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** Debt Free Is The New Sexy !!! **

Are you ready to JOIN the PARTY and find out more about how to become an independent ItWorks ? I will show you how you can market the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA That Crazy Wrap Thing! 




My name is Sarah and I have been an ItWorks distributor since June 30th 2014.moi21-632x375


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

$99 is the cost of your business kit builder. There are three simple steps to become an ItWorks independent distributor and to start making money! ItWorks guarantees you a $500 income if you follow the below ‘steps to success’! 


What Does An ItWorks Distributor Do?




You share the famous ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap and a large variety of Health & Wellness Supplements with people!  Easy right?


By sharing I mean talk about it, not necessarily to your friends and family but to anybody that you meet. You don’t have to annoy people with your products. The best way to succeed at ItWorks or I believe, any MLM is to know the products and even better, to love them. 


It is a lot easier to talk about something you know and trust than to try to sell something at all cost. People hate that.


How do you sell the products? Everybody is different but ItWorks’ moto has proven to be very efficient : blitz, wrap & repeat. What it means is you will promote your products (through social media, when you go out, from home…), show what the products do (let the “magic occur”) and repeat! 

Marketing Tools

In order to help you build your team and make your sales, ItWorks provides you with  an Esuite & a replicated website (your store!). Both are FREE for your first 30 days and will cost you $20.00 per month if you decide to keep them (it’s not compulsory). 

Basically the Esuite is the central hub of your It Works! business where you have access to:

  • ItWorks! TrainingAcademy
  • Place your orders
  • Track your team’s growth
  • Develop your business and yourself with SUCCESS on Demand


ItWorks Compensation Plan


There are just three ways to earn commission: Cash and Carry, Personal Bonus Volume Commission, and Group Bonus Volume Commission.

Incentives, Rewards & Bonuses


It Works! Global also offers a variety of unique opportunities to earn incentives and bonus cash.

1. Fast Start Bonus

When a newly enrolled distributor signs their first two loyal customers in their first 30 days, their enrolling sponsor, or enrolling upline, earns a $100 dollar bonus, paid out at the next regular pay date 


2. Distributor Rebate Credit (Also Known as Get 4 Product Credit)

When a new distributor signs up four loyal customers in their first 30 days they earn a product credit, that is good for 120 dollars in Bonus Volume, applied to the purchase of products from the It Works! Product Line

3. Wrap Rewards

For every two loyal customers a distributor has enrolled directly under them, they earn a wrap reward. These rewards can be redeemed for a box of body applicators, at the promotional price $25 dollars per box, or a box of facial wraps for the promotional price of $20 per box.


4. 500 Dollar Guarantee

All distributors who complete the three steps to success within their first 60 days are guaranteed to earn a minimum of $500 dollars in commissions. If their total earnings are less than $500 dollars, It Works! Global will give them a bonus equal to the difference between their commissions and the  $500 dollar guarantee.


5. G.O.O.D Bonus

The G.O.O.D Bonus, or Get Out Of Debt incentive, which is being offered for a limited time only, is a bonus awarded to those that reach the rank of “Diamond” in their first 90 days. It is a $10,000 bonus, It is paid out at a rate of $400 per month, for 25 months. Those receiving the bonus must requalify each month by maintaining the Diamond ranking.


6. Car Bonus

Distributors that enroll 60 loyal customers, with a total sales volume of greater than $3000 dollars, are entitled to a car bonus. The car bonus pays $600 a month, every month for as long as the $3000 dollar volume is maintained.

7. Diamond Bonus

Diamond Bonuses, previously known as CAB bonuses pay distributors bonuses for their levels of leadership, after reaching the diamond level. Diamonds earn $80 for each new distributor they enroll. Double Diamonds earn $40 on each new enrollment, Triple Diamonds earn $15 dollars, Presidential Diamonds earn $10 and Ambassador Diamonds earn $5.

8. One Time Bonuses

Additionally, It Works! has a reputation for offering generous one time bonus opportunities. For example, in October of 2013, they announced a Christmas Bonus incentive that paid between $500 and $2000 to distributors who completed the steps to success in their first 60 days, or earned a new promotional level above the rank of diamond during the months of October or November.

My Experience As An ItWorks Distributor

I decided to become an independent distributor for three main reasons :

  1. I’d always wanted to be my own boss
  2. I have a passion for cosmetics and natural products, plants, wellness, etc.
  3. I wanted to build a home-based business and feel like I was doing something useful and not selling empty promises or low quality products

So I took my friend’s advice – who had at the time reached the diamond position within the company – and joined in the party!


I did not know exactly what I was supposed to do though ; this was all new to me. I was not a salesperson and I had never worked in cosmetics before. But I love natural products, health and wellness and being my own boss sounded like the best thing in the world

9 months have passed since I joined the company and I love my job and our products. I use most of them on a daily basis and find them very easy to sell. Why? Because they are quality products. And second, because who doesn’t want to look younger or to be healthier?

So this is my story within ItWorks. =) I did not become a millionaire with ItWorks but I did not really try to on the other hand. I just wanted some extra money, several hundred dollars and not a full time business. I love doing too many things to concentrate all my energy on ItWorks or on one business in particular. But do know that ItWorks can be a full time job if you dedicate yourself to it! 

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or to email me directly at and I will be more than happy to connect !



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I’ve heard about It Works a bit but I never knew how much you could do with it!


Very nice! Throw a wrap party. Love it!


Hi Sarah,
Great Article, I wonder is this something that man are getting into also? If not I’ll pass it along to some of my lady friends, I’m sure they will love it!



ItWorks seems to be a good company to join to but i don;t have the people skills needed for MLM. I wish I have more time to try that.


hey Sarah,

If I didn’t have a belly, you’d have convinced me to join the party, but I think I wouldn’t be a good role model. All joking aside its very compelling because your natural approach and obvious enjoyment of it shone through. Strat shipping it out here to England and we’ll make a killing