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When it comes to earning money online there are only two things you can do :

1) invest in scams and get ripped off (or scam other people =/)

2) roll up your sleeves and build a real and sustainable business

Then the most important thing you need to know about online business is that it is not possible to get rich overnight. Whoever tells you they can make you rich quickly and easily is lying and trying to lure you into a scam. Success takes time. 

Once the above fact is something you accept, there’s no reason you can’t succeed because you will not set unreasonable goals and you will truly respect what you’re doing. 

Now, if you are really willing to put in the efforts and build a strong home-made business you might want to consider the below opportunities ! =) You can go for one or several at a time, but what matters in the end is that you love what you do! =)



What’s a blogger? Simply put, a blogger is a communicator. Not a writer nor a specialist, just someone who “talks” and interacts with people. People love blogging because they have the opportunity to express themselves on a subject that they love and are passionate about. Blogs can be about anything : animals, photography, French cuisine, travelling, video games, you name it! 

Being a blogger means two things : 

Earning money as a blogger requires two things : 

  • that you write unique, useful and quality content
  • that you learn how to monetize your website (through ads, affiliate links…)

And that’s about it folks! If you think blogging would be fun and you’d like to learn how to earn money as a blogger, click here !

Become a blogger

Become a blogger


2) Run An Online Fitness Studio : on bodybuilding or Fit2B

Are you a fitness addict? Why not make online video classes? Allow people to workout whenever they want, wherever they are !

You could actually change the way people feel about fitness. Many fitness programs get very complicated, very quickly and before you know it you’re tracking so many different factors, it’s easy to lose your way or decide to skip your workout altogether. Your goal will to keep it simple : help people find a workout, show them how to do the workout !

Click here if you want to run an online fitness studio ! 

Become a fitness teacher online

Become a fitness teacher online


3) Sell Home Or Health Products

As a sales representative you would sell your company’s products or services. If you’ve got good people skills, and are good at persuading and negotiating, being a sales representative might be a job you would enjoy.

There are tons brands that you can check out : Jamberry Nails, Thirty-One Gitfs, Mary & Martha, Zeal for Life, Steeped Tea, Nerium International, Scentsy, My Premier Designs, Origami Owl, Younique Beauty Products, Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, Wildtree Food Products, Radiantly You, Nikken

As a company representative I have tried Avon, Juice Plus, Thermomix and Norwex but the one that’s worked best for me is ItWorks! Global (great skincare and weight-loss products, I use them everyday and they are really easy to sell… because, well they DO work =) ). 

I wrote a review of ItWorks, you can check it out here if you want! 

Click here if you want to become a direct sales representative at ItWorks! If you would like to check out other MLM companies, click here

Direct selling

Direct selling


4) Sell essential oils

The uses for essential oils (both for getting and staying healthy) are vast and diverse. As human residents of planet Earth, hardly a moment goes by when we are not reminded of our dependance on plants and their uses. We use a broad variety of plant life for oxygen, food, clothing, building, and to bring harmony and balance into our homes and outdoor surroundings. Plants have many beautiful qualities, but the plants themselves are not the only bounty. The essential oils that are extracted from plant leaves, flowers, stems, roots, or bark are incredible tools for us to use in our everyday lives, and when we are facing serious problems and looking for natural and healthy solutions in a more potent form.

If you are truly interested in essentials oils I highly recommend creating your own blog/website (again see wealthy affiliate to get started) and earn revenue through many different affiliate programs on essential oils. There are tons of affiliate programs on the subject : DoTerra, Young LivingFloracopeia, Starwest Botanicals, Twenty8, Mountain Rose Herbs, The Harmonious Mind, Aromandina, DiffuserWorld, and more than I can count!!!! 

Click here if you want to start a blog/website dedicated to essentials oils 

Essentiel oils

Essentiel oils


 5) Virtual Assisting : 24/7 virtual assistant, Pepper virtual assistants

A virtual assistant provides services to individuals, organizations or companies via the internet. It’s an excellent work-at-home opportunity and one most of us can do. It’s simply a matter of charging others for a skill you already have.

A lot of people hear “virtual assistance” and think of administrative assistance, but the possibilities are much more broad. The internet has made it possible to do a wide variety of things remotely, or, “virtually.”

There are countless services you can provide virtually : writing, ghostwriting, graphic design, researching, editing, tutoring, desktop publishing, counseling, audio/video/photo editing, coaching, consulting, book-keeping, copywriting, social media management, project management, transcription, programming, data entry and anything else you can do without having to be in the same physical location as your client.

Click here if you want to become a virtual assistant! 

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant


6) Yoga Facilitator : yogadownload

If you are passionate about yoga and even have a good level, you can become a yoga instructor on yogadownload.

All you have to do is sign in and create an account. Then you can apply and start creating your video classes for your futur students! 

Click here if you want to become a yoga facilitator! 

Yoga facilitator

Yoga facilitator


7) Are you particularly good at something? Sell your services ! : on Fiverr

There’s 2 billion people online everyday that look for things, that need something. Did you know that you can charge for your services on Fiverr? Let’s say you’re really good at writing… you could become a ghost writer and write things for people. What if you can sew? Or sing? Or Build websites? If you have a talent, any at all, you can try and sell it on Fiverr! 

Click here if you want to earn money from one of your talents! 




8) Sell Things On Ebay &/or Amazon

Here’s a pretty awesome tutorial on how to sell thing on ebay (or amazon). You will need to create an account on any of them or even both, follow the training and start selling your stuff! =) Amazon is the #3 to earn money online, just so you know! =)

Read training !

Sell on ebay - amazon

Sell on ebay – amazon


 9) E-teaching ; on eTeacher

Are you good at math, science or any foreign language? Why not advertise your skills to those a few years younger than you? Many parents are willing to pay a teenager to tutor their child in an area that needs development.

Click here if you want to become an e-teacher !




 10) Photography : sell your pics

Making money as a photographer has become easier over the last decade. There are now lots of sites looking to buy digital photos: Shutterstock.com123RF.comDreamstime.comCreStock.comFotolia.comAs with most things, the better you are the more money you will make, but it can be nice passive income if you work at it.

Sell your photos

Sell your photos


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