What is Bonofa?

Comprehensive Review


Website : www.bonofa.com  photo

Price : €29,9 monthly subscription + Premium €299,90 – Exclusive €949,90 – VIP Package €2490 

Type : “web communication products”Ponzi

OwnersThomas Kulla, Detlef Tilgenkamp, Martin Böhm

Rating : 1/10

Who is it for : not me! a total waste of time and money


What Is Bonofa?

Bonofa is a German company that claims to build the world’s largest business network, Cube7. They assured the world that their Cube7 was going to revolutionize the online world. Has it? Not that I know of. 

The company has been recruiting personal investors and promising a share of the riches when Bonofa floats since 2013. 

For 120 recruits, there’s a €30,000 bonus when (or shall we make that “if”?) Bonofa floats.

There’s €1.2million if you can get 3,000 recruited, and Kalpesh makes it sound so easy: “Come on guys, I’ve done that in a couple of months.”

Let’s say you manage to sign up 3,000 people, and they each want to recruit 3,000 so they can hit the €1.2million jackpot, that will need nine million recruits in total.

If they’re also going to get that jackpot, then they’ll need 3,000 recruits apiece – that’s 27 thousand million people. What planet are all these people going to come from?

Bonofa Opportunity

Bonofa Opportunity

What Are Their Products?

What Bonofa does mostly is give its members the opportunity to promote the platform in exchange for a few pennies. 

Bonofa’s platform (Cube7). It focuses on five trends :

  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Shopping
  • Mobile applications

Cube7 undoubtedly wants to be the new competitor to Facebook and time will tell if they have what it takes to overcome them. Or not.

The company offers other products such as:

  • Transmit7  : send files at lightning speed
  • Whiteboard7 : artistic software

The truth is, writing this Bonofa review was one of the hardest reviews I had to write because it is virtually impossible to find an objective article on the company. It seems that the MLM company has tried to spam the web with ultra positive reviews, all written by high-ranked members. Nevertheless, I was able to dig in and find a few articles on the scandal that took place in Lebanon and where Bonofa was strickly forbidden. 

Bonofa Products

Bonofa Products

What Is Their Compensation Plan?

Apparently, Bonofa offers its members 7 different ways to earn money :

  • First Order Bonus: Receive 10% when you sign someone on your first level
  • Fast Start Bonus: If someone in your personal downline recruits someone, you receive a certain percentage
  • Team Bonus: Bonofa pays 30% of the € 29.90 / month that the team members pay to have access to the BAIO (Business All In One Office)
  • Infinity Bonus: This is a rank-based bonus. You can earn up to 19% on your team’s sales volume 
  • Cube7 Bonus: You get a certain percentage of purchases from your friends and referrals
  • National Pool Bonus: This is a bonus reserved for high rankings. You equally share 1% of your country’s sales


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Becoming a Bonofa member will cost you € 29.90/month. This paying membership will give you access to the BAIO (business all in one office)

However as a member, you will have to choose between three different packages : 

  • The 299 € premium package (a €300 vouchers to spend on the platform, landing pages, video mail system)
  • The 949 € exclusive package (a 1000 € vouchers, the entire contents of the Premium Package, a webinar room and OEBA “Module 1” > Old English Business Academy)
  • The € 2,490 VIP package  (a €2,500 vouchers, the entire contents of exclusive pack as bonus, OEBA “all modules” and the free use of Cube7)


The Pros & Cons

 I couldn’t find any pros O.O


  • too expensive
  • too many complains
  • not enough proof of payment
  • promised to become a huge thing and to this day almost no one has heard about it
  • the lebanon scandal
  • impossible to find a decent review 


My Final Verdict

A total waste of time and money. If you join Bonofa you are going to spend your time recruiting people, losing friends and upsetting your family =). If you are serious about earning money online I recommend building a website and learning the basics of affiliate marketing. You can get started here today, for absolutely free. I will be happy to help if you are lost!