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How To Earn Money With Niche Websites



There are those who are happy with their job at the office and those – like me – who need to be their own boss and work from various places. In the Internet era, the opportunity to earn money from home is becoming more & more alluring, but the web also contains an incredible amount of scams that you should be wary of.

Among the many opportunities to make money online that I have tried, there is one that, in my opinion, is the least riskymost rewarding and most reliable one  : creating a niche website! How and why? If you want to find out, keep reading! =)    



1) Know What A Niche Website Is

Basically a niche website is a website whose specific content meets several criteria : relevance, interest and usefulness. For whom? For its visitors of course ! =)

A niche website can be about absolutely anything and the more narrow the subject is, the more likely it is to target the right audience. Thus you will find websites on “how to train your dog” or “everything wordpress” or “how to live with OCD disorder” … 

Someone will decide to create a niche website because they have a passion or something they are interested in and want to talk about! It’s like having a store, but online! And your articles are your commodity! A niche website should reflect your personality, your passion and answer people’s specific questions/problems.  


2) Build A Website For Free

These days it is easy to create a website! No need to be a coding expert or to have completed a degree in web design ! I’ll take my own example : I studied languages and law in college and never wanted to venture into the creation of a website, HTML language or such “gibberish”.

But I still always thought it would be really awesome to have my own website. So when the urge became too strong to resist, I just searched the net and found a free and easy way to create a website in just a few seconds! =)

Just give it a shot, you’ll see you can have a website in under 30 seconds!  It really is a piece of cake :

1) choose a name for your site. If you don’t know what your website should be about, please contact me at I will help you pick a niche.

2) choose a theme (that will fit your niche/passion/interest/experience)

Here are, as examples, two screen shots of my other websites, that I created for free and without any prior knowledge! =)


3) Write Content

Okay now, creating a website is all well and good (it’s easy and free) but if it has no content, what’s the point? Your work will eventually be to create content for your visitors! =) It will be a bit like having a conversation online with lots of people! It’s that simple.

Often, people tend to panic at the thought of writing an article, when in reality it is a relatively simple process. No need to try and write a perfect over complicated essay. The more simple and sincere you are in your writing, the more people will love reading you. Of course, you should not neglect the quality of your content. It must be relevant, interesting and useful.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-06 à 14.57.11

People will show you their gratitude

Here are the 4 steps to writing content :

  • Choose a topic for your article
  • Write a draft, with no attempt of being perfect : choose a catchy title, write down headlines to cut the article into several coherent paragraphs and come up with a nice conclusion
  • You can enrich your article by doing some research on google or elsewhere, without EVER copying. Plagiarism is really ugly and anyway, if you copy/paste someone else’s content, Google will know and will punish you! Which seems logical, right?
  • Add visuals. People do not like to read too much text without seeing any beautiful colored pictures that are relevant to the content !  


4) Monetize Your Website

What’s interesting about a website – beyond the fact that you get to express yourself through it – is that you can earn a living with it!  To do this, the #1 technique used by online bloggers is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple process which consists in promoting products through unique affiliate links provided to you by a company.

For example, if you create a makeup tutorials website, you can sign up to tons of affiliate programs for brands such as Sephora, Clarins and more. As an affiliate, you have the right to use links that, when your visitors click on to buy a product, earn you a percentage of the sale.


To learn more about affiliate marketing, I refer you to an article I wrote on the subject! Click here to read it. Of course, sales imply traffic. You will not earn a lot if you do not have enough visitors on your site.

Before you get visitors you will have to arm yourself with a little bit of patience. You will also want to learn to use the right tools to generate enough traffic and make google / yahoo / bing love you! =)    

5) Set Goals, Educate Yourself & Get Support In The Process

But then, what do you do once you’ve built your website and began writing content?

Contrary to what many people want us to believe online, making money from home is neither quick nor easy. You will need to show patience and determination in order to succeed and build yourself an “empire”.

Before I built this website I was struggling to make money online, not doing the right things, trusting the “wrong people”, investing in scams. I could hardly make a living.

So I gave up. Then I thought about the fact that I could really not have a job at the office for the rest of my life, so I rolled up my sleeves and finally found what I was looking for ! I came across an online community of entrepreneurs, without which I would not be where I am today. Wealthy Affiliate.  



When it comes to building an online business, I know for a fact that you are going to need more than just a website and a few articles. You’re going to need support a lot of support and education. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can learn to build your website properly and get advice 24/7.

You can also take courses and use cutting edge tools to boost your business. Signing up is free, you can check it out and see for yourself! =) If you can combine your passion and goals with Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no way you can fail!  Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate!  


Get Rolling!

– Creating a niche website requires one basic element : a topic (a passion, an interest or experience) that you want to share with others.

– Then it is clearly very easy to build a free website these days (see above, with siterubix) and have a nice website online in just a few seconds. What’s stopping you? Content? Please! 

– When it comes to making money with a website, you will want to write interesting, relevant & useful content for your readers because this will increase traffic and therefore generate more and more money. Writing content is like talking to a friend, really. No more no less. Don’t over complicate it! =)

– Finally, the best way to succeed in this branch is to get help and advice from people who have already been there. I have never found a place more stimulating and inspiring than Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are serious about building your home-made business, this is where you want to be, trust me! =) 

I hope to see you there soon ; I would love to support you in fulfilling your dreams! Thank you for dropping by !

Cheers =)



Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Hey Sarah, really like how you summed up basically everything you need to know, and gradually building it up with the right amount of info. I remember not so long ago, I as well was a complete newbie, and with the help of WA improved so much. So without any doubt I would also recommend joining WA to everyone who wants to have go with earning money online.


Great information on how to make money from a niche website. How do you drive traffic to your website, without the traffic, you do not make any sales. What kind of promotions do you use?
I like the fact that you state that writing is just like talking to someone. Sometimes if you do not personalize it, it is boring. You have to find your audience for your blogs to make sense.

Hi, it is great to read your text about earning money with a website. I have been passing through this recently in the process of making my two websites. Your steps 1 and 4 are particularly hard. The concept of niche (your step 1) is widely accepted but a niche implies a relatively narrow area to write about. I find it hard because one is supposed to write regularly, at least weakly and at least for one year or so. Hence, if it is too narrow it is difficult to find topics. As for the step 4, monetizing the site… Read more »

Building a site in 30 seconds is a big promise. But the one at siterubix is really simple I tried it and I can testify that it works. Sarah, thank you for teaching the simple but effective gems on the internet. I hope wealthy affiliate will be as good or even better than the siterubix website you recommended. I am definitely going for it. I need some education to make money effectively from niche websites.


Hi Sarah,

You did a great job with your presentation and your ideas are really helpful. I wish I could emulate your success and be free like you in the near future.

I also want to be in control of my life and be free from the rat race.

I just noticed that your images are quite slow to load, or is it just my browser.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Hi Sarah, I like the way you have explained your 5 steps to make money with a website as if the reader is someone who has no clue where to start building a website. For someone who is just starting out with websites, it is a daunting subject with a steep learning curve. But as the saying goes the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….and you are right about Wealthy Affiliate offering support every step of the way. Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience it is a great community and you WILL learn… Read more »

Hi Sarah
This is real informative. It’s also very attractive and sincere. It’s easy to see that you are enthusiastic about this. Lots of people are wanting start their own business and work from home and this is encouraging and honest.
Thanks for sharing your experience : )

Hi. As far as I remember it was pretty difficult for me to find a niche for myself. Beginners always have problems with it. Although it is said that you can make money in any niche, I think there are better and worse niches. By better I mean niches that will let you make money faster, however they may be more competitive. On the other hand you don’t have to create authority websites each time you choose a niche and build a site. You can build small sites just to promote given products. Some people have dozens of small sites… Read more »

This was a really interesting article as I was under the impression that niche marketing was near enough dead?
Obviously not!
I’m looking to get into niche marketing but I am not really clued up on it – where would b the best place to go to learn about the subject?


I was always under the impression that making money online was an impossible task because I simply didn’t know how it was done!

Your 4 steps to making money online were amazing, and I’ve learned so much already, especially on building a Free website too 😀

Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate sure does sound Awesome, and I’m gonna click your link to find out more!

Thank You!


Hello Sarah, It is so good to see what a successful full time Affiliate Marketer recommends. Your outline to earn money with niche websites without re-inventing the wheel is so valuable to those of us who are just starting out. Your confirmation of your experience with Wealthy Affiliate to begin the learning process has given me renewed energy to move forward. I love the Black background with the white for-ground, it make everything stand out. What affiliate links work the best for you? Thank you so much. William 🙂

Carlton Gonder

Hi Sarah,

A very excellent way of explaining how to earn money through as niche website. Not only is your directions easy to follow, but even examples of what you have done to show others. This is great for anyone who wants to spend a lot more time with family.

Yours Truly,


I love the fact that WA is giving away 2 free websites and that their starter membership is also free. This will allow you to get your feet wet without any risk.

If you tried the free membership and you did not like writing articles on your own website, then you do not need to go premium.

You really have nothing to lose.


I am just beginning my journey of creating a successful site. I feel like I have come so far, and yet there is still so much further to go in order to reach serious goals of mine. I definitely am a member of the WA family and it is an invaluable resource people. The community is nice, friendly, and legitimately concerned with your questions or problems!


Great info you have here, Sarah. A niche website indeed is a great way to make money online. I don’t know what’s harder for me, to write the content or to monetize mine.
I find that content just flows naturally in my mind, but when it comes to monetizing what I write, I have a harder time. Any tips on this ?

Jacob Schilling

Thanks for this article. It really provides beginners a clear and precise way to start building out content and start earning revenue by referring traffic to a site. I think your last point is the most important though. Get a notepad or something and write a list of things that you must do in order to ensure your success, and follow your plan.

Without a plan, you’re lost in the woods.