aware of it.

Hey Sarah, It looks like people will come up with any type of scam to gain peoples money. This seems like a terribly constructed pyramid scheme, that was a decent amount of money earned in your first 6 months but like you said it seemed like a weird way to do it. It also makes you wonder, if you made nearly $3,000, how much did the owners of the website make? Probably $10,000 out of it I’d say. I also dislike the lack of transparency, there is nothing worse than trying to research a website and not being able to… Read more »


There really are so many sneaky products out there with big promises and shady testimonials. You’ve revealed this product in a way that actually educates me about why I shouldn’t give it a second thought. You’re review is very helpful and I will definitely avoid this product.

Thanks, I hope this helps a lot of other people as well.



I love the content you put on your website! It looks amazing and I learned a lot of new information that I didn’t know before. I love the layout and the theme you have for your website and I think that it is well organized! I also love the pictures you added! Good job and I hope you have a good day!

I’m glad I found your Profits25 review because I have heard so much about the program, that I wanted to know the real truth behind it. This sounds just like another MAPS or Traffic Monsoon program, where members click ads and can potentially make a lot of money by referring new members and investing “BIG” amounts of money into ad packs. I hate Ponzi’s because there are never ever real products, just online service type things that can be effective OR simply don’t work. It’s great that you have made money from Profits25, but programs of this nature are not… Read more »
Hello Sarah You have done a great job here with this review. Even though it was painful for you to put your personal experience into this review it allowed you to executed a great overview of Profits25 and allowed you to some in depth research here and it’s appreciated I’m sure by all the readers. You spell it out exactly what this program is about and saved us all a lot of trouble and potential wallet ache . I am also pleased to see you are pointing your readers towards Wealthy Affiliate which is a much better platform to learn… Read more »
Kurtis Quick

How many hours a week would you have to put in to break even with this company?

Is the real goal of this opportunity to recruit more people? Is that how you build a passive income with this job? I does not make sense how you could be making any real money with 25 profits.