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Hey there!

Sarah here =) Another review of a product I have tried for you and disliked… Without further ado here’s my complete Profits25 review : what it is, how much it costs, who the owners are, the cons and my #1 recommendation ! Enjoy your visit! 


Comprehensive Review

Profits25 Scam Alert

Profits25 Scam Alert

Name : Profits25 

Website : www.profits25.com

Type : “online advertising agency”, shared revenue module

Created in : 2013

Owners : not specified

Support : awful

Verdict : scam (it’s a revshare, a ponzi)

Why Not Join?

  • too many complaints
  • no clear information on the company’s owners and purpose
  • too many people haven’t received their debit card
  • too many people have been waiting for their payments for months, sometimes up to a year (including me!
  • it’s not really MLM, you don’t sell anything of value… you just recruit people who, by joining the program, will pay for the people who entered it before them. This system is called a ponzi and you can read more about ponzi schemes here


Who’s Behind Profits25?

I should have done my research before writing this review, I know. But hey, you learn from your mistakes, right?

You will not find much information on their website. There is no “about us” page for the company or the managers, which you have to admit is quite strange. Or not exactly reassuring.

A serious company must show some transparency. Try googling famous companies and look at their “about us” page. On Profits25 you have no idea who you are talking to and even when you attempt to contact them through their “support” service, they will either not get back to you at all or their answer will be in an approximate French full of spelling mistakes. -_-

Here’s the only information I could find about the company :

Support Venture Ltd
The Hub, Suite 003,
Triq San Andrija,
San Gwann Malta
Trade register number: C 56318 - Malta

© Copyright 2013 - 2015 Support Venture Ltd - The Hub, Suite 003, Triq San Andrija, San Gwann Malta

No CEO name, no history of the company, no why they’re doing this, nothing.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

This part was very transparent though =). It will cost you €50 to get started. To access the module you will need to invest in at least 2 advertising coupons, each worth €25. 

Profits25 - Payment methods

Profits25 – Payment methods


What Does The Program Consist In?

Profits25 offers the members to purchase advertising coupons and earn money every Friday by clicking on ad banners. These banners are Profits25 Ad Bannerssupposed to be Profits25 partners that have supposedly paid a certain amount of money for people to click on their banners. These clicks are said to improve their ranking on search engines. Which is absolutely not true by the way ^^

As you click on these ad banners you’ll get messages such as “this site has no connection with Profits25”. Then some links are broken and you don’t even know what you’re clicking. 

The banners page looks really cheap to me and screams “scam alert!”, don’t you think? Plus, if you take a closer look at Profits25 partners you’ll realize they all have an affiliate program, which means that if you go on and purchase something on their websites, Profits25 will earn a commission =) Thanks to you ! 



Can You Earn Money?

So what about the earning process? Let’s assume you could become rich with Profits25, ok? The truth is it will take you a long time to get a high return on  your investment (except if you’re willing to invest €10,000 in the first place!) 

Profits25 EarningsIf your initial investment is $50 and you do not make any or enough referrals,  I hope patience is one of your qualities. Profits25 also offers a sponsorship program that allows you to earn commissions on the purchase of coupons by your affiliates. The more affiliates you make, the more commissions you earn and the more additional coupons you can reinvest in. In order to make affiliates you are going to have to recruit massively, by praising the program =)

You will (in theory) earn commissions paid out down on four levels of recruitment :

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • level 2 – 5%
  • level 3 – 3%
  • level 4 – 2%

Obviously, the more coupons you have the faster you will generate money. I can not speak for other Profits25 members – especially for those who joined the program in its early days and are terribly rich – but I can tell you this :

I invested 150 euros in early February 2015 and have not made many referrals (not a huge fan of the concept), 7 in total. My total virtual earnings are as displayed in the above screenshots.

Almost 12 months later : my initial coupons + the commissions I earned from my ridiculously small downline and my reinvestments in other coupons generated € 26,180. It sounds like good money but it’s just virtual.

I am, to this day, waiting for €8099,57 in withdrawals and I have accumulated €13 941,66 in residual due income. 


Withdrawing Options

How can you withdraw your earnings? Well you can’t, that’s the thing!Profits25 withdrawal optionsahah… ok maybe some still can but I can’t. And it’s not just me trust me.

When I enrolled, Profits25 offered several withdrawal options but as time passed, I would read more and more complaints from people who were unable to use one or the other payment methods. I had gone for the mastercard debit card. The latter took what felt like a lifetime to be sent and turned out to be the only way to actually see your money. Or not =)


Is The Whole Thing Legal?

I believe my instincts warned me when I joined Profits25. Always trust your instincts!! My feeling of uncertainty at the time probably meant I already knew Profits25 was not legal. Or at least not a safe place to invest my money in… Actually you know what, I think it shouldn’t be legal. Just because it says it’s legal on paper doesn’t mean it’s normal for people to invest money without ever receiving a return on their investment. If I wanted to lose money I’d gamble! 

I decided to do some research (I should have done that prior to joining I know! lol) and I came to understand that what makes Profits25 legal (for now) is their “advertising agency” cover. Without the concept of advertising coupons, Profits25 simply may not exist and would even be prohibited. Smart guys, these con artists! 

But legally speaking, Profits25 is an MLM because it sells “something” (the advertising coupons).


Final Verdict

Profits25 has undoubtedly generated a lot of money for some but I think most members have either not received their debit card or simply can no longer withdraw their money. Like me ^^

From my experience, Profits25 is a ponzi, which means that it is a scam and people who join the program are only here to pay those who joined the program before. Just like any pyramid scheme

Sooner or later, there will not be enough people to pay for those at the top and the whole structure will collapse.  The unknown founders of the concept will vanish with your money, leaving you frustrated, ripped off and for some broke. And they will start all over again with a similar ponzi scheme, hidden under a different name. 

Here’s my recommendation : before you join any program watch out for the below signs :

Scam– When you pay for something that sounds vague

– When you have no idea who runs the company

– When support is terrible or inexistant

– When you start having difficulty withdrawing your money

– When you read countless complaints about a company… 

Chances are you are dealing with a scam and someone at the top of the pyramid is going to run away with your money.


My 1# Recommendation

It took me almost a decade to find the one thing that worked. It’s not MLM, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme… It is simply an online community and training program, where you will learn how to make money online, the proper way. The way that works. The platform will give you tools, support, training and a wide community of helpful and successful people. This place is called Wealthy Affiliate and I would recommend it over any other program online. 


Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is like an online university where you can learn to build an online business through step by step courses. It is free to join and you will meet people there who have actually worked their way to the top. You will also have access to tutorials, marketing tools, 24/7 support, website hosting and all that will allow you to build something that will last over time. 

If you would like to give it a try you can register for free and see for yourself what you will accomplish with it! =) I will be glad to see you there (find me, I’m BelieveItYes


Comparison Table Wealthy Affiliate vs Profits25

Thanks for dropping by! All the best
Cheers =)


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Hi there
I would like to know if you have received your MasterCard and how long he took because I order mine since 08/04/15 and still not here I leave in London
Thank you hope to hearing from you soon


Sarah mam I joined Profits25 around 1 month ago.My sponsor offered me the initial coupons so that I can start the process.
Now I’ve question to you as I can u r a experienced member of it.My question is if I don’t want to withdraw my earning through Card then will it be reliable for me to withdraw my earning through other medium that Profits25 support.Suppose “SolidTrustPay”. Are they really pay through it ? & how many days it will take to receive the earning into my STP account after my withdraw request ?



Do you know of anything like this in the USA, I would do this in a New York minute!


Hi Sarah,
Interesting article here, thanks for that, but I want to know if you’ve made all that money by sponsoring people, and if so, how much would one do without sponsoring anyone?


Sarah, I see that they accept Canada, I’m allowed to live there 6 mo.s of the year w/o a visa, what exactly do I need to show Profits25 to qualify to join? Canadian ID, PO box? Trying to figure this out. Thanks for your help!


PO is post office box, Sarah I have a place to stay in France in the winter can I receive my card there, do I need a france ID when they deliver the card, do they ask for ID, right now I just have my USA Id, also how much can I withdraw every week, I heard if you withdraw less than $2,500 you don’t have to provide ID? Thanks in advance, Mark.


Thanks Sarah, if I want to withdraw more than $2,500 do I show them my France Utility bill and my California driver license ? Or do they require more documentation? PS Hope you had fun!


Hello Sarah.
I just joined Profit 25 – may I ask some questions?


Are there any alternate sources that can be used for verification of location – ie. utility bills are in the name of the owner in the Philippines – what else may I use?


Do you know if Profit25 does any business with Neteller.com ?


Hello guys ,

sarah , hello ,

i have a question – i ve requested a withdraw a week ago , and been checking to the atm everyday to get the cash out – but nothing – i feel worried – how long did u have to wait ? thank u


hi ..
you make me confused are you recommended to join to profits25 or do you think it is scam ??
help me please

hello mam, thanks for the post. Had always known profits25 to be a scam. I’m from Cameroon but presently in India and tried joining WA but was told my country has no free access, I was asked almost $400 which is way too much to get to premium. Besides WA, any other trusted site? need to start free before upgrade. Remain blessed. One last thing, is there any way one could get employed by owners of web sites like you before getting to start your own stuff. At least to get some experience; if yes I dropped my application already.… Read more »

so hello i recvd my master card and i buy 49 coupons now i have 480 cp 1 year now waiting my money just nothing 5 months waiting …..and my friend waiting his money for 8 months now but nothing ………..


no not like that sarah i received my card and i’m able 4 withdraw the prob is i waited for over 5 month and didn’t get my money yet and i’m looking 4 better business ‘ like profits25 and thx


Hi, I’m sorry it’s not really clear to me, did you finally get some money from them?

Hello Sarah, Thank you for your post. It is a hard pill to swallow but one has to move on. Your post just gave me the closure I needed. I also had active P25 account with “earnings” that keep growing without my being able to get my hands on them. I have referrals who luckily I sponsored in through offering my coupons at no cost to them so they lost nothing and for that I’m glad. Moving forward, I have started a blog http://www.earnwithmarjorie.wordpress.com and I am interested in Wealthy Affiliate. I live in Nigeria so I’ve not been able… Read more »
Thank you for your response Sarah. I would like to try the free version and then upgrade to premium. My name and surname are the same with my email. I’ve connected with you on IG and Pinterest and love what you are doing there. I’ve come to learn, realise and accept that the best way to earn online is the slow and steady way. I’m learning binary options and forex till I’m comfortable with my demo trades. I’m happy my journey brought me to your website – at least someone else has had the same struggles yet didn’t give up… Read more »

Hey sarah i have a question about earning money from profits25 to online payment platform (perfect money) i don’t have any idea about it ,can you tell me something about it and how…i can’t find any video about it on youtube ….thank you i hope you can reply asap




Hi Sarah,
Congratulation for your post
I agree your position about Profits25
I had dedicate a website to show that Profits25 is SCAM
This site is written in french but you have a translator in the right column


hi sarah
i been search in the internet and trying to look for better way to increase my income many in P25 and accidentally fund this website and really i´m worry cause i paying 1619 e it´s really a crazy think and i feel that should thank u for ur advice and wanna really enjoy WF .
have small question do u know some startegy to get my many back as soon as i can and thanks


I joined in profits25 since march, 2015, it’s more than one year till now, I have sent hundreds of emails to profits25 support to ask for my prepaid card, there are always reply like a machine….I feel so disappointed that i am still making clicks every week, but the result is that they are a scame