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Can I Earn Money Online?



Everybody Wants A Slice of The Cake!

Did you know that each month, around 641 people type “Can I earn money online” into google?

  • 1070 people type : ways to earn money online
  • 5240 people type : make money on the internet
  • 281 people type : build an online business

That’s 7232 people and I only used 4 keywords… imagine more search engine researches related to ‘making money online’… (note : If you are wondering where I found these search figures, go to jaaxy and create a free account! =))

A Slice of Cake

A Slice of Cake


Can An Online Business Make You A Millionaire?

With the increase of unemployment and the growing of online businesses I wouldn’t be surprised if the figure doubled up within the next 6 months. People are adapting and turning to new jobs such as blogger, youtuber, affiliate marketer, independent distributor, streamer, you name it! These are real jobs with true potential. 

You can see time and time again people making thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars a month from their online business and you wish you could earn the same. Why not? If they did it, what stops you? Just simply use your common sense. Very often, when you get started with an online business you don’t know where to go, who to talk to or what to do. You get spammed with (misleading) advertising and promises of quick and easy riches. Beware of these. It’ll save you time and money =)

I can not stress enough that ” if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is“. If you would like to learn how to spot an online scam, you can check out this post

And now without further ado, here are some ways that you can leverage to earn money online. I have also selected a few testimonies of people who are successful with their online business and who have been an inspiration to me.

For more information on how to build a sound online business I encourage you to visit this article : my # 1 recommendation.


Ways to Earn Money Online

My first experience with making money from home was with MLM about 12 years ago. I think back then MLM was all the rage and it is still to this day a very common way to earn money online,  but if you as me it is not the best. Or at least, it’s not for everyone. Basically with MLM you join a company (it will cost you $$), promote their products as well as talk people (mostly your friends and family…) into joining the company as well (so you can earn more money from them).

Over the years I got scammed, wasted time and lost money (and friends ^^) until I finally learned about Affiliate marketing and blogging. A whole new world opened up to me. I found out that there were many free ways to start a business and earn money from it. Among the many things you can do online here are the ones that have paid off for me (and most affiliate marketers) :

  • Google adsense

My advice : You can earn thousands of dollars from Adsense but it won’t happen overnight. You want to first build up your website and focus on adding unique and interesting content. Do not expect earning a full time income from google ads if you don’t have sufficient traffic driving through your website.  I personally made my first dollars with adsense within the first month of setting up my website but it was nothing much, something like $5 =), but it was a start. 

Google adsense earnings

Google adsense earnings
  • Affiliate marketing the #1 way to earn money online

Check out my article on affiliate marketing if you want to learn more

  • PPC or pay per click


  • PTC sites : clicking on ads and answering surveys (my #1 recommendation Clixsense)

My advice : don’t expect millions and stick to one website… because using several websites would be time consuming for very little money. Set your personal goal to $5/day and make lots of active referrals.

  • Gigs on Fiverr
  • Selling products on Amazon
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

I am not a fan of MLM because it requires you to massively recruit (and harass) people, very often regardless of the product you’re selling. Plus you can’t sell products that are competitors (whereas affiliate marketing allows you to). There are too many bad companies that do MLM and very few that actually sell good products and offer a decent compensation plan. My most favorite MLM company remains to this day ItWorks!Global

  • Buy and sell domain names

Domain names are like little pieces of virtual real estate and they can be worth good money. My advice : prefer buying .com, .org and .net domains and avoid hyphens in a domain name.


Inspirational Success Stories

1. How I Almost Missed Out On 37 Thousand Dollars.

Dom is an affiliate marketer and runs a couple of niche websites, but his main site is over at HumanProofDesigns.com. He’s one of my greatest inspiration, always giving good advice and keeping things simple. A true helper and entrepreneur. You’ll learn a lot from him and from this incredible success story on how he almost missed out on $37,000 for a business he wanted to give up on. 

2. 10 Years of Evolution – The best is yet to come

3. My First $10,000 Month!

4. Over $35,000 So Far This Year In A Tough Niche

5. How I Earned $740 Thinking Outside The Box!



Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Really looking nice! I see some very sound advice here!
As you mentioned the $5 profit off Adsense. That told me we’re getting advice from an honest person. Thanks for creating such an informative place. Too many people waste time and money. Thanks 🙂