How to Create Your Own Logo – for Free

What’s A Logo?

A logo is a symbol or design adopted by an organization to identify its
products. They are designed for easy recognition of a company. A logo : 

  • should create a memorable association with a particular brand
  • should be an interesting and intelligent combination and use ofCreate your own logo shapes, colors, typeface
  • selects symbols that best describe the business and withstand time
  • relates to the organization’s philosophy
  •  is directed towards the masses
  • uses colors that express meaning
  • is associated with the value of the brand
  • is a core identifier of an organization



The Benefits Of Having Your Own Logo

  • a logo makes you look bigger and established
  • it will increase your chance of earning venture capital or of selling a business
  • it can attract more clients
  • it enables you to brand yourself
  • it also conveys that you are reputableThe Benefits Of A Logo
  • it gives your clients a sense of stability
  • a logo makes you more memorable
  • it can explain your company name
  • it can be used to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • it is simply a brand identification
  • that projects personality
  • and has internet appeal
  • in short, it’s a great marketing strategy


Creating A Logo – Step By Step 

There are many websites out there (free and paying) that enable you to create a logo without being a graphic designer. Basically the steps to creating your own logo will always be as follow : 

  • choose an industry
  • enter your company name
  • pick a design
  • change colors, fonts, etc
  • save, download
How to create a logo

How to create a logo


Best Logo Maker Websites

Graphic Springs : Starting at $19.99

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

Designmantic : $37 

Ways to design your logo

Ways to design your logo

Logo Makr : free

Logo maker

Logo maker

Logo Garden : free (low resolution download), $12,50 (high resolution)

Logo Garden

Logo Garden

Logo Type Maker : free 

Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker


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Create Your Own Logo

Create Your Own Logo


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