What is SEO About?

What Is SEO? 



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to the process of optimizing your  website so as to achieve the best rankings in search engines.

“Ranking well” simply means being visible on the first pages of google =). The ultimate goal for a website owner is to rank their pages #1 result on the first page of google/yahoo/bing… 

SEO evolves pretty fast and so, this post’s purpose is to keep you up to date with the latest search engine techniques and strategies. This way you won’t be wasting time with outdated techniques =)


How Does SEO Work?



Basically Google, Yahoo, Bing and other less known search engines (Yandex, Baidu for instance…) use complex mathematical algorithms that send out robots out to your website.

These “robots” will crawl your content and decide whether your website is useful & interesting (or not lol).

To do so they will compare it to other websites with many ranking factors such as domain age, fresh content, comments, keywords…


Why is SEO So Important? 



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of any
website’s success
because it will give you the holy grail =) :

FREE TRAFFIC : the best traffic is actually the one that you get for free… because it’s targeted traffic! So if I can give you one good piece of advice… don’t pay to get traffic! It’s a total waste of time and well… yeah money! lol

Note : I don’t mean PPC by “paid traffic”. PPC is a totally different thing. I mean traffic exchange websites that enable you to buy packs and get “tons” of traffic… this paid traffic poorly converts, so don’t waste your time with it. 



SEO & Content

SEO & Content

Creating content should be at the core of your online business. No content = no website lol.

Content that ranks is content that search engines find valuable, relevant, and consistent enough to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Make sure your content is unique and helpful to your audience and try hard to update your website regularly with freshly created content. If you can’t always write new articles, simply request comments, as they are considered content by search engines. (I’m giving you a golden tip here! =))

On-site & Off-site SEO


  • Onsite SEO are the pictures you place inside the post. When Google’s crawler visits your website, it can’t see pictures but it can read the text in the title, alternate title, and the description areas.

Making sure to fill these spaces with relevant keywords can give your post a little added boost. It can make the difference between page two and page one in many cases.

Connecting people

Connecting people
  • Offsite optimization would be backlinks. The problem with backlinks is, so many people are still selling backlinks to new unsuspecting would be marketers. The issue with this is that poor backlinks can have a detrimental effect on your entire website.


Keyword Research Techniques

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool

There are a lot of keyword research tools available online but most of them either don’t work or are using outdated data from their database.

Bloggers and affiliate marketers search for keywords because they want to know how many times a keyword is searched per month and if they would rank their blog/website on the first page of Google for that specific keyword. 

Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool there is online, it will enable you to find high traffic keywords with low competition, no matter what your website is about! 

Jaaxy will make search engines love you ! =) If you are hoping to get your posts on the first page of google, you definitely want to try Jaaxy. 





Why not take a look at what your competitors do? You can get inspiration from them and understand what they’re doing.

Of course you don’t want to copy them ever, but you can repeat what’s been working for them. If they are well ranked they must have done something right. Right? =)

Make your Content SEO Friendly 



Like I said above there’s no such thing as having a website (and thus  traffic) without content in it lol. If you want people to visit your website (and come back) you want to constantly add new content.

Your content will contain keywords and these keywords will lead to search engines to find them. You will want to put these keywords within your post title and first paragraph.. but don’t try and stuff your whole content with the same keywords all over again. This technique doesn’t work anymore lol. 

SEO-friendly content = high traffic keywords combined with relevant content.


Building Links 

Are backlinks important?

Are backlinks important?

Building links used to be a very important aspect toward obtaining high search engine rankings. Google and other search engines would decide that if “related” sites linked to you, then your website must provide quality content. 

Then they went farther and decided that if a site was linking to you but there was no reciprocation involved, your site must be really good.

Now things have evolved over the last few years and I highly recommend you read a post written by respected marketer Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate : 

Are Backlinks Good for Ranking? Nope – by Kyle


Good SEO = Money 

How to Monetize your Website

How to Monetize your Website

I suppose your ultimate goal is to make money from your website, right?

If you can leverage SEO and get high rankings on search engines you want to also get your visitors to do things on your website… You want to use call to action !

These actions include:

  1. Getting the visitor to click on something (an affiliate link, a link to another post, an ad banner…)
  2. Getting the visitor to purchase a product 
  3. Getting the visitor to sign up to your newsletter
  4. Getting the visitor to share your content via social media or email
  5. Getting the visitor to leave a comment and interact with you (as well as add new content!!)


Make People Engage 

  • Ad a Forum
    A forum will enable you to have content added constantly… not by you but by your users! =) You will also benefit from a forum by collecting emails and building an email  list. forum-763107_960_720

PHPBB Forum (free)
V Bulletin Forum (paying)




  • Create a Blog
    Owning a blog is all the rage these days and it allows you to buildkeyboard-498396_960_720 an audience as well as to keep your website with fresh content. A blog is also great to get comments and keep people engaged. Here are three of the best websites to create a blog : 

WordPress (free)

Textpattern (free)

Wealthy Affiliate (free)


  • Reviews
    thumbs-up-1198238_960_720Reviews are excellent because they provide your website with useful content but also lead to conversions. When a visitors reads a review on your website they’ll be more likely to make a purchasing decision.

Here are some scripts that can be programmed into your pages to add the user submitted review feature:

HotScripts – Review Scripts


  • Social Networking

Did you know that you can create your very own social network?abstract-1233873_960_720Hey facebook or pinterest had to start somewhere right? Well there are simple ways for you to do the same…

As you probably already know social networks are an excellent way to build an audience and drive traffic.

Here are some of the best:




As you now know SEO is a very powerful tool that many of the largest companies in the world rely on. 

The good news is SEO is accessible to beginners and doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge. I started out knowing nothing about SEO and now have many posts ranked on the first page of google! =)

The other good news is that SEO is completely free and there is room for up to 20 listings within the 1st page in most search engines

You also now understand the importance of choosing the correct keywords, using links, regularly adding content and getting people (your visitors) to develop content for you… All this will add up to maximum success! 

If you would like to learn more about SEO and become an expert, join this free class

Free SEO Course

Free SEO Course


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