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Is ACN A Scam?



On the one hand, ACN is a legally operating MLM company, selling phone services, internet, energy and more. It operates in many countries on three continents.

On the other hand, there are lots of controversies about ACN : people are divided on the subject. ACN sounds like it’s either a scam or the best opportunity in the world.

As a former ACN distributor I wanted to share my honest point of view, giving you the good and the bad! From there, you’ll make your own opinion !


Comprehensive Review 



Name : ACN 


Founders : Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz & Mike Cupisz

Created in : 1993

Type : MLM, direct seller of telecommunications, energy & essential services

Products : high speed internet, home phone services, home security & automation, wireless service, XOOM energy

Required Costs : team trainer application fee $499 ; annual renewal fee $149.

Additional Costs : your business assistant $39.99 per month (supposedly optional but the founders insist you need it to succeed)

Who Is It For? : people who are familiar and love MLM, people who can invest money, people who like recruiting and selling

What Is ACN?

What is ACN About ?

What is ACN About ?

The company was founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs : Greg Provenzano, Tony Cupisz, Robert Stevanovski and Mike Cupisz.  

They have turned what started as a small business into a  big reseller of long distance services in the USA.  Over the years, they have reached 24 countries and claim to be one of the biggest telecommunication, energy and essential services for both home and business. The fact that they’ve been out there for over 20 years means they’ve built a sound foundation and are unlikely to collapse anytime soon. Stability and durability is something you want to look for in a business opportunity. Now a startup company is not necessarily a scam, the same way an old company is not automatically a reliable company (eg : Madoff

If you have read ACN reviews online, you may have noticed most of them have one thing in common : they are written by people who are part of the company and are promoting it. So they will never tell you ACN is a scam.

With this post, I wanted to write a review from a different perspective. I joined ACN 10 years ago and quit because it wasn’t for me. I am not trying to promote it but I’m also not trying to put it into the “scam” category. Not everything is black or white, right? =)


What Do They Sell?

When it comes to products, ACN has evolved a lot over time and is selling real products.  Their goal has it seems always been to focus on products that are essential to consumers that they are already using. 

Here are some of their products :

  • Cell Phone Plans
  • Local Long Distance Calling
  • Energy (Natural Gas, solar… )
  • Television Channel Plans
  • Home Recruiting
  • Internet Plans


ACN Business Opportunity

ACN compensation plan

ACN compensation plan

Like any MLM company out there, you can make a commission by getting people to join the opportunity and you’ll earn money from your customer purchases and expenses. You CAN earn money with ACN, but like most MLM I have to say that their compensation plan gives me a headache lol. I like simple things. I like it that way : you make a sale you earn a commission. Full stop. lol No downlines and bonuses and positions and massive recruiting =). Now, I know some people who just LOOOOVE recruiting and building a downline, so if that is your case you might just love ACN =)

Here’s video of how ACN is presented to people !

Pros & Cons


  • they have been in business since 1993 and are still expanding  > it’s easier to trust them
  • they sell real products and not “ad packs” (profits25) or lame books (Pennymatrix)
  • you have a few days to get a refund upon joining



  • earning good money requires massive sales 
  • you are subject to a downline dependency
  • the cost of the initial investment is high 
  • expensive products (in my opinion). 
  • doesn’t have a really good reputation, many people say it’s a scam, which can give you a hard time promoting it 

 Here’s their General terms & conditions (good luck, this read is indigest lol)

Conclusion – Scam or not?

I will be honest with you, I gave up the idea of making good money with MLM a long time ago. Not that all MLM opportunities are scams but they’re just not for me… the recruiting, the selling at all cost… I just can’t do it. Being in an MLM company doesn’t make me feel like I’m helping others… it makes me feel like I’m constantly looking for more people to help ME earn more money… I end up thinking in terms of charts and figures rather than in terms of humans and usefulness.

Some ACN reviews will say it is a scam and most won’t because they are trying to recruit more people for their downline… What I think is that ACN is not a scam BUT, it’s not for me and perhaps not for you. 

Choose MLM or Affiliate marketing

Choose MLM or Affiliate marketing


Anything Better Than ACN then?

Because I never managed to build a steady business with MLM, I got into affiliate marketing and finally found something that worked for me. Affiliate marketing allows you to promote various products (even competitive products, which is not possible with MLM). It enables you to build a business based on a passion, a hobby, an interest. With affiliate marketing, it might take longer to build a sustainable business, but you’ll build a business that grows over time and is rewarding. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to build a downline or to massively sell. All you have to do is pick a passion/interest, build a website and generate traffic!  

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Thanks for dropping by!

Cheers =) 



Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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ACN Europe Compliance
ACN Europe Compliance

Dear Sara, Would you be so kind and remove this post? The above mentioned compensation plan and prices for US only and it does not true in regards of Europe, especially not as we changed everything last year. We know you just shared your experience but we kindly ask to delete it. Thank you for your understanding. Kindest Regards, ACN Europe Compliance

ACN Europe Compliance
ACN Europe Compliance

Dear Sarah,Thank you for your co-operation for updating this post. Kindest Regards, ACN Europe Compliance