September 30

I Don’t Know What To Do


 Feeling Lost?

I don’t know what to do“. I can definitely relate to that and I know that more people than we think can as well.

If you landed on this page it might be that you are lost in your life (whether it’s your professional, sentimental or spiritual life … and maybe even a little bit of all at the same time?) and you are looking for answers, solutions and help?

Well, let me assure you that you are at the right place and that I hope with all my heart that  I can offer you some support, advice and help you see more clearly.

First of all, do know that you can contact me directly at the following email address: ;  or leave a message in the comments area at the bottom of the page ; I will be more than happy to connect ! =)

I dont know what to do

I dont know what to do


There Are No Problems, Only Solutions

Then, just because my website is about online business doesn’t mean I will not be able to help you. How so?

Simply because my job (and passion) is precisely about helping people find their way, achieving their goals and dreams and living a better life, whether it is at work or in any other field.

Now saying “I don’t know what to do” is quite vague and it would difficult for me to help you with so very few starting elements.

But what I do know is that when  you don’t know what to do (whatever the problem is) it most probably feels like you have tried EVERYTHING in your power to improve the situation and yet you feel like there is no solution. Think again and banish this thought from your mind, for good.

There is always a solution, only sometimes it is so obvious that you can not see it. =)




What Needs To Change?

There can be tons of reasons for you to think : “I don’t know what to do” 

I dont know what to do

I dont know what to do

It could be that you’re just bored right now and looking for something to do to kill time =)… Which honestly, sounds like the least serious and depressing reason to not know what to do lol. If that is your case I’m sure you can think of something you love doing =) and just do it! Like reading, or exercising or taking a walk, calling a friend, writing, singing, playing an instrument… There’s got to be something you are passionate about! And sometimes just getting out of the house will do the trick! 

Now being bored regularly can also mean that something’s missing in your life… like friends or love or hobbies or a job that you love…? Is there anything missing in your life? It can also mean that you are not used to doing things on  your own and fear solitude. Do you fear solitude? 

I personally like to think of solitude as my secret friend or a retreat. It’s a place I love going to meditate or relax or simply do things for ME and me only. Solitude will be beneficial if you start seeing it as a safe place =)

I dont know what to do

I dont know what to do

It could be that you’re lost in your love life. Perhaps you are going through a difficult break up or fighting a lot with your significant (or not so much anymore?) other or falling in love with someone (but of course, it’s complicated)… What you should really remember is that in the end nothing really matters and 99% of the time, when we are lost it is because of our own beliefs and fears. We are sabotaging our own happiness. 

Here are a few thoughts that might give you some perspective : you are better off alone than with the wrong person. If you are not sure you are happy right now, it probably means you are not. Stop beating around the bush. The scariest part about leaving someone or choosing someone is making the first step, because it means c-h-a-n-g-e. It’s comfortable (even when you’re in pain) to keep a situation as it is, because it’s something you know. You know every little dark corner of your complicated and painful situation. But guess what, change can only let life in. Just sayin’ =)

I dont know what to do

I dont know what to do

It could be that you’re lost in your professional life, which is a very common way to feel lost lol… common doesn’t mean it’s not painful or even depressing. I have been so depressed at work in the past… you have no idea. Or perhaps you do. We spend most of our time working and when work equals torture, our whole life pays full price. 

Now why are you lost in your professional life? Is your boss a total pain in the ass? Are you a victim of harassment? Did you choose the wrong career because of family pressure? Social pressure? Are you not learning anything new anymore at work and feeling useless? Are you underpaid? Do you feel like being your own boss? Whatever the answer you have every right to feel lost in your job and to want change. The question is, how bad do you want it


The Fear Of Change

It all starts with change. I know it sounds too obvious to actually help you but change is the only thing that will help you know what to do, in any area of your life. When something’s not right you need to change it : change the way you react to things, change jobs, move out, leave someoneLet go of the situation. 

Why is it so difficult to make a change in our lives? Because change means stepping into the unknown, and unless you are a true adventurer at heart, you don’t like the unknown and “unsafe” zones. You like your comfort zone. 

Yet, haven’t you ever heard that you need to leave your comfort zone every now and then? How do you know if there’s something better for you out there if you actually never give it a shot? 

When the situation is complicated and painful, what do you have to lose trying something different? Are you scared that it could make things worse? What if it makes everything better? Isn’t it worth trying? Especially when deep down you know what’s right for you. If you put your fears and beliefs aside, you do know exactly what your solution is. 



Embracing Change

You want to turn a paralyzing “I don’t know what to do” into an energetic “I know what to do and I do it now“.  To embrace change you have to acknowledge it. And to acknowledge it you have to LOOK at it. 

  • analyze what things need to change in your life
  • what do you need ?
  • what do you want to get rid off ?
  • why do you want these changes? why are they important to you? 
  • how would these changes affect your life, positively?
  • don’t aim to high, create achievable, reasonable and measurable steps to achieve these changes 
  • create a plan
  • use a timeline
  • share with others

I think you might be interested in two posts I wrote, that can be relevant to not knowing what to do : use vision board to activate law of attraction and 6 ways to achieve any goal.

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Salut, Sarah!

Wonderful text, just by reading it I’ve discovered that we think the same about many things. Good job!