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What Is GoBig7?



Comprehensive Review



Name : GoBig7

Website :

Price : starter membership  $0 ; upgrade $7/month

Owners : Michael Dodd   

Type : “advertising software”, ponzi

Who is it for? : the reckless

Better alternative : Wealthy Affiliate (read full review here)
Someone approached me on facebook the other day, claiming he had found a brand new awesome way to earn money quickly : GoBig7! So I typed GoBig7 on google image and here’s one of the pictures that I found : Gobig7 - A way to retire?

My first thought was : “Hmmmm… sounds a bit too good to be true”. I mean, why are there so many people still working a day job if such an amazing program can allow us to retire in 30 days? I have been scammed online way too many times to believe in any get-rich-quick schemes ever again. I trust opportunities that have passed the test of time. Now, “new” does not always equal “scam” and I had to find out for myself.  

Who Is Behind GoBig7?

The first thing I do when I look into an online opportunity is read everything! lol … Especially things written in small print that almost nobody actually reads!! =) I’m interested in where the firm is established and who created it. I like to know who I’m dealing with, mostly because I’ve been ripped off online more than once by “ghosts” who end up vanishing with your money! =)

Here’s what you can find on their website :

Copyright 2003-2015 for World Light Ltd Direct all correspondence to World Light LLC, a public relations firm for World Light Ltd. in Seychelles. Phone 1-615-822-2080 Hours 10 am to 3 pm Mon – Fri.

So I led my little investigation and found out that the creator of GoBig7 is actually the creator of a company known as Pennymatrix Again, I did some research and learned that Pennymatrix is a ponzi. It’s a scam. If you are curious enough to compare both programs, you’ll see they are almost exactly the same.  But I’m trying to be open-minded and think perhaps the owner (Michael Dodd) had a change of heart and decided to create a legitimate business after all!      

A Beautiful Website Does Not Equal A Good Business

While I must admit GoBig7’s website looks really pleasant and professional, it’s unclear what their program is all about. If the site’s design is modern, navigation is almost impossible, due to a too fast screen scroll. But anyway… Capture d’écran 2015-11-09 à 12.02.21

What Do They Sell?

I created a free account and had a little poking around to see what I could find. Always beware of a program that is not clear in what it sells. If there’s no retail products or services clearly presented, be cautious. Never pay for something that sounds vague and only remunerates the people above you. That’s illegal and you’ll waste your time and money. So basically GoBig7 claims to be an “advertising innovation” that will help you “monetize your ads like crazy“. Ok. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. So I wanted to find out!  What else does it say? 


Gobig affiliate program

Gobig affiliate program

While it says you don’t have to recruit anyone, you still have to get 2 people to sign up and you need these people to do the same every two days. Unless I’m mistaken, that IS recruiting =/ They claim you can earn up to $19,659 in 30 days…. which is really a lot of money, right? For simply referring two people. So far, I haven’t been able to find a single person who is actually making that kind of money on GoBig7.       
How Much Can You Earn?

Like I said above you are supposed to be able to make over $19 000 in one month. This is what you’ll find on their website : 

Gobig compensation plan

Gobig compensation plan

And this is how it works :

Gobig7 affiliate program

Gobig7 affiliate program


Compensation Plan?

But what is their compensation plan exactly?  The concept is very easy to assimilate. To join the matrix and be eligible for their commissions you need to become an active member (by paying a monthly $7 subscription fee). Your monthly earning is up to 0.30 dollars per member.  

    • You get paid 0.30 dollars per member from your downline 
    • Each line must be complete for you to earn your commissions. For example, at level 4 you need 16 members to reach your commissions. If you only have 15, you will not earn anything. 
    • You are eligible for commission on your peer levels,  while your direct upline is paid on your odd levels (which are their peers levels). Basically you get paid every other level. 
    • You will not earn commissions if you do not pay your monthly subscription (even if all your lines are complete) 
    • Once you have filled 14 levels, you earn 100% commissions from all new referrals. They said no recruiting is required but then if you don’t make any referrals, are you going to make any money at all?? Very unlikely.


How Much Does It Cost?

Ok so the “good” news is GoBig7 offers a free membership ! But the bad news is you’ll have to upgrade to the $7 membership if you want to access the matrix and earn more (see above compensation plan). Now, it’s precisely because it’s cheap that it’s easier for you to fall for the trap. 

Gobig7 free membership

Gobig7 free membership

I tried doing things with the free membership but it took me less than 30 minutes to realize I wouldn’t go very far with it.   

Payment Methods

    • You can pay your subscription via credit card or Payza
    • You can receive your payment via paypal or check


 What Are The Pros & Cons


    • the monthly fee is quite cheap ($7)
    • you don’t have to recruit anybody, so they say



    • it does not sell anything tangible 
    • actually you must recruit countless people to make a decent living, and by “countless” I MEAN countless  
    • it is impossible to know how long the program will last. It might collapse anytime 
    • The website, although really pleasant to the eye, makes your navigating experience really irritating, with a way too quick scroll down of the screen




    Honestly, how long this program can last depends on the number of people who join it. It’s very simple : the recruitment and payment of the $7 fee is what sustains the system.

    Pyramid scheme

    Pyramid scheme

    Let’s say that a member signs in but decides to leave the program after one month because they haven’t made any affiliate and don’t want to pay the $7 fee. As they leave the program, it will handicap the upline and even the entire network.  My take is once you’ve joined the matrix you are going to be constantly looking for people to complete your lines and make sure you are eligible for commissions. So you are going to be selling GoBig7, not as an advertising platform but as a get-rich-quick scheme.   

    GoBig7 hides behind this whole advertising platform because that’s the only thing that makes its existence legal, but there’s nothing to sell on GoBig7. People are only earning money from new members joining the program, hoping to become rich.   


    My Final Opinion

    The company says it’s very easy and quick to earn $19,659 a month but they don’t tell you that it will take a tremendous amount of referrals to achieve this number.  My opinion is that GoBig7 sounds a bit too much like a pyramid scheme, with commissions paid through the recruitment of new affiliates into the company. 

    The risk with such programs is that when recruitment drops down or dries up completely, affiliates in the bottom of the company matrix stop getting paid and the owner of the company run away with all the money they have accumulated.

    They will eventually create a new system, most of the time similar to the one that just collapsed I’ve been scammed by similar programs before and they all collapsed at some point because the program was not selling anything real or valuable. If when joining a company you’re not doing something that helps people, one way or another, chances are that you have joined a scam. GoBig7 is likely to follow the steps of its big brother PennyMatrix So : scam alert, run!     

    Pyramid schemes VS Affiliate Marketing

    From my experience, most MLMs are scams. As you join an MLM company you’ll quickly end up recruiting people, no matter what the initial product you’re selling is.  Your upline will be constantly on your back, excepting accurate results from you, otherwise they will not reach their own position. And you’ll turn into them, harassing your downline =/. Not fun

    The best way to earn money online to me is affiliate marketing. It doesn’t require you to have a downline which makes you feel free when you’re working. You can promote anything and nobody’s putting pressure on  you.    If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here


    Thanks for dropping by! 

    All the best


    Earn Money Online

    Earn Money Online



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Never heard of this one. Great review. I know now to stay away from GoBig7. Great job.


Tasos Perte Tzortzis
Hello there Sarah.A way to retire in 30 days?…hmm…scam from the get go?…another ponzi scheme?…the market is overfilled with those. Another referral system , you get 2 people , if they get 2 more, then the new will get 2 more and so on…But that will never happen.16 members just to start getting commissions?….very fair plan. Although not all MLM’s are scams their compensation plans make our efforts seem a waste of time.Because you have to recruit members that they can recruit others.But this recruiting part is the most difficult task of all. So , if I understood correctly this… Read more »
Hello Sarah, thanks for providing invaluable information about one of thousands scams. They grow as mushrooms after rain. Did you stumbled upon feedback of unhappy members? I wonder what people think when they join these companies. Nowadays, when so many students are with debts and future for retirement looks hazy, people are miserable and they jump to every opportunity. They want find best way how to improve their lives. It is a pity, that they rush not checking before what this company or guru are in reality. You did great job, your website is informative. I wish that visitors would… Read more »

Hello Sarah, thanks for providing invaluable information about one of thousand scams.Did you stumbled upon feedback of unhappy members?I wonder what people think when they join these companies.Nowadays when so many students are with debts and future of retirement looks hazy, people are miserable.
You did great job, your website is informative.
All the best, happy writing, Nemira.


I like that you told that it was a scam. You have a nice site and very informative. I liked that you compared GoBig7 and wealthy affiliate because wealthy affiliate wins every time. Wealthy affiliate is great it is one of the best things I have ever found. I have been scammed lots of times. But wealthy affiliate helped me get my website up and running. Hope this helps. Hope you have lots of success on your website.
Let me just correct you on a few things….. 1) There is a REAL product an advertising platform that allows you to place 750 to a central location that then goes to hundreds of websites worldwide sending targeted people to your website 2)750 adverts at $7 a month works out to less than 1 cent an advert 3)My first month i got 197 clicks to my adverts now if you goto a venter you would pay around 30-70 cents a click so 200 clicks would cost you between $60-$140 4) Your comment that you need a complete level to get… Read more »

Hello want to do my account but your system did not allow me please
help me to solve my problem


It is pretty sad that the only redeeming qualities of this program are that it is free and you can be an affiliate. What is really sad is how many people will end up falling for it. The internet has definitely become a hot bed of false hopes to the point that people think they can make it rich online without doing any work. But that is what these scam artists are counting on.

This is just a usual WA blog trying to recruit people to wealthy affiliate using poor “researches”, misleading infos or/and thoughts coming nowhere about many successful businesses. The reason of my comment is I just don’t like that. The screenshots are false so the actual site does not say things like that. I am not going to go to details, just try to keep it short. It is possible to earn without recruiting there are thousands of other programs work like that, called spillover. It does have a constantly developing amazing advertising platform and many other sites on their way.… Read more »
I’ve always found the whole MLM compensation plan a little overwhelming. I feel like they try to make it as confusing as possible to make sure that you don’t get it, and realise how difficult it really is to earn money, but sign up anyway because the numbers sound good. Unless you are an expert in this time of payment system believe me, it is impossible to understand. Often the thing they don’t say clearly is that you need to recruit LOADS of referrals to get anywhere near making the numbers they suggest, and anyone who has tried to recruit… Read more »