April 30

How Can I become Rich?


A Hard Return To Reality

Most of us need money, that’s just reality. Many of us hate our jobs. Sad reality too. Some of us want to be filthy rich. Perhaps even you? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you like this : the best way to get filthy rich is to WORK ! =)    

I don’t mean work as “torture”, but as taking action and setting reasonable goals. This post won’t give you any get-rich scheme tips, I’m afraid. But hopefully it’ll help you work smart ! 


Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter

If you’re serious about making real money online, the first thing you want to do it to avoid scams (unless YOU want to create a scam and con people, but that is not something you will learn on my website and I believe you will have a very bad karma if you start conning people!) !

It sounds obvious but trust me, with all the scams online, it can get tricky to know what’s reliable and what’s not. Again, there’s no such thing as “getting rich overnight” or “making a million dollar in a week”. Be-Smart.   

Can You Really Earn Money Online?

Actually, there are many many legit and real ways to get rich… Here are a few :

invent something amazing that everybody will want 

win the lottery (but that doesn’t really count as “working”)

save money all your life and then invest it in something really profitable like stock options ! – inherit an old old grand aunt from the

middle of nowhere ………..



Roll Up Your Sleeves!!

You can either wait for the above to happen OR you can take action now.  If you are really willing to earn it on your own terms,  you might as well just start your own business !

Oh my God! ‘How?’ you’re wondering. Well, all you need to do is “copy” successful people! By “copying” I mean following their steps, getting inspired by them. In other words : do what works and avoid what doesn’t! =)

My best advice is that you CAN get rich quickly if you have got prepared SLOWLY ! =) And what best way to get prepared than to LEARN the basics of online business =)


Learn & Earn

I offer you a free sign up to an online university called Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn the basics of network marketing and get all the support you need.

Success will then only depend on your determination, motivation, commitment and… on HOW BAD you want it! =)

Basically, what you will do on Wealthy Affiliate is decide what you want to make money from (a passion, an interest, an experience), build a website and learn how to monetize it.

If you want to learn more about this online university you can check out my review first!  wa_not_magic_468x60


wa_not_magic_468x60 I assure you than anyone can achieve success online as long as they never give up ! 

Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to leave a comment below ; I will be more than happy to connect! 

Cheers ! =)


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Hi Sarah!
Very interesting post, I like your writing style.
I agree that there’s no such thing as getting rich overnight.
Thanks for sharing!

Joseph D. Anderson

What a beautiful site Sarah! Thank you for making this site and shoring your knowledge. You have good content. I’m looking forward to the future you have with your efforts. Keep up the good work! , Joe


Great post. You are 100% correct you cannot get rich overnight, with few exceptions and if you really want to get rich you need to work. Work doesn’t have to be a nasty word. It can actually be quite enjoyable and if you have the right support structure and are able to learn new things, I think you are correct that Wealthy Affiliates is the place the provides all that is needed to succeed online. Not only that they have the free package to see if it is something for you.


Good advice. There is no quick way to get rich. Too many people have the lottery ticket approach to life

I don’t agree with just work as being the way to get rich. Actually, just getting out of bed can be work. What I would say instead is, getting rich requires working smart! And having a very good positive attitude. Many people work hard all their lives and have nothing to show for it. And do you know why? They did work hard, yet they did not work smart. Remember, planning comes along first, before we ever start to work. Along with goal setting. Actually seeing ourselves as already successful and then working in reverse is what I would consider… Read more »