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Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam?



Comprehensive Review

Name : TrafficMonsoon hqdefault

Website : www.trafficmonsoon.com

Type : PTC, Traffic Exchange & Revenue Sharing website

Price : starter $0 ; paying ad packs

Date of creation : 2014 

OwnerAdmin of trafficmonsoon is Charles Scoville

Rating : 5/10

What Is Traffic Monsoon?

TrafficMonsoon is an advertising website that shares its revenue with its members. It’s a traffic exchange mixed with a paid-to-click site.

Who Is Traffic Monsoon for?

– people who want to earn extra cash from home without investing or spending too much time on it

– people who own  a website (or several) and want to get more traffic > conversions > $$$             


How Much Does It Cost?

– You can sign up to Trafficmonsoon for FREE and earn money (little) daily by clicking ads.

– There are also PAYING OPTIONS on Trafficmonsoon, such as the ad packs. If for instance you want to promote your business (your blog/website or any affiliate link that you have) you can buy ad packs and get people to click on it. The more traffic you get the more chances of seeing it convert… =) Capture d’écran 2015-10-01 à 14.50.54

How Do You Earn Money On TrafficMonsoon?

There are four ways you can earn money on TrafficMonsoon :

–  paid to click (you will view and click ads for around $0,02 per ad)  : If you are considering joining Trafficmonsoon for free this is definitely the best option for you. As a free member you will get 10 and + cash links ads (PTC ads), each worth from $0.01 to $0.02. 

–  using ad services to generate leads to make money in your primary business :  If you have a website and want to promote it on Traffic Monsoon you want to go to click the “start surfing” button. As a free member, you will get 1 credit for 2 traffic exchange advertisement views in Traffic Monsoon. You can use these credits to advertise your own website or any affiliate link that you have.     

–  revenue sharing :  The revenue sharing requires prior investment. To earn money from the program other than by clicking ads you are going to have to invest in an “ad pack” ($50). This ad pack will grant you with 1000 ad credits and 20 guaranteed banner clicks    

–  direct sales commissions : 

If you decide to promote Traffic Monsoon (using your affiliate link) you will receive 10% commissions from all your referrals’ purchases (except for cash link purchases).  If one of your referral buys a $50 Adpack, you will automatically earn $5. If you have 10 referrals and they all purchase a $50 pack you’ll earn a $50 commission. And so on.  To qualify for commissions from your referrals, you must surf at least 10 traffic exchange ads everyday. Finally, note that you can refer as many people as you want to Traffic Monsoon. 

Capture d’écran 2015-10-08 à 12.28.35

Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Solid Trust Pay



Most of the time, when I write a product review I find it easy to decide and tell if it is a scam or a legit product. With trafficmonsoon I have to admit it was a little trickier. I think that given the youth of the program and its current success, it is difficult to say for sure if it’s going to collapse or not. PTC sites ARE legit and Traffic Monsoon does pay every time.

Now the question is :  is it going to pass the test of time? Hard to say … Plus I’m still undecided about the whole ad pack thing. Somehow it looks like a ponzi to me ; especially when the website administrator is known for running several failed PTC sites in the past. I would say that if you go with the free membership, you have nothing (except a few minutes per day) to lose.

On the other hand, if you invest in the ad packs, you WILL make money over time but I advise you have a backup plan and not just rely on Traffic Monsoon.  

Untitled Infographic (4)

Traffic Monsoon vs Wealthy Affiliate


If you have any questions about Traffic Monsoon or Wealthy Affiliate or anything related to online business, feel free to leave a comment below ; I’ll be more than happy to connect! 

Thanks for dropping by ! 
Cheers =)



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Very informative! Your review is thorough, too. Thank you for taking the time to research the site and give an account of your experiences!


Thanks for this review Sarah, it is so helpful to have people reviewing products on the market and giving an honest opinion! The name ‘Traffic Monsoon’ kind of indicates a lot of traffic in a short space of time, but I didn’t really sense that was the case, especially with the free membership. I was wondering whether you knew much about how targeted the traffic could be to a chosen niche? thanks


Great review! You summed everything up quite nicely and you clearly rationalized why you are undecided about Traffic Monsoon.


Thanks for the great review. I have actually seen advertisements for Traffic Monsoon in the past but wasn’t really sure what it was. I think this would be a great option to aimlessly make a little pocket change. I am not sure about the ad packs though. I think I would prefer to get my traffic the free way if at all possible.

Do you recommend getting traffic in this manner?

Thank You for introducing this option. I may have to check the free aspect out for myself.


Thank you for a very honest review. I was pleased to see you give your honest opinion about Traffic Monsoon at the end especially since I wasn’t expecting it!
I am always wary of these types of websites. Surely you can’t make much money trying to click on ads?
And if you do buy ad packs surely the visitors you get are not quality traffic? They are just mindlessly clicking through to try and earn a measly $0.02?

Sharon May

Thx for your thorough Traffic Monsoon scam review, I’ve seen that there are plenty of similar businesses on the net and have tried one in the past from someone within Wealthy Affiliate who recommended it. I don’t feel these kind of business operations are a scam, but I think for the amount of work one has to put into it there is very little financial return. Thanks for this great article and I love your site.


Thanks for the information on Traffic Monsoon. Is there a way to know how many clicks you get through this site. It looks like it takes a big effort to get any traffic with the free package. Sounds like most of the traffic is from other members of this program, if they just click and leave it does your site no good.
Does the free membership have a minimum or maximum number of clicks on adds you can do each day?


Thank you for this review. I’ve heard of it before, can’t remember where. But, your review has made it clear that this product does have something fishy going on and caution has to be taken. For me, I wouldn’t want to waste my time with such products. I’d rather spend the time to build out my website and get long-term benefits from it.

Jacob Schilling
Hi Sarah, thank you for the review. This place seems like it is trying to be a bunch of different things. An ad clicking site, a traffic package site. I myself have never considered buying traffic, as I believe natural organic traffic has a higher chance of conversion, and people who seek your site out naturally are likely to be loyal to that site if they like what they see. I have noticed a lot of the comments on this post are from two years ago. If you haven’t checked this site out for awhile, I understand, but if you… Read more »