Keyword/Market Research

The Importance Of Keywords

There are a lot of keyword research tools available online but most of them either don’t work or are using outdated data from their database.

Bloggers and affiliate marketers search for keywords because they want to know how many times a keyword is searched per month and if they would rank their blog/website on the first page of Google for that specific keyword. 


My 1# Recommendation : Jaaxy

 Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool there is online, it will enable you to find high traffic keywords with low competition, no matter what your website is about! 

Jaaxy will make search engines love you ! =) If you are hoping to get your posts on the first page of google, you definitely want to try Jaaxy. 



Pros & Cons


– Jaaxy is very easy to use and to understand. Its interface is quite intuitive and every aspect of the software is explained

–  The data is really accurate. I’ve run hundreds of tests and totally rely on Jaaxy. I was able to rank many of my posts on the first page and first four pages of google.

You don’t have to download anything. All you have to do is sign up and use Jaaxy directly on your computer (runs both on Mac and PC)

– It is FAST! we’re talking seconds

– It has a free trial that lets your run 30 searches

One of my favorite feature is the “website ranking“. It enables you to know what posts on your website are ranked on the first four pages of google and which ones aren’t. All you have to do is enter a keyword and URL to begin your Site Rank Search!


I couldn’t find any, Jaaxy is a must have!

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Try It Now!

The best way to make up your mind is to give it a shot! Just type in a keyword in the below search bar and check out Jaaxy’s results! 


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I completely rely on Jaaxy for all my keyword research and I use it every time I think of a post for my websites. Sometimes I search for a keyword and Jaaxy gives me different keywords that I hadn't even thought of! It's like Jaaxy does all the work for you in a matter of seconds. 

If you would like to learn more about Jaaxy, simply click here !



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