September 22

Positive Thoughts For The Day


What Is Happiness? 

Such a big word to describe such a small thing!  It seems to me that mostRainbowpeople are perpetually caught up in the pursuit of happiness, as if they
were chasing a rainbow.

But is there anything more absurd than pursuing a rainbow when one can simply observe and admire it before it disappears?  It appears obvious that happiness works the same way as a rainbow : a short and magic moment to seize.  


Is  it the Holy Grail?  

We tend to think that somehow, we are forced to tirelessly Happinesspursue happiness, like the holy grail, when in fact we simply need to open our eyes and enjoy the moment. Happiness is not something mysterious or unattainable or reserved for a few lucky ones.

Luck does not exist, it is provoked by our actions. So what is happiness? My definition of happiness is one that in my opinion requires less efforts and will thus cause less frustration and disappointment.  


Ephemeral Moments

Happiness are moments of varying lengths during which we allow ourLadybugentire being to contemplate and feel, without room for any negative thoughts. Simply put, happiness are the little things!  

It is so easy to forget these little things in our tumultuous everyday life : whether we are burning out at work, going through a painful breakup, grieving, battling sickness… we tend to be invaded by negative thoughts.

And because negative thoughts take over the little important things we say to ourselves things like : ” I will never be happy”, “I am not cut out for happiness “… and other negative beliefs.  

Think Positive!

In reality, if we simply learn to take a step back from any situation that overwhelms us, we can gradually fill our thoughts and body with beautiful things

If you think positive, you will SEE and LIVE and FEEL positive! So, without further ado here are for you, my little pleasures that when added up, contribute to my daily happiness !


My Little Pleasures

  • hearing thunder and seeing lightning at night
  • sleeping against a fluffy warm purring cat
  • pushing my fingers into lentils or seeds at the market
  • the smell of the earth after rain
  • diving into a hot bath and closing my eyes

Hot Bath

  • listening to music and vibrating to the sound of instruments
  • laughing out loud
  • cleaning out (with my fingers) the bowl that I used to make a cake
  • picking fruit and eating them on the tree – still warm from the sun
  • feeling good with someone without having to speak
Feeling good with someone

Feeling good with someone
  • being under water, listening to the waves and the sand crackling
  • watching a roaring fire and being mesmerized by the movement of the flames, numbed by the heat and rocked by the whistle of the logs
  • seeing the ones you love
  • watching children play
  • holding and petting a baby animal
Cute baby dog

Cute baby dog
  • looking at the stars and dreaming
  • hearing the birds sing from my bed in the morning
  • walking in powder snow and hearing it creak
  • being tired after a day of snowboard
  • making a gift
Make A Gift

Make A Gift


  • having time
  • being immersed in an exciting novel
  • feeling the warm sun on my face
  • regressing to childhood
  • horseback riding, galloping in the forest or along a beach
Riding horses at the beach

Riding horses at the beach
  • seeing a beautiful sunset or a beautiful sunrise
  • being given a foot massage
  • smelling something that brings back good memories
  • entering a Sephora store and breathing deeply
  • dreaming that you can fly

  • making someone laugh
  • getting a surprise
  • reading harry potter, for the four hundred tenth time
  • sleeping with a bottle of hot water
  • being in a roller coaster and screaming with pleasure
Roller coaster

Roller coaster
  • snuggling against someone you love
  • diving into the waves
  • hearing a sincere “I love you”
  • watching a movie under the blanket with someone you love
  • wanting to smile for no reason

  • walking barefoot in the grass
  • the first seafood knives , first oysters, first foie gras of the year
  • feeling light after a good workout session
  • waking up with a smile, after a beautiful dream
  • receiving a sweet unexpected message from someone you love
Message of Love

Message of Love
  • taking care of your plants, seeing them grow and bloom
  • drinking a cold beer in summer
  • being tired after a day at the beach
  • listening to loud music in the car
  • being at a concert, and not thinking about anything because you make one with the music
Being at a concert

Being at a concert
  • breaking the caramel crust on a creme brulee with your spoon
  • falling asleep while you are in sunbed
  • eating something you were craving
  • playing the piano and thinking about nothing
  • the smell of horse on your clothes and hands after riding

  • having a place that’s clean, tidy and smells good
  • eating with your fingers
  • listening and watching the rain fall
  • listening to crickets on summer evenings
  • growing your own fruit and vegetables

  • taking off and landing
  • the contact of thin sheets between my toes
  • eating pasta shells with butter and ham like when I was little
  • taking a walk at a market full of colors and smells
  • putting on comfortable clothes, taking off your shoes after a long day at work
Relaxing after work

Relaxing after work
  • entering a church and feeling small, letting yourself be “intoxicated” by the particular smell of stone walls, feeling the weight of centuries all around you
  • saving an animal
  • helping someone
  • holding a snake in your hand that wraps around your fingers
  • achieving a goal, no matter how small it is
Yes !

Yes !
  • getting out of the movies and still feeling somewhere else
  • breathing deeply the belly or the neck of my cat
  • laughing until you can’t breathe anymore
  • spending such a good evening that you do not see time pass and wish it would last forever
  • Christmas atmosphere : the good meal, the Christmas tree, the gifts, the smiles, family, the champagne, the cold outside, the fireplace
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
  • playing with a cat or any animal
  • singing
  • dancing
  • this light feeling when I get out of the hairdresser
  • inventing a dish that turns out to be delicious!

  • kissing someone passionately
  • hearing the first notes of Harry Potter
  • the genuine smile of a stranger
  • the muffled sounds when it snows
  • walking on pine needles and acorns in fall and hearing them crack under my feet
Pine needles

Pine needles

Feel free to share yours, it might give me ideas to enrich my days! =)  Thank you for dropping by and see you soon!



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Have a positive day filled with tons of happy little pleasures! =)

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Hi Sarah, Thanks for sharing those little moments of joy, you have made my day 🙂 I used to be the kind of persons that always saw the ‘glass half empty’ until an event in my life made me realize that life is way to short to be worrying all the time about things that I couldn’t change and I realized that you are getting nowhere being negative. I worked a lot on myself and my vision of life in general and I tend to see the positive in every situation. Not only do I feel more happy, but happy… Read more »

This is amazingly inspiring!

I love how many ways of being happy you have listed. My favourite way to lift my mood is listening to music.

Life is so much better when you are in a positive state of mind. Everything just seems to go smoother, things seems easier. Stress just destroys the mind and makes any situation worse than it is!

Thanks for this article! Just reading it has made me a lot happier.


Wow Sarah, this was a really great read. I really agree with you, so many people have the mindset of “Ill be happy when….” but the fact is that we will always be wanting something so if we think like this we will never move from being happy when we achieve something to actually being happy! That is a great list you gave there and I love the fact that they are all small things, because if you add them all up it is a large amount of happiness there. Recently my 4 year old daughter said to me “Mommy… Read more »

Haiz …….. Sitting here googling some stuff and then came here reading about happiness. I think that maybe there is something wrong with me.

It is long since I have the feeling happiness. It left me a long time ago. Growing up as a kid I always feel happy about my life and activities.

After I graduated and start working, all I felt was I am living in boring world. Most of the time after work are either sleeping or just dwelling into the past. Maybe I need some rest. Anyways, it’s nice to read this blog.


What a great post to read first thing in the morning! You’re very right that happiness isn’t something to be chased, but to find in small, everyday moments.

I loved your list, especially 58 and 59. Those are two of my favourite things, too. Especially when one happens right before the other!

This is great! … and something we all need to work on. If only we can remember the impact of “the power of positive thinking” – it’s HUGE! You are what you think as the saying goes, but I know even at that there will be times that challenge us and push us to the “edge”. … and support is out there to help pull us away from that edge into safety – like your post! Happiness IMO has absolutely nothing to do with monetary or material “riches”, but it comes from the heart and soul. It’s usually the simple… Read more »
John Wang

Your definition of happiness is great and I totally agree with you. It is the small things in life that make life more enjoyable and keep us going. I also think that happiness is when we accomplish things that we put more value into. There are so many small things in life that are enjoyable, but daily stress clouds them all and we become unaware of our surroundings and lose connections with the meanings behinds all these small things. I hope more people can read your article and get enlightened through it.


Hi Sarah,

My little moment of happiness today was reading your article. This is so inspiring and so true.
We all too often expect the big things while all the little things happening to us everyday can bring us so much joy.

Thank you



hi Sarah!
Sooooo true! We need to enjoy the small moments of happiness. Because if we open our eyes, we have them every day. Sometimes we are just too blind to see them. Sometimes it’s about moments rather than full days and that’s totally okay. Love love entering Sephora and breathing deeply!! That made me laugh 🙂 and the light feeling you have when you just had your hair done! Do you really wrap snakes around your fingers?


Great article. It sure does remind me of all the little things, especially after always thinking about building a business, when I really just need to take in the moment and be happy. Some of my moments include: looking at the moon through my telescope, staring at the stars on a cool night. getting so caught up in the moment when I hear a inspiring song, thunder & rain, and more and more.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your many tiny pleasures.
It remembers me that happiness must not be a goal, but the result of our way


I love starting my day off with positive thoughts and affirmations. It seems to make the day go so much better. I keep a list of my happy things over all my desks; just in case my day turns a little sour I can look up and remind myself if necessary what makes me smile.

Great photos! I’m a huge rainbow fan as well.


Hi again Sarah
Yes it was so lovely hearing those words from my daughter. I find I don’t have to do much to get positive thoughts when it comes to my children. Every day they provide light and love to me, along with of course the standard temper tantrums and challenges. I find being a mom is one of the most amazing journeys and when it comes to being positive I think they provide me with plenty to be happy about.


Hi there Sarah,
Your article is certainly thought provoking. You’re right about the standard thinking behind the pursuit of happiness. My take on it is: You’re miserable trying to get there, and once you do get there it’s moved. Always fleeting because there is nothing in this world that satisfies for long.
But (as you pointed out) if you just stop to smell the roses and take pleasure in the little things that happen day to day, you gradually tip the positive scales in favor of your pursuit. Sometimes just taking a look around can help.

Hi Sarah! It was amazing to read this post when I am just about to start my day. You are completely right. Happiness should never be something to wish for in the future… it also should never depend on anything else to happen. happiness is in the present moment, it is in the “little” but not so “little” things” He humans are always in the pursuit of more and more and this causes us to forget about the simple things in life… Well, it takes a great deal for consciousness to jump out of the collective madness we are in.… Read more »
Mr. Glass

Thank you so much for this gift. I don’t have many, but today was a challenging day for me. You know those days when it seems like nothing is going your way? Every once in a while I’ll find myself in an unproductive funk, and luckily I was blessed to read this post. Thanks again!


Really nice, you really know your stuff, I checked your page and its looking good, also your site and I willl be coming back, to see your latest posts, keep up the good work and remember that the content is the best you can make for people to find your website just like I did.

Sarah, Thanks for the uplifting site I too am a very positive person. If you have not read it yet you would probably enjoy the book “How full is your bucket.” It talks about how important it is to remain positive in day to day interactions with others. I also wanted to mentioned that for anyone on the fence… WA teaches you how to build an online business and is a great resource if you are thinking about getting started its not a get rich quick scheme it takes good old fashioned effort and is free to try. I joined… Read more »
Shane G

Hey there Sarah!
Thank you for sharing such a motivational article! It is really refreshing to read this post as I can see that you really want people to see the joys of life and not miss out on the little things! You have a really amazing list of little pleasures! I better start working on mine…Haha Take Care! Be Blessed!


hi sarah,
great post and some excellent advice. most people today are way to negative which is only going to bring you down, i agree staying positive is the best way to get happiness. Another way in which i think you can get happiness is to look at those who have less and are worse off than you. It helps you realize and appreciate the blessings you have and helps you become more contempt with your life.


Hey Sarah,
Thanks for sharing an interesting and thought provoking perspective on “happiness’ and having positive outlook in life.

I believe that happiness is a continuous state and not an temporary emotion. It being grateful for you have.
I believe the ultimate way to achieve happiness is to be of value to others not to be valued by others.

It was nice reading the list of pleasure you’ve created.

I really enjoyed reading this, it really made my day.

Hi Sarah, I always love reading your posts and today it comes at the end of a long but productive day and I have just been out for a walk with my two dogs as the sun set and have taken off my shoes. (There’s a lot of happiness in all of that!) I read your list and as I did I found that there were a few things that were part of today which is why it’s been long and productive. I started a new level at my language classes, so that means I passed the last one (small… Read more »

I love this post because I believe in the power of positive thinking. Many people know the phrase “You are what you eat” There is some truth to that. But the phrase “You are what you think” is equally important, perhaps more so. If you think you can’t you won’t; if you think you can you at least have a fighting chance.


I appreciate your post. You have a ton of pleasures. I can relate to a lot of them. One of my biggest pleasures would to be able to work full time from home doing what I love. Happiness is the holy grail I agree…your quality of life is better and you look at things different. I like having time to do whatever I want to do and spend it with my children. Great to see a site like this. Keep up the good work.

Alan Roy Hocking

Hi Sarah

I’m a massive fan of always looking for the positive in every situation I find myself in and I really enjoyed this post.

Especially your long list of “Little Pleasures”

My favorite quote and one that I live my life by is:

“The happiest people in the world don’t always have the best of everything – They just know how to make the best of everything they have!”

Thanks for brightening my day and setting me off on a positive footing.

Alan 🙂


Loved this post I felt happy reading it!!
Beautiful pictures of nature.I love nature and animals they are one of the things that make me feel happy inside.
All of the things on your list also make me happy.Funny that’s all the things which are free in life not materialism that makes most of us the happiest!


Hi Sarah,

Nice post!

I think happiness is a choice, and not only that I think happiness itself is the path and not the destination.

I love your list of little pleasures, especially the smell of horse. Some of mine include hearing computer typing on a desktop of laptop, the sound of a lawnmower, among others.

Great job!


This was such a brilliantly executed site! The bolding of those key words caught my attention and definitely left it with a brighter tone. You seemed like you knew so much of what you were talking about and your words choice was immaculate. One suggestion would be to add more color to a page about happiness especially, but other than that, I’m very impressed. Masterfully done and very captivating. 🙂


It is always a good idea to sit back and just to evaluate your thought and subconscious mind to see what makes you happy.

You will later realize that it is the small things in life will contribute to your life. For me happiness has different types of levels that we can reach and it is up to us to discover those levels.

Sarah I loved reading this article and I love your website overall! It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling just reading it! The perfect boost for a Monday morning. I am a real believer in the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking so could not agree with you more. I also love how you give specific examples of what small things give you pleasure every day. It is the little things that we need to focus on more instead of the constant chasing. It’s all about being, doing and then having as far as happiness is concerned… Read more »

I am convinced that your thoughts are incredibly powerful. The way a person thinks will have a major effect on the outcome of his or her endeavour. If one’s attitude is negative, then a task, a chore or a career will likely be derailed. On the other had, if you think you can, well you just might.


Hi Sarah,

I believe happiness is key to our life, health, and well being. It is us who to choose to be happy or sad; no matter what the situation is. Rather than dwelling on negative thinking and feeling, it is better to stay positive with our thoughts and be happy with our present situation. See the world from a beautiful perspective, filled with love, joy, peace, and gratitude. That’s what I called happiness, and this will attract many good things to you in return! I believe the Law of Attraction works with us.


Oh, what a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this!

I was just browsing through the web, when I stumbled on your post and what a lovely post it was! I immediately got a smile on my face!

I also can think of a lot reasons to put a smile on my face, but the most important once are:
my beautiful daughter
my lovely partner
my sweet family

Thank you for sharing this!
Have a nice day,


Hi Sarah, such an inspirational post it is. My best moments are when I am spending time with my daughter. We are always surrounded by happiness but the sad part is still we are in search for it. Always feel like an empty handed. We should always be happy with the things which we acquire not for which we desire. Thanks for sharing.

Great outlook! Every time someone says something bad about their life I always respond the same way; at least you don’t walk two miles to get dirty water that you then have to drink and get sick from like the little African children in some Africa villages. It is funny how those complainers perk up and start talking about their blessings. On our worse days it can not compare to some children and adults in third world countries. I most enjoy walking barefoot in the grass and watching my dogs sit on a hill looking at the new calves making… Read more »

wow i absoultely was blown away by this site Sarah. such a perfect niche. i was going to go into the happiness niche because it appeals to such a wide range of people. anywhere from moms, grandparents, even young kids. i totally learned from this thankyou for that. everything is big right now im so new in the game


I loved the site nothing but positive vibes! I think if people would stop for a second and make a list like yourself they would realize all the great things about life. It was refreshing to read this post a lot of people stay in a negative mindset these days.


Hello there, I have really enjoyed reading your site and have a warm fuzzy feeling now after relating to so many points you mentioned. It is very thought provoking because you have managed to stir up lots of nice memories. i think it is so common place to dwell on sad stories of what is in the news constantly, it wears you down with all of that negativity, so yes your site is like a breath of fresh air and I feel all the better for reading it.



Thanks for reminding us that having positive thoughts are necessary to be happy! Even if life can be tough somrtimes, positive thinking will help us to overcome anything and to continue to strive. And I agree with you that enjoying little pleasures is important. My own little pleasures are reading a good book, taking care of myself, and sharing a good moment with my friends. Keep up the good work!

Marques Pizarro

I love this article! Thank you for reminding me to be positive and be blessed with the little things in my life. I realize that I have been taking things for granted, such as driving and having a roof over my head. I will definitely practice positivity, such as music, connecting with nature, and having time for myself. I will definitely come back for more positive tips just like this one, thank you!