How To Create A Free Website Online

Don’t Worry About Being An Expert

Hi there! 

Sarah here, I’m the creator of, my very first website. I have no background in web design or computer studies. I started out as a total newbie. 

I knew nothing about website, content, plugins, widgetsranking, traffic, internet marketing, advertising, affiliate programs... and perhaps you don’t either? =)

I just knew that I could no longer believe making money online was quick and easy and would happen like magic. I wanted to be smarter than that and give it a real shot after all. “If thousands of people earned money from their websites, why couldn’t I?” 

Yes you can

Yes you can


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Website?

  • A web site is less expensive than a real shop  (however you do have a piece of real estate with your website! except at a cheaper price!!!)
  • A web site allows you to advertise because it is more environmental friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing
  • A web site gives you satisfaction and pride! 
  • A web site has constant accessibility : you can go on vacation and your business will still be running 
  • A web site gives you access to info and full control of your business :  you can actually know everything that is happening on your web site, in real time (using google analytics). You can see information such as how many people visited your website, or how many people messaged or emailed you, where they were from, how much time they spent on your web site, what page they have read, etc. 
  • A web site is… well… fresh and attractive! =)
  • A web site  can generate links. If you have a good website with quality and engaging content, products or services, people are more likely to link your website to theirs. This means they recognize your website as valuable. And google loves quality and engaging content! 


Four Simple Steps

Like I said, I started building this website (and a few others…) as a total beginner. With the right training, tools and support it actually turned out to be easy and fun. You are perhaps worried about the cost? What if I told you you can build a website for free? Hmmmm. You have probably heard of wix and other website editors, and they’re fine but I have a better option for you, that will save you time. =) 

If you are willing to become an internet marketer (don’t freak out at the word =) ) and earn money online, just follow the below 4 steps and you’ll be on the road to success! 

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online training platform to build a home-based business. You will get tons of info, training, support, tools and its free membership will give you access to 2 free websites and to an awesome 10 lesson tutorial on how to build a successful business. And more (read full review here)

  • 2) Choose a Passion, an Interest

This is what you will eventually make money from! =) Your passion will become your niche (read article : Choose your direction – it starts with a Niche)

  • 3) Build up your Website (it takes under 30 seconds)

As you follow the free courses on Wealthy Affiliate you’ll realize it’s all very easy. Anybody can do it! I’ve seen 70 year old people who didn’t know how to send an email build their website ! 

  • 4) Write your first Content

Create quality and engaging content : this will generate traffic and lead to conversions ($$). Here are a few awesome articles from Wealthy Affiliate that can help you write quality content for your website 

Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

Creating quality website content

Writing out Themed Content

And that’s about it! All your business will require is consistency. Click the below banner if you want to have free access to the training and have a website up and running in just a few seconds ! 

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Build A Website In Under 30 Seconds

Here’s a short tutorial I made on how to build a free website using siterubix ( a really cool tool available on Wealthy Affiliate)


You may also give it a try below here by simply entering the domain name of  your choice and clicking “build it now” ;  it’s free !


How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?

If you hope to become a millionaire after reading this post, I must tell you that you have come to the wrong place. If you think it is possible to become extremely rich quickly and without any effort or commitment, you will end up disappointed and I will not be of much help to you! =)

However, if you have one or more passions and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and build a successful business, then I can assure you that you have come to the right place! All you have to do is think of something you love  and let Wealthy Affiliate guide you, step by step !

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to leave a comment or email me at, please feel free ; I will be happy to connect!



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Hiya Sarah,
Great website with clear content. Love the use of the coloured text as it really pops off the page! The way you have simplified the content is very clever and well written! It encourages you to take the plunge… The whole point right :-)!
Only thing was the pictures would not load for me!
Elinor 🙂


Most people have a fear of building a website thinking that it must be a difficult task while it’s not. When you start alone without any support everything might seem difficult. You need to find a program that is free, has all necessary tools and provides timely support and Wealthy Affiliate is the program that give you all this in one place. Everything becomes much easier once you are inside Wealthy Affiliate and the only thing required from you is to take action and ask for help when you feel you got stuck.


Hey Sarah, thanks for sharing this way to get a free website online! It’s pretty cool that anyone can do a trial on this for no cost to see if online business is for them.

Great post – you’ve really broken it down into the basic steps and made it easy to understand how to get started!

Ben Clardy

You can’t make a website in 30 seconds!! We’ll, at least that’s what I thought before reading you’re article. I must admit, I was wrong. 🙁 Still, I’m happy to have found that such miracles can actually occur. I’ve signed up and actually have a website built… it’s not pretty yet, but it is indeed a live website. Pretty cool stuff.


Hi Sarah.

Great job on the post! 😀

Wealthy Affiliate / SiteRubix was where I built my first website. Great platform! It only took a few seconds to get it up and ready for customization.

And their web hosting…


The training on how to build a money-making website is also awesome, eh?


Great post. #BelieveItYes 🙂



Hi Sarah,

I’ve been working online for a couple of years and love all the benefits of my online business.

I also use and love SiteRubix as well as the Wealthy Affiliate training program. It’s easily the easiest decision when you’re trying to get a free website online.

Plus the SiteRubix platform utilizes WordPress which is so simple to work with.

The biggest difference in my online success has been working with the structured program and weekly webinars that are provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Great post, loved the video as well.