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Earn Money From A Website



Love What You Do!

Perhaps you’re thinking that you are neither a writer nor enough of a geek to build a website and create content ? Think again. If you can talk, you can write! =)

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Screenshot of one of my websites

Writing an article is as much a form of communication as any other. With the proper training, tools and help, you will be more than capable of adding quality content to your website. 

If you decide to write about a subject that you love (or at least are interested in), you will do it very easily. And even if you have to do some research to enrich your articles, you will still have fun doing it because you will discuss a topic you have chosen in the first place!

So do not worry too much about being a good writer for your website! People don’t want to read an essay, they want to feel like they’re actually talking to a friend! =)


The Key To Making Money Is Traffic

Getting traffic simply means getting visitors to your website! The more visitors you have each day, the more chances you will have that it converts into money (someone purchases a product, subscribes to an online training, etc.).

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Traffic on one of my latest website

There is no magic rule for you to generate traffic : your website must attract people and provide them with an answer to their question(s)!

You see, we all ask the internet tons of questions everyday. For instance, when somebody searches for something on the internet, they’re looking for a solution/answer to their problem. Whether they’re trying to lose weight or to buy their first car, they need help from someone. 

Helping people is your job. The more helpful your website is, the more engaged people will be and the more money you are to earn! 


Engaging & Useful Content = conversions ($$)

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One of my posts ranks #4 on page 1 of GoogLet’s suppose your website discusses various methods to treat herpes (I don’t know, why not? … lol), okay? Since this is a subject that interests you (hypothetically), you’ll just have to post an article on the subject and help people find answers to their question(s).

The more quality articles you have, the more visitors you’ll attract.  How? Thanks to google/yahoo/bing, which will identify your website as a useful and relevant website.  

Briefly, google uses complicated algorithms – that are not the subject of this article – to reference within its database the websites that best answer people’s questions.


Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds!

It is now very easy and accessible to create a nice website! Forget html language and expensive web designers! You can have your very own website in just a few seconds!

Here’s a video walking you through the process of creating a beautiful website !

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Watch video 


Want To Give It A Try?

Pretty easy, huh?

How would you like to own your website and start earning money from it? What if I told you can build a beautiful website for FREE in just a few seconds?

All you have to do can be broken down in three simple steps : 

1) Build a free website at siterubix.com 

2) Create your free account 

3) Once you have done step 1 & 2 you will be granted with 2 free websites & a training platform


Ask For Feedback

One of the major mistake people make when creating their business (including myself when I got started) is to not ask for help or feedback. The more you ask for advice, the stronger your business will be and the faster you’ll learn from your mistakes!

If you are serious about building a successful website you will love being a member of an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. Basically it’s an online university that teaches you everything you need to know about online business, gives you tools and 24/7 support to earn money from home. It’s free to join, you can take a look and see for yourself! 

And if you ever need assistance with your website, please feel free to contact me below, I will be more than happy to connect! =)




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Wow! This sounds a bit too easy!

Writing as you speak makes sense to me. It is more readable that way. And writing material to help people and answer questions – that makes sense too.

But when you say you can have your own website in 30 seconds, what does that mean? What is it you actually have in 30 seconds?

This sound intriguing! Robin


This is a great, well thought out, post… it’s so true that you should be passionate about whatever you choose to write about as it’ll show through in your content.
I can also vouch for Wealthy Affiliate being a great community and source of information for building your personal online business.


Hey! Great post you have created here. Traffic is the key, organic is the best of course, paid traffic brings no or very little results. I also made site on siterubix and it’s great!
I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
Cheers and good luck

I like how you encourage people to be their own boss by making some decent income online. I do agree with you that everyone can write and blogging is just a way of communicating with the audience. A lot of people, including myself have been adopting the trial and error approach when it comes to online business. I am still struggling to understand the whole picture how one can generate passive income online. Your post here has a very thorough explanation. I am glad that I read this post. I am going to take a look at this program that… Read more »

Yeah affiliate products are considered to be the most lucrative form of monetising for website publishers. If you can match an affiliate product with your common audience you can quite easily earn a really good living. What are your views on this methodology and system? Great article by the way


There are many ways to make money online but a lot of them comes from owning a website. A website is a valuable asset which you can use to monetize in different ways like ads, affiliate products, e-commerce and so on. Building a website is easy these days and I like your recommendation. SiteRubix is a solid choice and they do offer free websites which is awesome.